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Gregg Homme Releases One Night Stand Part 2

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The first part of Gregg Homme’s new promo video ended with a cliffhanger. It showed model Philip Fusco receiving a booty call text in the wee hours of the morning. He quickly tidies his apartment and takes a shower to freshen up. And by freshen, I hope it included a certain place 😉 Part 1 of One Night Stand ends with him stepping out of the shower.

The underwear company just released the second part. All nice and clean, Fusco opens his underwear drawer to pick the perfect Gregg Homme brief. Obviously, he tries on a couple to find just the right one to entice his late night gentleman caller. The doorbell then rings and… uh oh. Just like Reese Witherspoon, Fusco has a run-in with the law. Watch Part 2 below and find out how the fantasy continues. Hint. It’s a “happy ending.”

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Just when I thought Gregg Homme’s marketing couldn’t get any hotter, they hire Philip Fusco to front their new ad campaign. The fitness model is too much sexy for one man to have. Life’s just not fair 😉

The underwear brand just unveiled a new video featuring Fusco promoting their new Target collection. It shows Fusco coming home at 4am to his gorgeous apartment. Thinking he’s all settled in for the night, he makes himself a cocktail and undresses to just his Gregg Homme brief. All of a sudden he gets a call from an unknown caller (dirty, dirty, dirty boy). We all know what this means… booty call. Fusco then rushes to get the apartment and himself all tidied up for his one night stand. Check out the clip below.

“Who Gregg Homme is, is left up to the imagination. He is filled with mystery, desire and an exuberant amount of seduction. He exists to trick you, tease you and bring out your innermost fantasies. This creates an intoxicating hunger leaving our customers craving more.“ – Eric Boisvert (Owner & Head Designer)

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September just began, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what calendar is going to grace your refrigerator door or office in 2013. What better way to adorn your fridge to prevent midnight snacking than to have a hot ripped shirtless stud serving as a cautionary tale for late night calories. Especially, when that said shirtless man candy is Philip Fusco. Snapped by photographers John Falocco and Jon Whitney, the images capture Philip in various states of undress. Here’s what Whitney said about working with Fusco.

“I have had a good fortune to shoot with Phil on several occasions and each time we always create some very memorable images,” says Jon. “I like Phil because he is genuine and it shows in the quality of his work, so I feel this calendar is a reflection of his talent and that it will hopefully motivate and entertain his fans.”

Fusco is one of the most blogged about male underwear models today. His 2013 calendar with glossy images is poised to be one of the hottest calendars for next year. The Long Island, NY native recently launched a lifestyle and fitness blog, PhilCity. The Official Philip Fusco Calendar for 2013 retails for $24.99 and includes free ground shipping anywhere in the world. It is available for pre-order at The calendars are scheduled for shipping early September 2012. Check out a preview below and be sure to check out high-res images in our gallery.

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Who’d You Rather: Fusco VS Phebus

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This week, I decided to head back to my Who’d You Rather roots and pick another model pair. In searching for the perfect pairing, I came across these two who have a few things in common. 1. They both mainly pose in their underwear. 2. They have both posed nude (or in see-through underwear). As you know, I cannot show you those pictures but if you’re interested, I highly recommend you Google that up… after you check out this article and vote first.

Philip Fusco is 23-years-old and resides in Franklin Square, New York. This young model has some stunning shots and has a load of experience. This sexy stud is also a part-time DJ. Adam Phebus is 24-years-old and resides in Los Angeles, California. He’s worked for Abercrombie & Fitch and Calvin Klein and is working on his acting career as well.

While both men are super sexy and studly, only one can be declared the true winner. So, check out the motivation material and below and make your decision: who’d you rather have next to you between the sheets. Don’t be shy, choose one. Too bad you can’t have them both.

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