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New FOX Reality Dating Show With ‘Prince Harry’

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HAHAHAHA!!! I’m already dying of laughter. When it comes to producing trashy reality shows, FOX is pretty up there. The network has given us such gems as Paradise Hotel, Temptation Island, The Swan, More To Love and Joe Millionaire. In fact, their latest offering is in the vein of the latter. Once again, love is in the air.

I Wanna Marry Harry features 12 single American women searching for Prince Charming. Enter Prince Harry. Correction, a lookalike. Did you actually think the real Prince Harry would sign up for this? I will say though, the stand-in is a pretty good reasonable facsimile.

Matthew Hicks is an average English bloke who’s given the royal makeover. Will he be able to convince them he’s regal? And if he does, will they fall for the crown, or fall in love with the real him? Just like The Bachelor, each episode features faux Harry taking them on romantic dates worthy of a princess. Check him out below.

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“He loves [Robin] more than me,” younger brother Carter says in the show’s trailer. “Why? Because he makes him more money.” LOL. Consider me sold!!! I’m already hooked. The saucy title isn’t half bad either.

Unusually Thicke is a new 14-episode reality series premiering on TVGN on April 16. It follows the adventures of Growing Pains star Alan Thicke, his much younger third wife Tanya and teenage son Carter. “Unusually Thicke combines my two favorite things,” the 67-year-old actor said in a statement. “Family … and laughing at my family.”

I wanted NOT to like it due to my previous impression of Tanya on Celebrity Wife Swap, but I have to say, the charming trailer won me over. Their daily lives seem to be filled with lots of fun and humor.

If you have a thing for stars from yesteryear, Unusually Thicke has a slew of them. Several of Alan’s famous celebrity friends including David Hasselhoff, Bob Saget, John Stamos, Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzky, Bill Maher and Tom Green make an appearance. Million dollar question is… do Robin and his now separated wife Paula Patton make an appearance? Check out the trailer below.

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RuPaul is moonlighting from her regular Logo gig and heading over to Game Show Network (GSN) to judge another reality competition. The 53-year-old drag superstar is one of three experts picked to judge Skin Wars. The hour-long competition seeks to find America’s most talented and versatile body painters.

Hosting the competition is Rebecca Romijn. The producers chose well. She’s definitely a wise choice given her experience with body painting. She was first model to ever be body-painted for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue and who can forget her as Mystique in the X-Men movies. Skin Wars which is television’s first body painting competition is slated to premiere in Summer 2014.

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It’s finally here! We’ve heard rumblings about it for months and they have finally given us something. The breakout star of RPDR season 5 Alyssa Edwards has brought us a 10 minute preview of her (hopefully) new show BEYOND BELIEF!

A combination of SYTYCD, Dance Moms & RuPaul’s Drag Race, Beyond Belief follows Justin Johnson (Alyssa Edwards) as she deals with her family, her company and the parents of her students in Texas. Full of humour, drama and of course love, I think Beyond Belief could be good television.

SHOUT OUT to Justin’s mom who gave me my new line “Don’t you cut your eyes at ME boy!”  YEAAAAAAAAS!

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A&E Debuts Juicy Wahlburgers Teaser Trailer

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Everyone knows Mark and Donnie, but how about Paul? He’s another one from the Wahlberg clan. You’ll get to know more about this brother if you tune in to A&E’s upcoming docu-series titled Wahlburgers.

The show chronicles Mark & Donnie heading back to their native Boston to help their older bro out with his new hamburger restaurant. You’ll also get to know their spirited mother Alma. In the teaser, she reveals a time when it wasn’t cool to be her famous sons’ mother. I can only imagine the trouble they got into as kids.

Wahlburgers premieres on A&E on Wednesday, January 22, 2014. Watch the new promo below to find out exactly what’s in a Donnie Double D burger. I hope it has nothing to do with Donnie’s girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy’s breasts. I’d much rather have some secret sauce ;)

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Watch Ke$ha Drink Her Own Pee

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Call me vanilla, but I’d don’t get the whole golden shower fetish thing. To each their own though. With that in mind, you can only imagine my reaction to watching Ke$ha’s latest antic on her MTV reality show, Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. Beautiful, not so much. Crazy, hellz yeah.

The 26-year-old pees in a bottle while riding in a vehicle. She then proceeds to offer her fellow passengers a whiff. Ummm, thanks but no thanks. Judging by her reaction, it’s a safe bet drinking her own urine won’t become a regular habit despite hearing “it was good for you.” I can only imagine how gnarly her pee tastes like. Watch the whole stunt go down below.

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A new show on Logo called Operation: Vacation debuted last weekend and today (Saturday), the second episode will air and it’s worth checking out!

The concept of the reality show is that one selfless person in every episode will be surprised with a well-deserved dream vacation crafted by travel experts and with the secret help of their family and friends. Operation: Vacation taps into everyone’s inner explorer by taking viewers on the trip of someone else’s lifetime! Changing someone’s life starts with changing their perspective – and this show fjords rivers, hikes mountains, crosses oceans and climbs 30,000 feet-to give back to someone who’s always wanted to see the world but hasn’t yet had the chance. Fun, heartwarming, and inspiring, it’s the Extreme Makeover of travel shows! The show is hosted by Karl Schmid and Claire Newell.

I’ve included the first episode below if you want to check it out, as well as a preview of the series as a whole. Looks like there are lots of tearjerking moments to come!

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This is amazing. A new reality show called Golden Gays is premiering on Slice tonight and it’s all about the fabulously and unpredictable life of the gay and gray in Palms Springs. The parties are legendary, the residents are eccentric and everyone knows a good plastic surgeon!

The show follows some of Palm Springs’ most outrageous and neurotic residents. From the Sex In The City style writer, to the single vegan lesbian looking for love, to a burly conservative contractor struggling to open his gay resort, there is always comedy and drama galore.

Palm Springs is a desert town like no other and you pretty much always have a good time. Having been to Palm Springs a couple times (and heading there next weekend for White Party), I can say that is true… Too much fun in Homorazzi cast member Adam‘s case. You don’t have to worry about acting your age – nobody else does! Check out the preview below and tune in @ 4:00 PM ET/1:00 PM PT tonight for the first episode!

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