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With only a month left before Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley serve up some major fabulousness as Edina and Patsy, promotion has kicked into high gear. The movie studio uploaded several clips to promote the highly-anticipated film.

Two are behind-the-scenes featurettes which describe the making of the film and all the recognizable cameos lined up. The others are actual clips from the movie, including an amusing models dream sequence featuring Kate Moss and others professing their love and adoration for Edina.

Movie Synopsis

Appropriate for their big screen debut, Edina and Patsy (Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley) are still oozing glitz and glamour, living the high life they are accustomed to; shopping, drinking and clubbing their way around London’s trendiest hotspots. Blamed for a major incident at an uber fashionable launch party, they become entangled in a media storm and are relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi. Fleeing penniless to the glamorous playground of the super-rich, the French Riviera, they hatch a plan to make their escape permanent and live the high life forever more

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie sashays into theaters on July 22. Check out all the clips below.

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First “Carpool Karaoke” and now this! Sorry Jimmys (Fallon and Kimmel), but James Corden is arguably the undisputed ‘King of Late Night’ these days. At least he is in my book.

The 37-year-old comedian debuted his new segment, “Drop The Mic” featuring Anne Hathaway, earlier this week. However, it’s the second installment that’s the must-see clip. Corden unleashed a flurry of digs at David Schwimmer, mostly aimed at his Friends era.

“Now it’s time for you to prove you’ve got balls while I ignore you like Jennifer Aniston does your calls.”

Ouch. That’s just one of many Friends-inspired digs. Then he pokes fun at his stint as Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story.

“He was a Kardashian on TV, but that was only for pretend. You played Robert, and that was a great combo. But you were so white, you shoulda probably played the Bronco.”

In Schwimmer’s defense, he put up a very valiant effort and delivered some major zingers himself.

“We all know as an actor, your roles were all the same,” he began. “The heavy best friend, the humorous sidekick with a belly so big you can’t find your own d—k.”

“Did you think I’d be scared, walk around gingerly when everyone knows your middle name is Kimberley.”

After Corden and Schwimmer exchanged blows in a heated rap battle, Rebel Wilson showed up at the end to throw some shade as well. Her Adele dig at James was everything. Check out the epic clip below.

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Pitch Perfect 3 Set For 2017

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They’re back for another round, Pitches!!!

The news shouldn’t be all that surprisingly given the fact Pitch Perfect 2 scored the biggest opening weekend for a musical of all-time. The third installment of the highly-lucrative franchise is set to hit theaters on July 21, 2017.

Exactly which Barden Bellas are returning? Even though filming is most likely still months away, two stars have already signed on. Find out who below.

see who’s confirmed to come back so far

First off, unbeknownst to some, ambivalence isn’t the lack of an opinion, in fact it’s the opposite as it reflects the inability to choose between opposite opinions, and that’s the dilemma I face with Struck By Lightning. A star-studded cast (for this budget), this “Easy-A“/Jude Apatowian-esque indie struggles to really make you care as it attempts to dig into a realistic reveal of high school live but unfortunately stays mainly on the surface. The story starts off with our leading lady man, Chris Colfer getting (wait for it) struck by lightning. The story told is Colfer looking back on his life and particularly the last few months of school as he blackmails his way into success at a school that otherwise laughs at him. Trying to get into I think Northwestern University (honestly, I don’t even remember anymore, it’s not that important), the lead finds himself surrounded by high school cliches and an unaiding family life that has him struggling.

Really, that’s all you need to know to decide if you want to see it. I have a hard time knowing who I’d recommend this movie to. I suppose if you are 16 and questioning your sexuality and wanting to break out of your small town Anywhere, USA, then go for it- otherwise you’ll likely be pretty much bored to tears. That said, there are a couple of odd additions that made this thing viewable to the end: Allison Janney and Rebel Wilson. Chris Colfer is famous for “Glee” and “Glee” alone and will likely keep it that way as even when he doesn’t play “a gay character” as he KIND of is not suppose to be in this one, his speech and mannerisms get in the way of you thinking of him in any other way. Janney and Wilson must have owed this kid a favour because they actually managed to bring it in their slightly limited parts with Janney stealing the show as the only true actor on screen who portrays an emotionally stunted alcoholic with the perfect blend of humour and maudlin.

