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Controversial evicted Big Brother 11 contestant, Chima Simone breaks her silence again. In an exclusive, the 33 year old freelance journalist addresses some of her more “colorful” remarks made on the live feeds and on the air. During one of her many heated exchanges with Lebanese-American houseguest, Russell Kairouz, Chima called Russell a “terrorist for terrorizing everybody in the house”. Russell then retaliated by calling Chima “the true racist”. This was in response to Chima’s attack on Braden, during this season’s first live eviction. She referred to her fellow nominee for eviction as a racist, homophobe and misogynist and threatened that anyone who voted for him to stay would be an advocate for his beliefs.

Throughout this season, Simone has never been afraid to speak her mind which included harsh words regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks, as reported by fans during the live feeds. In her “apology” she reaches out to those of Middle-Eastern descent who were offended by her words. She claims that as a woman of color who has experienced racism first hand that she would never knowingly inflict that same pain unto others. Though she apologizes to offended viewers, she doesn’t extend the same apology to Russell. You’ll have to read the entire letter to see exactly where she stands.

You’re probably asking yourself how snagged the exclusive. IMHO she issued the exclusive letter to in no doubt to maintain a relationship with the entertainment site. As a freelance journalist, she covered red-carpet events and appeared on videos for the celebrity gossip site. With her image tarnished and the possibility of a lawsuit from CBS forthcoming, she has to make sure she keeps all lines of potential revenue open and make sure doesn’t burn any more bridges.

Read the apology letter in it’s entirety after the jump

More To Love: Not For Gays?

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In recent years I. like many people, have found myself very attracted to reality TV. I’m a busy guy and sometimes I just want to get lost in the lives of other people. I like that I don’t have to follow it religiously in order to enjoy it. That being said, I recently made a rather poor choice in my reality tv line up… More To Love. The show is a Bachelor style show – but with a twist. The twist being that instead of having all of the people on the show look like models, they are all heavier set people.

Now, you can say what you want about the show…is it really a good thing to put on TV? Are these people being taken advantage of, having their weight and love issues combined into one thing and then projected for all of North America to watch? Maybe it’s a really great step in the direction of having larger people more accepted? I don’t know what the answer is, but I’m confident in saying…this would never fly with the gays.

How many times did you go to the gym this week, or go for a run, or go to your fitness class? The reality is, most of us have an immediate answer to these questions that involves a 4 or 5 times a week workout. Those lucky enough to be naturally thin and fit may not go to the gym – but they’re likely looking to date someone that is equally as toned as they are.

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So You Think You Can Dance: The Finale Recap

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Kevin: And that’s a wrap for SYTYCD Season 5!! Since Daniel’s email account sucks dirty goat butt, he never received my notes for the last article- so I apologize that you had to deal only with him. I know it was rough, but I’m glad you made it through. What’s more, in true Daniel fashion, he’s just sent me over his portion of the article for today and it’s so long, there’s really nothing left for me to say- so you’ll just get a few choice insertions from me.

Stephen and I watched the show last night while we packed and prepped for vacation on the Sunshine Coast while Daniel watched the Finale with a group of people and too votes on the winner prior to the show: Their predictions were:

Kayla – Three votes
Jeanine – One vote
Evan – No votes
Brandon – One vote

Daniel: An epic two hours of So You Think You Can Dance to bring the final tear to my eye as another season comes to a close. The show opened with a mash up dance with all of the top twenty returning to the stage, with a repeat performance from early in the season. What a mess! Click here for more

So You Think You Can Dance: Final 4 Recap

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The first time ever So You Think You Can Dance was held outside of the standard studio, with last night’s performance show broadcast from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. AMAZE-BALLS!

Final 4 Routine


The night started off with the top four dancing a Wade Robson routine, which should have started the night off with a BANG. The guys were jocks and the girls were cheerleaders (being danced to Boys Boys Boys by Lady GaGa). Whoa the girls came across like skanks when they flashed their red spanky pants! Overall the routine really wasn’t as good as it should have been, especially from Wade Robson at finale time…

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So You Think You Can Dance: Top 6 Recap

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Kevin: Holy… we’re already only one week away from the finale! From last night’s episode, you wouldn’t really have guessed it though; some of the dancing was mediocre at best. Thankfully there were some shining beacons of hope amongst the disasters and it made the evening well worth the 2-hour episode.

Daniel: That’s Kevin’s opinion: my opinion is the producers are forcing the dancers to learn too much in one week and in turn the individual numbers are suffering. Kevin wrote the majority of this article, and I will simply insert the appropriate and correct commentary when necessary, to alleviate any mistakes he makes.

Kevin: We begin the night with Mary pleading with the audience to go all the way back to the auditions… as if that’s going to happen, and then the show launches right into the top boys’ group performance.

Top 3 Boys – Jazz


Sonya Tayeh choreographed the group routine (to True Romance by She Wants Revenge) and WE totally loved it. Poor Evan didn’t measure up to Ade & Brandon- though he did a respectable job. Nigel said he stood out because of trying new stunts, but really it’s just because he looks like an albino next to the other boys. I did love the routine, Sonya does great choreography and the boys were in fine form.

Dan’s Note: the standing back-tucks were KILLER and I’m so proud of Evan for learning how to do one; SO out of his element in this routine. Also, the matching high kicks from the guys were gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

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Hell’s Kitchen Fight! Part 2!

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And now, the exciting conclusion to last weeks fight between 27 year old Sous Chef Joseph from Massapequa Park, NY and celebrity loud mouth Gordon Ramsey.

I agree with Ramsey, no respect. Best part is when he trips over the stair and Ramsey says “Watch your step”, then cut to the other contestants laughing, followed by Joseph repeating “Watch your step, bitch!”.

Dude’s got issues. Hopefully he will look back at this one day and melt from embarrassment. How do you face your friends, your MOTHER, after pulling something like that on national television. He won’t ever be able to put on his resumé that he was on Hell’s Kitchen.

So long Joseph, don’t let the door of opportunity hit your ass on the way out.

Hell’s Kitchen Fight!

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I couldn’t wait for Saturday to post this video!

Joseph is a Sous Chef from Massapequa Park, NY with 8 years of experience. I can’t decide if this guy is the best reality T.V. contestant ever, or just a idiot tough guy. Watch as 27 year old Joseph gets in a verbal battle with foul-mouthed chef, Gordon Ramsey.

I love all of it. The constant self-declaration that Joseph “ain’t no bitch” (double-negative :P), the repeated “Shut yo’ fuckin’ mouth” to the other contestants who are trying to save Joseph from making a scene, and when he actually, ON CAMERA, challenges Ramsey to take the argument outside. Hilarious.

I don’t watch Top Chef, but I’ll definitely be waiting for the conclusion to appear on YouTube.

Update! Catch the second part to the Hell’s Kitchen stand off here

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 8 Recap

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Daniel: Last night was another epic night of guest judges, group dancers, blood-sweat-and-tears dancing and everything else in between. The top eight took to the stage to razzle-dazzle the audience with two pair dances, one solo and one group dance. Ellen Degeneres randomly stepped in as a 4th guest judge, with absolutely zero dance experience all in lieu of the shows 99th airing episode. All-in-all the night ramped up to be a good one.

Kevin: I loved that Ellen was a guest judge. Clearly not because she has any dance experience, but mostly just because I freakin’ love that lady. She cracks me right the hell up and last night was no exception. That said, there was some great dancing last night and just as much not-so-great dancing… so let’s get to it.

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