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Game Of Homes: Now Casting In Vancouver

In: Patrick, TV Shows

The W Network is looking for teams of renovators who’ve got what it takes to completely transform run down houses into spectacular show homes. The show is called Game Of Homes (such a clever name) and they are looking for teams of two who’ve got the skills and confidence to rebuild, redesign and renovate entire houses in a matter of weeks.

The team that does the best job will get to keep the house they renovated AND everything in it!

Teams can be romantically linked, friends, workmates or family members and you’ll both need to be available for an extended filming period of 4-5 weeks September/October in Vancouver. You guys know how these things works… there’s usually at least one gay team in these types of reality shows so Vancouver gays… your chances of getting cast in this are pretty high if you can show casting producers that you’ve got what it takes.

Go to to apply today and attend the open casting call (*with your teammate*) that is taking place this coming Wednesday, July 23 from 2pm – 9pm at the Georgian Court Hotel (773 Beatty Street). Here you’ll get the chance to meet the casting producers in person and let them know why you should be on the show. Good luck!


Following the success of the first season of The Amazing Race Canada, CTV has just announced that the casting for Season 2 of the reality competition series is now open!

Fans and adventure-seekers now have their chance to take part in what would undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience where they can win big in the process. If you’re familiar with the series, you already know that they like to put together a very diverse cast and there’s usually a gay/lesbian team among the mix as well – wink wink;) If you and your boyfriend or best friend think you have what it takes and think Canada will be entertained by watching you both be pushed to your limits, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Now’s your time to shine and show the country who you are and the bond you and your challenge partner have together. A sexy and successful couple (who maybe like to take their shirts of during challenges? Yes please! Gay besties that bicker like an old married couple? I’m speaking from personal experience here – ahemAdam). Or perhaps it’s you and a family member and whatever crazy dynamic you may have between you (good or bad). Anything goes so don’t be shy! If you procrastinated for Season 1 video applications and didn’t get around to submitting one, make a plan today and get ‘er done!

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, Dec. 26 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Those interested can go online now at and submit an audition video and application for their chance to join host Jon Montgomery on road, on the race-of-a-lifetime adventure.

More details after the jump…

Canada is finally stepping up and making some of our favorite reality shows available to us in terms of actually being able to participate. Ever since the first season of Survivor, I’ve been dying to go on that show and several of the other popular reality competition shows that don’t require you to be able to sing or dance ;)

Having our own official Big Brother Canada premiering in February is pretty big for Canadian television and now rumor has it that The Amazing Race Canada will also be coming in 2013! A site called PopGoesTheNews is claiming that according to sources, CTV will be announcing their own edition of the show after the next episode of the US version airs tomorrow on Sunday, December 2. The annoucement is believed to be made by a taped message from the Emmy-winning host himself, Phil Keoghan.

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America’s Next Top Model Winners: Who’s On Top?

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Tyra and her minions just crowned the latest model to wear the ANTM crown. Believe it or not, we’ve gone through this 19 times now. I can’t believe I’m still watching this crap. Anyhoo, I decided to rank all the America’s Next Top Model winners from worst to best. See how your list compares with mine. I’m sure we all have our favorite winners.


19. Whitney Thompson – Cycle 10

Why is she on the bottom of my list? Ever heard of gravity. Haha, I kid. Before you get your panties in a bunch, I have nothing against big girls. In fact, Tocarra (Cycle 3) ranks in my top ten list ANTM models of all time. My beef with Whitney is her personality, I found her to be unlikeable and fake. Most of all, I found her to be a really bad model. She only ever gave one bitchy look after another. We all knew that ANTM eventually had to crown a plus-size model, but did it have to be her.

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NBC has a new extreme reality show in the works that is being co-produced by hottie Bear Grylls, formerly of Worst Case Scenario among several other projects. Get Out Alive (which is the working title) will “test teams of two beyond their most extreme imaginations,” says NBC. The network has ordered eight episodes of the series which is set to air next summer. Sounds like a more extreme version of Survivor… are we one step closer to The Hunger Games in real life?

“To meet Bear is to meet a force of nature,” says Paul Telegdy, NBC alternative president. “He is a magnetic and charismatic talent, whose infectious enthusiasm for adventure inspires people to push themselves beyond their limits. These contestants are in for the ride of their lives!”

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If you thought networks were running out reality show ideas, think again. The creative minds at FOX have decided to revive an old pitch from 2009 to put on its feet. The network is finalizing a deal for four episodes of Does Someone Have To Go?, a series following the potential unemployment of a company’s current employees.

To say this show sounds a little crass would be an understatement. Unlike Undercover Boss which focuses on the rebirth of companies and the strength of their leaders in an economic downturn, this new show would focus of the negative impacts of the recession. The original concept began to surface back in 2009 while the recession began to hit America. FOX had filmed a pilot but the amount of criticism at the time I’m sure, put a kibosh on the idea. Check out the show’s synopsis below.

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Some may think that Ryan Seacrest is a little bit of a megalomaniac. I think he’s just a smart business man (and maybe a workaholic). Back when American Idol first launched, Ryan was practically an unknown face. Now, you can’t watch TV without seeing his face and catching his name rolling in the credits as an executive producer. Oh ya, did I mention he also has a weekday morning radio show and co-hosts E! News. The man must never sleep.

In the January 16 issue of Fortune magazine, Ryan talks about the future according to him. According to Keffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation, Seacrest is single-handedly one of the hardest working men in Hollywood. You can’t argue with that statement. Seacrest’s production company RSP plus his $14 million a season gig with American Idol have given Seacrest quite the profile. And as many believe, he is being positioned to become Matt Lauer’s future replacement on TODAY which would make Ryan even more of an international icon.

At 37-years-old, Ryan is just getting started. Bob Pittman, CEO of Clear Channel sees Seacrest as entertaining and engaging, but at the same time he understands how you can build a show around a brand or please an advertiser.” That delivery of a brand is what has made Ryan the success is he today and it looks like there is no stopping him now. So what can expect for the future of television? You can expect more reality television according to him.

More of what Ryan has in store for the future after the jump.

That’s right. NBC’s grossly addicting reality competition is coming back. The show featured six individuals tackling extreme and horrific challenges all in hopes of winning the $50,000 prize. Considering talented designers on “Project Runway” only score $100,000 after weeks of competition, $50,000 for eating animal intestines is a pretty good pay day.

After a five-year absence, NBC is rebooting their classic show. Normally, NBC’s programming strategies drive me up the wall, but this actually makes sense. They can seamlessly plop a newly-revamped “Fear Factor” anywhere they have vacant slots when inevitably a few of their new fall shows fail. Too boot, the reruns on Chiller (NBC’s sister horror based channel) garner high ratings. Unlike other reality competition shows, “Fear Factor” were all self-contained episodes. You didn’t have to invest weeks to find out who won. Bringing it back was a no-brainer.

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