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It has been 5 LONG years since the fan favorite web series the TRANNYFORCE have made any kind of appearance, and we are OVER it. Thankfully creator and filthy mastermind Angello Floresco has heard our prayers and the newest installment of the Trannyforce story has been released for your viewing pleasure!

If you don’t know the 10 year history of the TF, fear not. There is a quick 2 minute catch up at the beginning of the newest film. But here it is in a nutshell. 3 boys get possessed by 3 spirits of female super heroes from the planet Kirei. The guardians of Glamour, Fashion and Beauty. The three boys magically transform into Trixie, Milla and EvilLyn respectively to battle the evil forces from the dark dimension. It isn’t until present days 10 years after they first found their powers that they have finally met their match in the dark dimension’s evil ninja assassin ASSASSINA! The three warriors are killed (not spoiling it, it’s in the first scene)  and their spirits fly off to find new host bodies! The Trannyforce must live on, but can the new girls defeat Assassina before they to are killed too?

Starring Vancouver drag superstars Iona Whipp as the glamour fighter TRIXIE, Kristina Cash as the fashion fighter MILLA and Raye Sunshine as the beauty fighter EVILLYN, Trannyforce Xtreme makeover is the perfect comback. If you like Sailor Moon, SouthPark,  awful toilet humour and those old KungFu movies where the words don’t match the lips, then TRANNYFORCE is for you.

PS – They also got a flawless cameo by PANDORA BOXX!!!

Get more info on the TF by visiting www.facebook.com/SuperTF

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Well, it’s definitely that time of year if Adam is talking about hitting the slopes for some nice relaxing trips down the blue runs and a couple of black diamonds before ending it all with a nice long relaxing wind down Grandfather’s Trail… I’m kidding of course: it’s time to head up to Whistler to PARTY! While I loves me some skiing, I focus on what Gay Ski Week up in Vancouver’s iconic and pristine Whistler Resort does best in February and that’s BOYS, BOOZE and MORE BOYS AND BOOZE. I know, I sound like a crazed bar star but there’s just something about the gathering of hundreds to thousands of gay sexy men gathering from all over the globe for a week/weekend of fun no matter how you define it. And, the Celebrities Snowstorm party is often seen as the height of sexuality and sin for the whole shabang. It’s an annual tradition that can’t be missed.

Though over the years the location and performers involved have evolved slightly, the core of the party has remained strong and that’s to offer a less “drop n’ dance till 8AM” meet up, and more of an ultimate club night for you and your friends to relax, drink and boogie with other hot, hot men. I’ve honestly never had anything but the best of times at these parties and that’s mainly due to the atmosphere of chill fun and the friends I’ve attended it with. While the week/weekend up in Whistler may have you split from others due to skiing/snowboarding schedules or hangovers or the need to sit in a hot tub and soak in the surroundings, Snowstorm is THE place to be come Friday night so it’s a great place to rest assured you’ll see you buds and that hottie from the slopes you almost ran over. This year’s performers are a mix of names I know very well and ones I’m looking forward to testing out but rest assured that no one will be able to say this party didn’t bring it- if past years are any indication at all!

Click through to see clips of past performances and get the deets on the party

WinterPRIDE 2013 is only six weeks away, with this being the 21st Annual Gay Ski Week in Whistler, B.C. A bunch of us here at Homorazzi actually started attending back in 2009 and that’s actually where we came up with the name for what would be known as “Homorazzi” one year later. We always have such a blast, and the last couple years we’ve even captured our experiences in video recaps. Patrick and Adam actually once spent the entire week at WinterPRIDE and had an unforgettable time meeting people from all over the world and attending some incredibly fun parties and apres skis. Homorazzi will be there again this year and we definitely want to see YOU there too!

Every year, there are different performers and events to look forward to and this year there is no exception. The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, the amazing Chad Michaels will be there to perform and the headlining DJ for the week is DJ Paul Goodyear. In addition, one of the sexiest and most popular porn stars around, Brent Everett will also be on the mountain and appearing at various events.

Without further delay, check out the Top 10 Reasons why you and your friends should get your ski bums in gear and start planning to be at WinterPRIDE 2013 taking place this coming February 3 – February 10 in Whistler, B.C..

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I love a good coffee table book and if you do too, then you definitely check out “dr.a.g.” Featuring photography from some of the best and faces of drags you’ll recognize from all over including Homorazzi friends Raye Sunshine and Miss Cotton. The man behind the production of the book is Christopher Logan, an actor you may recognize from “Connie and Carla”, “Saving Silverman”, “Tron Legacy” and “Alcatraz”.