Click through to see the trailer and read the rest of my review

Logo recently announced the nominees for their annual NewNowNext Awards. Now in its sixth year, this highly praised and always unpredictable telecast is one big party that grants the gay stamp of approval to pop culture icons and trendsetters as well as stars-on-the-rise and celebrates what’s hot in TV, music, film and fashion for 2013 and beyond.

If you haven’t watch the NewNowNext Awards, they’re a lot of fun. With irreverent and outrageous categories including “Hottest, Sexiest Ink,” “Host with the Most,” “That’s My Jam” and “TV You Betta Watch,” the ceremony is always fun to watch. My personal favorite is the “Cause You’re Hot” award. All of the nominees are definitely worthy of the win. I covered the red carpet and ceremony a couple of years ago and think its time to check them out again. Especially given the caliber of the nominees. I love star gazing.

Winners will be revealed Monday, April 15th at 10/9C, during the 90-minute Logo NewNowNext Awards 2013 telecast.  The special will be taped in front of a live audience of today’s hottest emerging and seasoned artists at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood, CA on April 13th.  Performers, presenters and special guests will be announced in the coming weeks. Check out all the nominees below.

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Here’s a duo you probably didn’t expect to see together. Being the host of the 2013 MTV Movie Awards definitely comes with a lot of perks. You get plenty of airtime, multiple wardrobe changes and a chance to film a promo with People magazine’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive. If I was sitting in the same car with Channing Tatum, I would’ve taken advantage of the situation like Rebel Wilson does in the clip. Carpe diem, right?

In the new promo for the April 14th awards, the Bridesmaid actress and Magic Mike stripper are involved in a car chase. Who’s chasing them? Who knows, perhaps Tatum’s wife Jenna Dewan? Anyhoo, Channing instructs Wilson to shoot at their pursuers. She positions herself in the best spot possible to take aim. Where? On his lap of course. As she straddles him, Rebel requests that he remove his shirt. Smart girl. Check out the clip below.

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2013 MTV Movie Awards Nominations Announced

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Now that the 85th Annual Academy Awards are in the history books, it’s time for nonsensical and fun ceremonies to take front and center. Cue the MTV Movie Awards. In all actuality, the event is one big launching pad for movie studios to promote their upcoming big budget summer offerings instead of honoring greatness. With that said, any awards show that has a Best Shirtless Performance is alright by me. That pec battle, along with Best Musical Moment are two new categories added this year.

Leading the pack with seven nominations apiece are Django Unchained and Ted. Silver Linings Playbook landed six nominations and Dark Knight Rises earned five. In somewhat of a surprising turn of events, Twilight which usually dominates the awards show, scored only one nod. Twihards have apparently moved on to something else. The sole nomination goes to Taylor Lautner for Best Shirtless Performance. He’s got some stiff competition in the form of Channing Tatum and other sexy studs.

Rebel Wilson who’s hosting this year’s ceremony is up for three awards herself- Best Female Performance, Breakthrough Performance and Best Musical Moment. If you loved her in Pitch Perfect, be sure to cast your vote for her. Voting begins now at through April 13. The show airs live April 14 from the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Culver City, California. Check out all the nominations below.

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The movie trailer for a comedy called Small Apartments has just come out and it looks like it could be worth watching. The fact that Rebel Wilson and her Bridesmaids brother, Matt Lucas are reunited and back together in a movie is reason enough.

The Jonas Åkerlund-directed movie follows a man named Franklin Franklin (Lucas) who is surrounded by strange events and odd neighbors in this adaptation of the Chris Millis’ novel. Franklin accidentally kills his landlord and must do everything in his power to hide the body. This proves difficult with the distractions of lust and all of the misfits he encounters along the way. In addition to Lucas & Wilson, the film also stars Billy Crystal, James Marsden, Juno Temple, Dolph Lundgren, and more.

The film is due to be released in September of this year. Check out the weird & funny trailer below.

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