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Prop 8 Overturned!!!

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This is a big day for California! In the landmark case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the judge (U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker) ruled Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. There is a 136 page report/decision, but the following two sentences in the conclusion pretty much sum it up:

“Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license. Indeed the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California constitution the notion that opposite sex couples are superior to same sex couples.”

Thanks to the excellent work of the lawyers Ted Olson and David Boies, for arguing that the Proposition 8 denying marriage rights to same-sex couples in California was unconstitutional, the issue has been resolved.

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“Make Homosexuals Marry” Campaign

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“If you disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, support overturning Prop 8 and make them get married like the rest of us.”

Gay marriage? Do really we want it? Sure you get to throw one huge party and fly away to some tropical destination for some hot sex but then…. the romance dies. Soon after, all the things that you used to find endearing about your partner now drive you up the wall. At least that’s what the marriage pitfalls we’ve been told are.

It’s those stereotypes, that are using for their campaign in support for overturning Prop 8. Justin Long (The Mac guy and Drew Barrymore’s ex) and Mike White play a couple that meet at a pride parade, get married, then get fat and have no sex. Sounds like fun, right. That’s why I haven’t walked down the aisle with Bri-bri yet ;).

Writer/directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon do a great job of keeping the NO on 8 debate active using humor and dialogue. A special shout out, goes to everyone- from actors to craft services- for donating their time and efforts to making this video in support of gay marriage. Tom Arnold even makes a cameo as an obnoxious in-law. Watch “Devin and Glenn” go from hot and heavy to just plain ol’ heavy in the amusing video below.

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Wow – sometimes you think that people are just taking these photos more so for other reasons (personal agenda or media exposure) than really trying to send a message. In this case, I will say it’s certainly the latter. Adam Bouska’s NO H8 campaign has given Cindy McCain the medium to send out a big message without saying much at all. As the wife of republican Senator John McCain, former Presidential candidate, she’s taking a bold step forward by posing for the campaign. Hopefully this will open the eyes of many McCain supporters, in that Prop 8 and everything it stands for is wrong.

The following was written on the NOH8 site:

“In the year since we’ve started the NOH8 Campaign, we’ve been surprised at some of the different individuals who have approached us showing their support. Few, though, have surprised us more than Cindy McCain — the wife of Senator John McCain and mother to vocal marriage equality advocate Meghan McCain. The McCains are one of the most well-known Republican families in recent history, and for Mrs. McCain to have reached out to us to offer her support truly means a lot. Although we had worked with Meghan McCain before and we were aware of her own position, we’d never really thought the cause might be something her mother could get behind.”

Bigger version of Cindy’s pic, as well as her daughter Meghan’s photo, after the jump…


Today, what will be a landmark case where lawyers Ted Olson and David Boies are suing Charles Cooper and over Proposition 8 commences in San Francisco. It’s a big deal. Their argument is that it violates the the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and that everyone that the people involved were actively discriminating against GLBT with the hateful law. Basically, they are arguing the constitution validity of California Proposition 8.

Here’s the Wiki on how the case came about and the parties involved:

In May 2009, the Alameda County Clerk-Registrar, Patrick O’Connell, denied Kristin Perry and Sandra Steir a marriage license because they are a same-sex couple. For the same reason, Dean Logan, the Los Angeles County Clerk, denied Paul Katami and Jeffrey Zarrillo a marriage license. The couples sued the two county clerks and several state officials: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Attorney General Jerry Brown, and two officials in the Department of Public Health. District Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker is hearing the case.

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New Contender in 2010 Repeal

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Previously I had written about two big groups, The Courage Campaign, and Equality California duking it out a l’il’ for a 2012 or 2010 Repeal. In a nutshell, EC said “no let’s bide our time”, and CC was all “let’s go for gold!” Well the first update is that both are now no longer having a hand in any sort of 2010 repeal. Even the Courage Campaign has pulled out before it got pregnant, and is waiting until 2012.

Someone else is stepping up to the plate though, and that guy’s name is Love Honour Cherish. Execute Director John Henning is the guts behind the operation and is going full force on a 2010 repeal, and people are happy about it after criticizing Kors and Jacobs of EC and CC respectively of using the same repeated methods to turn Prop 8 around. Well hopefully Henning has some other tricks up his sleeves, and a fresh perspective on the situation and strategies involved.

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Well Monday night hundreds rallied on the Eve of the decision on whether or not Washington DC would pass marriage equality into law. And all were overjoyed on Tuesday when in a whopping 11-2 vote, it was passed! Some council members even said “I do” instead of “Aye” which just makes me smile as big as I can possibly smile. It’s about time some positive light and a little sense of humor at the ridiculous circumstances under which so many states have lost was shed on this issue. Hopefully some of the doom and gloom continues to be over.

So already organizations like the National Marriage Organization have a gone a little apeshit and started email and phone calling and hiring town criers to go rooftop to scream about how the people should have voted and not the government. They will continue to try to overturn the issue I’m sure. But right now, in Washington DC, MARRIAGE IS EQUALLY OURS.

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Divorce Ban In California?

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Oooh, you know me. Can’t resist a story about a crazy Christian. Although this one has a little twist and leaves you scratching your head a little.

John Marcotte is a Sacramento web designer and the proud owner of, a website dedicated to all things traditional. Marcotte says that he is a devote Roman Catholic, and believes strongly in the sanctity of marriage. He so strongly believes in this, in fact, that he is SURE that there should be an outright ban on divorce in the state of California, because divorce goes against the Christian morals. That’s right. Even if you’re not a Christian, you’re still an American, and this whole stew of Church and State thing is still an issue.

“Hell is eternal, just like your marriage was supposed to be. Jesus still loves you if you get divorced, just not as much as before.”

Yup. He actually said that. You just can’t make this stuff up.

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Is Twilight Anti-Gay?

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So I had no idea, but Stephenie Meyer, the author of this Twilight Series I’ve VAGUELY heard about, grew up Mormon. Her family is Mormon, she donates to the Mormon church and after the $140 million opening of New Moon this weekend, is now nearing Oprah-rich.

So there’s a database of Prop 8 contributers and Stephenie Meyer is not one of them listed publicly, but the New York Times is currently sleuthing around after a tip off that she is indeed putting her fist into the Prop 8 money bowl. This wouldn’t be the first time that someone has decided to strike their name from the record though is it? I wrote a Saturday Submission back in August, pre-cast member days, on how the president of Cinemark is a contributor towards Prop 8 and how I won’t put my money into the company in good conscience. In it I also mentioned Richard Hayne, owner of Urban Outfitters, and how he has decided to strike his name from the records, probably in an attempt to keep the gays shopping at his chain. Honestly, without them, he’d be a squeegee kid.

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