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Entertainment Weekly put the leading ladies of the Barden Bellas on the cover of its latest issue. A day after Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow don feather boas, the first trailer for the highly-anticipated trailer debuts online. Fans will be pleased to know it kicks off with a beautiful group a capella performance of “Cups (When I’m Gone).” Aca-mazing!!!

The gang is all back with a couple of new additions including Hailee Steinfeld, Chrissie Fit and Katey Sagel. It appears Pitch Perfect 2 is all about the girls competing against their rivals, the Treblemakers, once again, but this time on the international stage at the World Championships. Elizabeth Banks reprises her role as newscaster Gail and also makes her directorial debut.

Check out the first trailer below. Highlight for me is watching Wilson do a bunch of slapstick including body surfing down a flight of stairs. As Fat Amy states, she nails it!!! Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters on May 15, 2015.

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Pitch Perfect defied all odds when it hit theaters in September 2012. Not only did it earn rave reviews, generate major box office revenue but it developed a cult loyal following. The sequel definitely has a lot to live up to when it hits theaters next year on May 15, 2015. Director Elizabeth Banks certainly feels the heat.

“It was pretty modest,” director Banks shared about the unexpected success of the first film to EW. “But it engendered a lot of love. That’s what we could not have foreseen. The first film flew under the radar, and it was a gift. This time around, much higher stakes. Everybody is much more involved. As the saying goes, ‘Success has many fathers.’”

Entertainment Weekly gives a sneak peek at the highly-anticipated film. Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick, wearing colorful frocks and boas, grace the publication’s latest cover. Head over to for more of a preview of Pitch Perfect 2.


Ben Stiller is back for another tour as a museum security officer. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is the third entry in the popular franchise after 2009′s Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. Shawn Levy who directed the first two films also returns.

This time around, Stiller heads across the Pond to the British Museum’s famed Egyptian wing to solve a deadly mystery. When the tablet is corroding, Larry Daley (Stiller), his son, Nick and Ahkmenrah travel to London to find Ahkmenrah’s parents, as Ahkmenrah’s father (Ben Kingsley) was the creator of the Tablet, where secrets will be unraveled.

Newcomers Rebel Wilson, Ben Kingsley, Dan Stevens and Rachael Harris join returning faves Robin Williams, Ricky Gervais, Steve Coogan and Patrick Gallagher. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb opens in theaters on December 19. Check out the first trailer below.

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The Barden Bellas are back in session. The majority of the Pitch Perfect cast reunited for a very special occasion- the first day of rehearsals for the upcoming sequel. Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp, Ester Dean and Hana Mae Lee posed with Pitch Perfect 2 director Elizabeth Banks during a break from a cappella boot camp.

I’m curious why Anna Kendrick was nowhere to be seen. Fear not though, Kendrick is set to reprise the role of Beca. It was previously reported that she signed on to appear in the film. I also hope Anna Camp returns as Aubrey for the film. Mark your calendars, Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters on May 15, 2015! I can’t wait.


Great news everyone. Fat Amy is coming back. Universal Pictures officially revealed both Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick are returning for Pitch Perfect 2. How aca-awesome is that? No word if the other members of Barden Bellas are returning, but fingers crossed.

Elizabeth Banks who played one of the ICCA commentators makes her directorial debut with the highly-anticipated sequel. Original scribe Kay Cannon has been recruited to pen the script.

The original was a sleeper hit grossing $65 million domestically and more than $115 million worldwide. Pretty impressive given its relatively small budget of $17 million. It even scored a top 10 Billboard single with “Cups” nearly a year after the theatrical release. Pitch Perfect 2 is set to hit theaters May 15, 2015.

check out my favorite scene after the jump

First off, unbeknownst to some, ambivalence isn’t the lack of an opinion, in fact it’s the opposite as it reflects the inability to choose between opposite opinions, and that’s the dilemma I face with Struck By Lightning. A star-studded cast (for this budget), this “Easy-A“/Jude Apatowian-esque indie struggles to really make you care as it attempts to dig into a realistic reveal of high school live but unfortunately stays mainly on the surface. The story starts off with our leading lady man, Chris Colfer getting (wait for it) struck by lightning. The story told is Colfer looking back on his life and particularly the last few months of school as he blackmails his way into success at a school that otherwise laughs at him. Trying to get into I think Northwestern University (honestly, I don’t even remember anymore, it’s not that important), the lead finds himself surrounded by high school cliches and an unaiding family life that has him struggling.

Really, that’s all you need to know to decide if you want to see it. I have a hard time knowing who I’d recommend this movie to. I suppose if you are 16 and questioning your sexuality and wanting to break out of your small town Anywhere, USA, then go for it- otherwise you’ll likely be pretty much bored to tears. That said, there are a couple of odd additions that made this thing viewable to the end: Allison Janney and Rebel Wilson. Chris Colfer is famous for “Glee” and “Glee” alone and will likely keep it that way as even when he doesn’t play “a gay character” as he KIND of is not suppose to be in this one, his speech and mannerisms get in the way of you thinking of him in any other way. Janney and Wilson must have owed this kid a favour because they actually managed to bring it in their slightly limited parts with Janney stealing the show as the only true actor on screen who portrays an emotionally stunted alcoholic with the perfect blend of humour and maudlin.

Click through to see the trailer and read the rest of my review

Logo recently announced the nominees for their annual NewNowNext Awards. Now in its sixth year, this highly praised and always unpredictable telecast is one big party that grants the gay stamp of approval to pop culture icons and trendsetters as well as stars-on-the-rise and celebrates what’s hot in TV, music, film and fashion for 2013 and beyond.

If you haven’t watch the NewNowNext Awards, they’re a lot of fun. With irreverent and outrageous categories including “Hottest, Sexiest Ink,” “Host with the Most,” “That’s My Jam” and “TV You Betta Watch,” the ceremony is always fun to watch. My personal favorite is the “Cause You’re Hot” award. All of the nominees are definitely worthy of the win. I covered the red carpet and ceremony a couple of years ago and think its time to check them out again. Especially given the caliber of the nominees. I love star gazing.

Winners will be revealed Monday, April 15th at 10/9C, during the 90-minute Logo NewNowNext Awards 2013 telecast.  The special will be taped in front of a live audience of today’s hottest emerging and seasoned artists at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood, CA on April 13th.  Performers, presenters and special guests will be announced in the coming weeks. Check out all the nominees below.

check out all the nominees after the jump

Here’s a duo you probably didn’t expect to see together. Being the host of the 2013 MTV Movie Awards definitely comes with a lot of perks. You get plenty of airtime, multiple wardrobe changes and a chance to film a promo with People magazine’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive. If I was sitting in the same car with Channing Tatum, I would’ve taken advantage of the situation like Rebel Wilson does in the clip. Carpe diem, right?

In the new promo for the April 14th awards, the Bridesmaid actress and Magic Mike stripper are involved in a car chase. Who’s chasing them? Who knows, perhaps Tatum’s wife Jenna Dewan? Anyhoo, Channing instructs Wilson to shoot at their pursuers. She positions herself in the best spot possible to take aim. Where? On his lap of course. As she straddles him, Rebel requests that he remove his shirt. Smart girl. Check out the clip below.

watch the promo after the jump

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