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It Gets Better: A Message For Single People

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People who have been single for a long time often get a lot of slack from friends and family members about it. In this new vide by Funny or Die, several singles talk about these problems but give you hope in saying that “It Gets Better“.

In the video, the singles explain that name calling is one of things they have to deal with. Some of them include: “Third Wheel,” “Slut Butt,” “Lake Flacid,” and “Weird F*cking Single Guy“. LOL. But these folks are here to tell you that it does get better and that there are several benefits to being single. Having been single for a little over six months now, I have to agree and 2013 has been one of the best years of my life… but that’s a whole separate article.

Enjoy the hilarious video below and remember single people, “It Gets Better”.

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Though I often come across as holier-than-thou with my articles about guys in relationships having never been one and therefore being free from persecution, this time I’m ranting discussing the topic of friends once they’re OUT of their “forever love”. Once the other shoe drops, the other guy cheats, they both cheat, they realize they’re both bottoms, they find out the other one isn’t really as circumcised as they originally thought, WHATEVER; the point is, your friend is broken up and now he needs and wants you– his friend- like he never needed you before. Actually, let me set that straight, he needs you now like he absolutely didn’t need you in his life at all a hot minute earlier when he was “in love” and couldn’t care less about his friends because focus was laser pointed on loverboy and friendships be damned. Have you ever had a friend who dropped you and “the gang” the second he got into a relationship and the exact moment that all-consuming passion ended he boomeranged right back into your lives as if nothing had changed? Well, I call bullshit.

Get your comments ready and roarin’ to go on this one. Yes, we’ll cover the possible jealousy from my angle. Yes, I’ll allow that maybe I’m not being the BEST friend ever. But, I’m sure as hell also going to look at how crappy this feels to friends who repeatedly get this done to them and question the motive of these boomerangers who seem to expect it both ways and honestly get pretty freakin’ nettled when you call them on it. Often my articles are “subtly” about a recent exchange or interaction with someone close, but this one is just out of year in and out eye rolling annoyance with comrades who have complained alongside me about this selfish action and the turn around and do it themselves. Before you freak: this departure/return routine is NOT performed by all people who get into relationship. In fact, I RARELY see it in friends who get into truly long lasting and healthy relationships. Instead, I write to those repeat offenders who think your friends are just sitting by the phone waiting for the second you have time for them: we’re not. And, you’re kind of acting like a bag of dicks.

Click through to read the rest of my thoughts on this phenomenon and sound off below!

Wow. I don’t know why, perhaps with my own experiences with the subject matter of the lyrics, but this song and music video is really powerful to me. The song is called “Telemiscommunications‘ and it’s a duo by two really great artists: deadmau5 and Imogen Heap.

It’s all about long distance relationships and when people are apart because of work. The “Telemiscommunications” part plays in with how it’s extremely difficult to really be present with the person you love when there are all of these distractions around. It’s hard to be with someone by cell phone and often times things get interpreted differently. Imogen Heap sings, “This is just so unlike us / Come back to horizontal islands / If we could win just one small touch / Contact versus tele-miscommunications.” It’s a really beautiful song and in the video, various forms of animation are used to tell the stories of people in the airport struggling with their emotions as they are away from their partners.

Definitely a must-see video. It’s very creative and brings the lyrics to the song to life in a very powerful and artistic way. Check it out below.

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In case you haven’t heard of the site, is a site where people share information about alleged cheaters to warn future partners and for exes to get their revenge. I can’t say that I agree with what the site is all about. Firstly, two wrongs don’t make a right and there is already so much “life-ruining” going on online to begin with. I’d certainly be mad about getting cheated on, but posting about it would only make matters worse. Secondly, there is already so much hate and invasions of privacy online – no need for anymore. Anyway…

In a recent study that Cheaterville conducted, they compiled some interesting stats about both gay relationships and straight relationships. Gay men cheat WAY more than lesbians, and straight women apparently cheat WAY more than straight men. CheaterVille founder James McGibney states, “We launched the LGBT feature a few months ago due to overwhelming requests. We quickly obliged as our website is a firm believer in equal rights and allowing all members of our society to use our site. However, it was surprising to see how popular this new feature has become, and the data we have collected truly shows that cheating is a huge problem in our society no matter what your orientation.” I’ve included their findings below.

Check out the stats they released after the jump…

I haven’t updated you guys since I moved and thought this would be a good time to let you know where I’m at. I’ve adjusted really well to life in my new city and I am enjoying it. Many people tried to discourage me about moving East because it was cold, so far it’s been great. Yes it is cold but the sun is still shining. It really wasn’t the cold I disliked, it was the constant rain and gloom of the West Coast I didn’t care for.

For 7 months having not noticed, I was stuck in a rut of going to work, going to the gym and staying in pretty much every week night and weekends. I hadn’t realized til recently that I haven’t put any effort in making new friends and building a new support group. I didn’t think I’d ever feel uprooted but it hit me eventually. I miss my friends and I miss that close relationship I had with them. Although I know a lot of people in Toronto from past friendships, these are not exactly the same people I would associate with given that I am now in a different place in my life and so are they. I realized that I had to meet more like minded people that I can relate to and vice-versa. So for the new year, I decided I needed to make a conscious effort of building that support group around me.

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Canadian pop-rocker Fefe Dobson is back with some new ear candy. In her new track Can’t Breathe, Fefe plays with a sound that we haven’t really heard since her very first album. The song has more of a definite rock edge but more mature and really shows off her vocal chops. The song also features an amazing guitar solo from female guitarist Orianthi. Does that name sound familiar? She was picked by Michael Jackson specifically to go on her last tour before his untimely demise.

The lyrics ring out of a relationship gone wrong where someone has walked away but she wishes it would have been forever. The lyrics may be a little cliche but ring out true to how anyone usually feels in this situaion.

I can’t breathe, if I’m not breathing with you. I can’t sleep if all I’m dreaming is you. Can’t you see I’ve got no air without you? I can’t breathe…

Check out the video after the jump.

Well this is confusing if you ask me. In picture taken yesterday, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson who are currently in divorce proceedings, were seen with their son outside of a Starbucks holding hands. I know, I know, they are adults and can hold hands and it means nothing. So were they just putting on a show for their son Bronx?

What makes this story more interesting is that this isn’t the first time since Ashlee filed for divorce in early February that the two have been spotted together.

The couple almost made it to three years of marriage before separating in February. Friends are saying its been a very he said, she said kind of split. Some say the couple split due to Pete’s erratic behavior while some say it was due to Ashlee’s need to party. A few weeks ago, Ashlee was seen out on the town with one of Pete’s friends which caused speculation that she was out on the market.

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Is Facebook Ruining Relationships?

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As we become more connected to people through social networking, are we becoming more disconnected to the ones right next to us?

A new survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that about two thirds of divorce lawyers cite Facebook as “the ‘primary source’ of evidence in divorce proceedings.” In addition, The Guardian calls Facebook “a leading cause of relationship trouble.” Thou shalt not poke thy neighbours wife (or husband)! The article in The Guardian explains that it’s becoming quite common. “We’re coming across it more and more. One spouse connects online with someone they knew from school. The person is emotionally available and they start communicating through Facebook,” said Dr Steven Kimmons, a clinical psychologist and marriage counsellor at Loyola University Medical Centre near Chicago.

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