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Carrie has nothing on this bitch. Next time you bump into someone, causing a spill, you might want to consider giving a heartfelt apology. Otherwise, you might suffer severe consequences, especially if they have telekinetic powers.

A few unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee shop were victims of an ingenious prank to promote the upcoming Carrie remake. Such a brilliant idea. Their facial reactions are priceless as this young woman moves tables, chairs and a man with the power of her mind. I’m surprised no one ran out of the coffee shop faster while yelling “DEMON!!!” Instead of documenting it with my phone like one lady, I would’ve headed for the hills STAT. Watch these pranksters mind f**k some coffee patrons below.

watch the epic clip after the jump

By now you know I’m the prankster of the bunch… or at least I love to watch them. When I stumbled upon the work of Jack Vale super early in the morning the other day, it’ had me in stitches as I laughed my head off.

Vale has countless videos of pranks he pulls on people that are super awkward but elicit some of the best reactions from the unsuspecting victims. One of those pranks is “Making People Paranoid.” Here’s what Vale says about this prank: “This is probably my favorite prank to film. My goal is to make people feel as uncomfortable as possible as they listen to me describe to someone on the phone exactly what they are doing and what they look like! I had a lot of fun with this one!”

Watch this and many other pranks by checking out the videos I’ve included below. Hope they bring laughter to your day!

Video after the jump…

So far this year, we’ve looked at the best news blooper of January and February and before we get to the March roundup, there one standout blooper that you simply must see.

I’m sure you’re familiar with those phone pranks where someone asks something like “Is Amanda Huggenkiss there?” LOL. Well, a similar thing just happened to a weatherman. Henry DiCarlo, a KTLA morning news weatherman, got tricked into wishing “Huge Anus” a happy birthday on the live TV newscast. If course it must have read, Hugh Janus, but that’s not how it sounded. A fellow anchor burst out laughing before DiCarlo realized what he had said and they were all in stitches for quite a while before they could recover.

Watch the funny prank / news blooper below. Have a great weekend!

Video after the jump…

A while back, I wrote bout a hilarious video by Tommy Woolridge where he used Taylor Swift lyrics as pickup lines when approached random strangers. All of the funny awkwardness was caught on hidden camera and now, he got an official gig out of it.

A new series on Vevo just debuted today called Vevo Lyric Lines and this first episode is called, “Justin Bieber Lyrics Pick Up Girls?” The romantically-challenged filmmaker can’t get a girlfriend but his idea is to use lyrics from today’s top artists as pick up lines, and document his musical pursuit of love for VEVO!

Here’s what Tommy says about this episode: “I don’t know much about girls, but I know girls love Justin Bieber. I figured maybe at least one of his fans might be interested in me. So I decided to use lyrics from “Beauty and a Beat,” “Boyfriend,” and “Baby” to pick up chicks. Watch to see how it went…” Watch #VEVOLyricLines for his hilariously awkward attempts at wooing women. The first episode is below.

Video after the jump…

Yesterday, I saw this video starting to go viral but didn’t get around to watching it. Now that I have, I can see what all the buzz is about. The prank is by Magic of Rahat and he has called it the “Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank.” The illusionist/pranker created a driver seat costume that allows him to become the car seat, giving the illusion that no one is driving the car. The resulting reactions from the drive thru workers is pure hilarious.

There are some amazing sound bites from some of the workers when they react to what their seeing. What girl totally freaks out after she clues in that no one is driving, saying, “What the heck is going on!? Oh my God! I hate this so much. I can’t!” One sassy black girl says, “Really!? Gurl! Hello? Are you serious?” LOL – love her! Another sassy worker says, “Am I trippin, son!?” She then tells her coworker who is taking a photo to “Instagram dat joint.” LOL.

There are a number of other hilarious reactions and it’s definitely a successful prank in my opinion. He must have been laughing his head off as it was happening. Enjoy the video below.. there’s a “Part 2” coming soon!!

Video after the jump…

This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen all year. Granted, we’re only a little over a week into 2013, but still. A handsome and very balsy Aussie lad named Adrian VanOyen decided he’d try out the 100 Worst Pick-up Lines and film it. The result is absolutely hilarious.

Some of the lines are from movies and television shows, while others I think he just came up with. Regardless, this video had me bursting out laughing several times. Seriously, some of the things he says are so inappropriate I’m surprised he didn’t get slapped. For example: “What has one hundred and forty eight teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk? My zipper.” Another one is, “Would you like an Australian kiss? It’s like a French kiss… but down under.”

The only thing the video doesn’t show is if any of the pickup lines actually worked and if he ended up hooking up with any of the women. LOL. Enjoy the video below – I sure as hell did.

Video after the jump…

This is one of those pranks that you almost feel guilty for laughing at, but I’m sharing it with you anyway. An 8-year-old boy named Kenyan was playing around on his family’s iPad and I guess was checking out the cars on eBay. He panicked and shut the iPad off when he thought he purchased a Mustang for $50,000 – LOL. He figured by shutting it off, he’d be in the clear. Picture being just a kid and thinking you accidentally almost bought a car – a big difference between that and spilling your juice on the couch.

When his mom, Paula Papen came into the room, she asked him why he bought a $50,000 car and he explained that he had tried to exit out of it and that it purchased the car by accident, so he shut the iPad down to try to prevent it from going through. She said there was no way to cancel it and he is devastated that he has caused his family such grief. His mom doesn’t get mad at him though, she just says he made a mistake. She then breaks the news that he didn’t by a car and he couldn’t be more relieved.

In response to some of the criticism his mom received for the prank via comments on the video, Paula responded by saying “Trust me,? my son is fine, no permanent damage… And if there is, we know some really good therapists.” Watch the video below.

Watch the video after the jump…

I cannot believe I hadn’t seen these videos until this week! A videos series called The Scary Snowman has three seasons of videos where a men hiding within a life-size snowman scares the bejeezus out of random pedestrians. The YouTube account has over 51 million video views since it all started.

People walk by or walk up to the snowman, thinking it’s just a big decorative fixture but they’re caught off guard when he moves or turns towards them. The reactions are absolutely priceless. Some people scream, some jump, some fall, and others run for dear life.

I’ve embedded a video below that is set to play videos from this channel starting with the most recent Season 3 video. All of the Season 3 videos were uploaded within the last two months. Get ready to laugh for pants off!

Watch some of the videos after the jump…

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