The book features top names in the New York drag scene (Lady Bunny, Joey Arias, Sherry Vine, Hedda Lettuce, Charles Busch), from the Vegas Strip (Frank Marino, Eddie Edwards, Mr. Kenneth Blake), cast from RuPaul’s Drag Race (Nina Flowers, Raja, Chad Michaels, Tammie Brown, Jujubee, Bebe Zahara Benet, Shannel, Ongina) and even Jackie Beat, Miss Coco Peru, Jimmy James, legendary drag icon Jim Bailey, and Montreal legend MADO, with photography from Austin Young, Magnus Hastings, Mike Ruiz, Peter Palladino and Jose A. Guzman Colon, among others.

Christopher was gracious enough to give us a little peek at the photo compilation and let me tell you, the photos are stunning. These queens turned it out. I thought, I too would share some of my favorite shots with you. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of “dr.a.g.” Check out some of the photos below.

Get a preview of “dr.a.g.” after the jump.

Busy Drag Queen 3: She’s Still Busy

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Several years ago, a video called “Busy Drag Queen” by Ryan Steele starring Raye Sunshine went viral on YouTube. The concept is simple. A drag queen (Raye Sunshine) runs around town encountering various situations that require her attention. Someone’s in trouble or upset and she would love to help, but she’s TOO BUSY!!! At that point, she runs off, dragging a suitcase with all her wardrobe and makeup essentials.

After a sequel to the original, now a third video has come out and we’ve got your first look at the hilarity and hotness. The video starts off with Sunshine getting woken up by her phone while sandwiched between two hotties (Todd & Riley Cox). She’d love to stay and carry on with the three-way, but she’s BUSY!

Her day doesn’t get any less hectic, from running into an abandoned bride (Samantha Mack) to stumbling upon a performance in the park by Peter Breeze to Ryan Steele horned up and harnessed in Priape to name a few of her roadblocks.

Check out the video below… and if you see Raye Sunshine at an event here in Vancouver, be sure to say hi – if’ she’s not too busy 😉

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I know what you’re thinking: it’s usually Madonna that does the riding, right? But, this weekend it’s the sexy boys of YVR that will be riding the Material Girl into the wee hours as Vancouver’s best gay talent takes to the stage at Club 560 to perform and spin their biggest and best remixes of Madonna’s greatest hits this Saturday, March 31st at 560 Seymour Street in the heart of downtown.

PONI– for those who haven’t heard- is Saturdays revamped at Club 560 as they refuse to let the gays go gently into that good night and continue to offer us week after week of the newest and greatest talent out there with big names, touring parties at one of Vancouver’s biggest venues. Three floors to accommodate any vibe and all customers, this weekend promises to be a damn good one for anyone who loves the endless song book of Madonna as remixed by DJ Adam Dreaddy and DJ Nick Bertossi: possibly Vancouver’s sexiest DJs if not some of the most talented (no joke, click on the links to realize I’m not just makin’ it up). Not only that, but we’ll be getting a performance by my FAVOURITE fishy drag queen (thanks RuPaul for that vocab): Raye Sunshine. This girl is sex personified as she dresses to the nines, lip synches like a dream and puts her all into every single performance. She’ll be done up better than Madge herself and there’s a rumour the hirsute DJs will be supporting her LMFAO style!

Click through to get the deets on how to get in free and hear these boys’ latest tracks!

Milk Does A Body Good

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I recently came across this promo video for a club in São Paulo, Brazil called ‘The Society‘ that has a night called “Milk” (happening every Wednesday) and I just had to share it with you. I’ve checked out pictures of the club and it seems like quite a popular place and if I ever find myself in São Paulo (fingers crossed), I will definitely be attending Milk.

The video below shows one sexy shirtless milk man on his bike en route to deliver a couple bottles of milk to his delivery address… The Society. Clearly milk has done his body good. I think more clubs should do promo videos like this!

On a side note, a while back I participated in a photo shoot (along with a handful of other Vancouverites you might recognize from the gay community) with photographer Adam Wojtowicz where we were immersed in a pool of milk (or what was made to look like milk). It believe it was supposed to be for a project for the HIM Campaign, but nothing ended up happening with it. Rather than let these pictures go to waste as “spoiled milk,” I’ve also included them below.

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Soir Noir: A Holiday Extravaganza at 560

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Get in the holiday spirit while having a fabulous gay old time. Club 560 is hosting their first annual “Soir Noir” next week. The evening promises to be a lot of fun with performances by some of Vancouver’s hottest entertainers: Symone; Robyn Graves; Morgan Brayton; Raye Sunshine; The Ryan Steele Show and much more. Not only will you have a great time, but your attendance will help support “A Loving Spoonful” and the “Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society“. It’s win, win if you ask me.

Cover is only $10.00 at the door or $5 if you bring in 5 or more cans of food. Doors open at 7pm with the entertainment starting at 8pm. For all you fashionistas out there, Little Sister’s is presenting a Piss & Vinegar and LazzyBum underwear fashion show. I’m sure it’ll be so hot, it’ll warm you up this chilly December night. So mark next Sunday, December 12 on your calendars. You’ll have a great time while gaying it forward. See you next week.

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