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Rebecca Black Returns With ‘Friday’ Sequel

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Two years after “Friday” became an internet sensation, Rebecca Black finally releases a sequel. Naturally, it’s titled “Saturday.” Will it reach the legendary status of its predecessor which generated over 60 million views in 2011? Probably not, but with some shade thrown at Miley Cyrus and ‘ingenious’ lyrics like “Yesterday was Friday. Today is Saturday,” it’s a valiant effort.

Check out the clip below which features Dave Days. I also included a recent clip of Black re-watching “Friday.” Her play-by-play commentary and reactions to the video that changed her life are kinda hilarious.

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Back in 2011, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was everywhere but where it counted the most… in Billboard Hot 100’s Top 40. The viral sensation peaked at No. 58. However, Glee’s cover of the annoyingly infectious track landed at No. 34. In Black’s defense though, had Billboard counted online YouTube streams as part of its calculation as they do now, I’m sure it would’ve been a Top 10 hit. After all, “Friday” has amassed over 50 million views to date.

Black’s blonde successor Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” makes an impressive debut at No. 29 on the prestigious chart. Score another win for ARK Music Factory. Even though it only sold 1,000 downloads as of October 20, the accompanying video went viral generating over 5 million views last week. That just goes to show the power of online streaming. Don’t expect “Chinese Food” to go anywhere anytime soon. The video is now up to 10 million clicks.

Some have cited the clip for being racist, but I think they’re being overly-sensitive. The biggest offense to me is that Gold appears to like that sort of Chinese cuisine you see at the mall. Give me some authentic sh*t any day. If you’re wondering who the big panda guy is. He’s the co-founder of ARK Music, Patrice Wilson who also wrote and co-produced the track. Just in case you missed “Chinese Food” last week, check it out below. The wiping shoulder move during the first chorus is everything.

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Rebecca Black Covers Miley Cyrus

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“It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday.” What better way than to get down today than to get reacquainted with Rebecca Black. Remember that chick with that annoyingly infectious “Friday” YouTube hit a couple of years ago? She’s back and with a half decent acoustic cover of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.” It’s a lot better than Black’s cover of Rihanna’s “Stay” a couple of months ago. That was a tad painful to listen.

Two posts today about Cyrus’ hit song. Yuppers. I told you I was obsessed with it. Black teams up with a guy named Jon D for her rendition. Judging on his YouTube account, dude loves One Direction, Hunter Hayes and anything pop-related. Check out their duet below.

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In light of NBC ordering a new singing competition from the creators of “The Voice” and ABC’s recently launched “Duets“, this Funny or Die parody seems very appropriate. Forget the competitors, nowadays, it’s all about the judges on these talent shows. It seems every musician wants to land a gig critiquing young hopefuls. Who can blame them? “American Idol” practically revived Jennifer Lopez’s career and “The Voice” made people forget about Christina Aguilera’s horrific one-two punch of “Bionic” and “Burlesque“.

In a brand new clip from the folks over at Funny or Die, they poke fun at this judging craze. Titled “U B DA Judge“, the parody features Debbie Gibson, Natalie Imbruglia, Meat Loaf, Brian McKnight, Warren G and even Rebecca Black all vying to receive the golden subpoena (instead of ticket) to bring them one step closer to becoming America’s next judging sensation. Hosted by Judge Dredd (remember that awful Sly Stallone film), the wannabe judges prove their ability to drop one-liners and hilarious insults to a trio of judicial experts which includes a tennis line judge. Watch the insults zing back and forth below.

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YouTube sensation turned household name, Rebecca Black has just release a new single and accompanying music video called “Sing It” and we’ve got your first look. The music video premiere on E! News and features a catchy new tune that doesn’t really involve a heavily auto-tuned voice. In fact, I actually don’t hate the song at all.

If I’m not mistaken, her two girl friends from her infamous “Friday” music video accompany her in this video as they go for a bike ride and party with friends. For the most part, Black sings by her lonesome in some front of very beautiful, scenic backgrounds.

I say kudos to Rebecca Black for pushing past all of the criticism and death threats she received and continuing to do what she loves. The internet can be a very hateful place but that hasn’t stopped her from evolving as an artist. I also think that it’s great that big names like the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have all shown their support for her in one way or another. Check out the song and video below.

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Are you giving your head a big scratch at that title? As much as I love Britney Spears, I too am a little puzzled. Rob Sheffield who is the writer of their Pop Life blog just released his list of the Top 25 Songs of 2011. I assumed Adele would once again grace the top of the list. To my surprise, she didn’t even crack the Top 10. Yes, you read that correctly. Atop the list is one of Britney’s non-singles, How I Roll which is easily one of my least favorites from her Femme Fatale album.

Rob’s list is drastically different from the previously published Top Singles of 2011 also released by Rolling Stone. However, there are some tracks on the list that I do thoroughly enjoy that didn’t get much recognition on any year end lists or throughout the year. I am talking about tracks like Rewrite by Paul Simon and Beth/Rest by Bon Iver.

The biggest shock of the list for me is the insertion of Friday by Rebecca Black. I am sorry, but what? Yes, the track was a viral sensation and I’m sure there isn’t one person out there who doesn’t know the lyrics but seriously, #8 on the list? How did that happen? One thing is for sure, Rob enjoys himself some Nicki Minaj. She appears on three of the tracks in the full list. Check out this somewhat whack list of tracks below.

Check out the full list after the jump.

Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Of 2011

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As we draw nearer to the end of 2011, the year end lists keep coming out. YouTube has just revealed their annual “YouTube Rewind” where they provide a glimpse at a year in YouTube videos and highlight the Top 10 List of most viewed videos.

This year, YouTube decided to have a special guest host the segment – none other than Rebecca Black of the infamous “Friday” music video and song. Since throwing herself into the spotlight with the viral video, Black seems to have grown up quite a bit and I definitely have to give her props. She looks amazing in the YouTube Rewind and does a great job hosting it.

In addition to the YouTube Rewind (set to Avicii’s “Levels on Android Market” song), I’ve included each of the original videos in the Top 10 list for your viewing pleasure. I’ll only give you one spoiler and that is that Andy Samberg is in two of the videos in the top 10.

Check out the Year End Rewind & the Top 10 List after the jump…

How did I not see this coming? Of course, Rebecca Black + Black Friday = Rebecca Black Friday. LOL. What a great puzzle that would make for the “Same Name” category of Wheel of Fortune.

In a new Kohl’s commercial titled “Gotta Go to Kohl’s on Black Friday!”, an auto-tuned woman sings about waiting in line and taking advantage of the big sales event taking place this coming weekend.

“You can argue Kohl’s is doing irreparable damage to its brand by associating itself with Black’s “Friday,” said AdRants. “Or you can laud the brand for latching on to something that’s guaranteed to garner a significant amount of conversation, discussion and publicity.” I’d have to personally agree with the latter. It was smart playing off her her name and hit song for this commercial, but I thought it would have been way better if they had actually used her as the lead in the commercial.

Watch the commercial below and tell me what you think. Will you be taking part in the madness that is Black Friday? If so, where and for what?

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