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Project Runway Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

In: Topher, TV Shows

Last week on Project Runway, the designers were handed a challenge from occasional judge and consistent bitch Michael Kors to design an outfit inspired by a city. The usual top performers performed well, and again Christopher was in the bottom three. And AGAIN he was safe.

This week, with six people left and one more challenge after this one, the designers had to make a look based off one of their winning looks… Oh, except for Logan, because he never won. I’m sorry, why is Epperson not still in this competition?

I was impressed with most of last weeks looks. Here’s hoping this week can produce something good as well.

At the beginning of the episode, Logan and Christopher verbalize what we’ve all noticed. The boy talent this season is lacking. Out of the six designers left, these two are clearly the worst and I think they know it.

On the runway, all the designers are facing away from the catwalk so that their past outfits can be set out on the stage. When they turn around, Heidi let’s them know that the challenge is to make a companion piece that compliments and enhances their best previous look. I enjoy the premise of this challenge. It makes sense as a fashion challenge. Designers have to be able to make a cohesive look in a collection, so this should give a hint as to who will thrive at Bryant Park.

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Last week on Days of our… whoops, wrong website, wrong recap.

Last week, on Project Runway, mousy youngster Shirin got bounced for sleeping with Tim Gunn. Or making something gross, one or the other.

Fellow mousekateer Carol-Hannah pulled off her first win with an amazing multi-textured black stage outfit for pop diva Christina Aguilera. Seven designers remain in the hopes of becoming the next great American Designer. Attention all other American designers, you’re worthless.

This week’s challenge is for Christopher to cry as much as possible so that he stays another week. Oh, also, Michael Kors wants them to design an outfit inspired by one of his favourite cities. First off, deja vu on deja vu, but haven’t we already had a repeated challenge this season with the Wedding Dress Challenge? Season two had a Michael Kors inspiration challenge. Admittedly, Daniel Vosovic made one of my favourite PR outfits in that challenge, but nonetheless, STOP REUSING CHALLENGES!

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Stephanie Pratt Gets a DUI

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Oh boy. 23 Year old Stephanie Pratt from The Hills was arrested in the wee hours of Sunday morning (around 3:45am) as she was suspected to have been drinking and driving. After being arrested outside of Empire Nightclub, she was booked in jail in the San Fernando Valley. With a $5,000, she was released. What is it with this young Hollywood Starlets these days? Seriously. Publicity is one thing, but putting other people’s lives at risk is another.

Apparently, she was celebrating Holly Montag’s 26th birthday with other The Hills stars when it all went down. Hmm, interesting because in the previews, it’s Holly that Speidi sends to rehab! Looks like they have another one coming their way. I hope that the cameras were there and that the arrest is part of the show because as much as the “The Bitch is Back” on The Hills this season, I’m finding it to be quite boring, unfortunately. Stephanie was released later that morning, and will return to court for a hearing.

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We’re more than half way through the season. Only eight of the original sixteen designers are left, and from last week’s shocking (to me at least) elimination it’s becoming tougher to predict who’s going home.

Epperson was the victim of misunderstanding and poor taste last week and was sent home, while both Christopher and Logan squeaked by with some pretty terrible looks.

Gordana won for the first time with an amazing deconstruction of a wedding dress. She has immunity this week, the last of the season. Winning no longer means you are safe the next time around.

This week’s challenge is to design an on stage costume for pop sensation Christina Aguilera. Oh man, I know more than a few homos who probably bust a nut when they found out Ms. Durrty was the guest judge. Although I’m not her biggest fan, I recognize how major a guest judge she is. Probably one of the biggest. Take that ANTM! Also thrown into the guest judge mix is “Sultan of Sequins” Bob Mackie.

This is an interesting challenge. Not as costume-y as the drag challenge, but still an element of grandeur.

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Bah! Looks like we forgot to recap last week’s episode, so here’s a little mini recap:

The challenge was to design a dress to fit into the Macy’s line of products made entirely of blue shades. Picasso’s got nothing on these bitches! Kidding, what a stupid challenge. Half my freaking closet is blue, it’s not hard to make something. Choose salmon, or tye-dye, THAT would be a challenge.

Irina’s a little full of herself, and also is kind of being a bitch. But she makes up for it by pulling off some pretty good outfits. She won last week, and the prize was to design a dress for Macy’s. I saw the dress she designed. Barf.

Christopher and Louise were bottom two. Christopher cried a lot, AGAIN. Louise looked sort of like she gave up. Not in her clothes so much, but when the judges started picking her designs apart, her face looked like she’d had enough. In the end, her execution was pretty bad, and she was sent home. I like some of her stuff, and would have rather seen Christopher leave, since it seems like his early success was beginner’s luck.

This week, the challenge was a little more difficult, but also, kind of a re-hash of a previous season’s challenge. Take a divorced woman’s wedding dress and re-construct it into something that they could wear again. They did pretty much the same thing in Season one. This week also sort of reeks of the Lifetime Network’s influence.

The winner gets immunity. The last immunity of the season. Very important!

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Hello Project Runway fans! It’s Donovan filling in for Topher this week for the Project Runway recap. As you all know Topher is moving to Amsterdam and been busy packing and getting his affairs in order. In fact, I drove the little bugger to the airport yesterday to bid him bon voyage good riddance. HAHA. Ya’ll know I’m bugging. So I thought I’d offer a helping hand and take a stab at recapping duties.

This week the designers had to create outfits based on popular Hollywood film genres: Film Noir; Western; Period Piece; Science Fiction; and Action/Adventure. In the Project Runway world, being given a comment like “costumey” is usually the kiss of death but not during this episode. I’m going to do the recap a bit differently than Topher and just going to critique the outfits and insert random comments about the show. Hope you enjoy.

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So I found this video at Funny or Die of a spoof of the Rachel Zoe Project which is done by our most favorite people, Hunter & Jessica (and they wrote us about it on our Facebook Fanpage! For those that don’t know who Rachel Zoe is here’s here bio according to wikipedia.

Rachel Zoe is an American fashion stylist and author best known for working with celebrities, fashion houses, beauty firms, advertising agencies, and magazine editors. In 2008, the first season of her Bravo reality television series The Rachel Zoe Project aired, marking her transition from stylist to the stars into a fashion icon in her own right. She has styled the likes of Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, and Keira Knightley. Zoe’s current client list includes Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, Debra Messing, Joy Bryant, Molly Sims and Anne Hathaway.

See the video on the next part of the post…


Last week, the models were the clients and the designers were given another easy challenge that some of them still managed to mess up. Qristyl was in the bottom three for the third time and was rightly sent home. Althea listened to the challenge and her model and made a great outfit to snag the top spot and immunity for this week.

This week, the designers are finally presented with something interesting: make an outfit out of newspaper! Ooooh. Here’s a chance to be creative. I can’t wait to see the final results

Johnny starts off the episode singing “I’m never going to beeee, in the bottom threeee again.” Reverse Foreshadowing? I F’ing hope so. He’s the only really obvious one who’s out of his league.

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