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Apologies for the delay in this post. I’m currently on vacay with Brian’s family and just caught this video today. And boy is it provocative.

Miley Cyrus brought twerking to the masses, but Rihanna is showing the world how it should be done. The 25-year-old singer channels her inner ratchet hood rat and booty shakes her little heart out in “Pour It Up.”

For those who think RiRi is simply jumping on the Miley bandwagon, you’re half right. She filmed her latest video back in May before twerking became a national sensation. It only premiered now after finally getting approval from the label. No doubt to capitalize on the booty shaking phenomenon.

Wearing nothing but a diamond-encrusted bra with barely-there shorts, the Bajan native twerks on anything in sight. From her throne, to a stripper pole, to a pool of water, nothing is off limits from Rihanna’s shapely butt. Watch her along with a few extras making it rain in the clip. Get those dollar bills out, but make sure they’re Benjamins. I’m sure RiRi won’t except anything else.

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It’s abundantly clear that Rihanna is allergic to bras or any other form of clothing cover her breasts. Once again, the 24-year-old is posing naked for her music’s artwork. A tactic she used for her latest album’s cover Unapologetic. She also recently posed nearly-nude for the cover of GQ’s Men of the Year issue. To quote one of her earlier albums, RiRi is a Good Girl, Gone Bad.

To be perfectly honest, the sex sells approach seems to be working. For the first time in six previous tries, Rihanna scored her first No. 1 album. She moved 238,000 copies of Unapologetic in its first week of release. The singer also sits atop Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with “Diamonds“. Life is certainly pretty nice for Rihanna despite being holed up in a hotel room for a couple days after catching a flu during her recent 777 tour.

The superstar unveiled the cover art for “Pour It Up” on her Instagram yesterday. The single will be second official release off Unapologetic. Given that the track is an ode to pole dancing life, the cover with her covering her lady lumps with her arms and holding a dollar bill seems appropriate. As an aside, you’d think Ri would pose with a Benjamin or Hamilton instead of a $1 Washington. If you haven’t heard “Pour It Up” yet, check it out below.

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