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Lip Sync Battle kicked off its second season with style. The hour-long premiere featured Channing Tatum going up against his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Neither held back and delivered epic performances with each bringing a special guest star in tow.

Channing enlisted Beyonce for “Run The World (Girls)” while Jenna corralled Paula Abdul for “Cold Hearted Snake.” Tatum also lip synced to “Let It Go” from Frozen, while Jenna paid homage to him with a bang-on rendition of his Magic Mike routine to “Pony.”

Even though it ended in a tie, a first for the Spike TV show, I would’ve given the win to Jenna. Without Beyonce on his side, Channing’s performance was just alright, but Jenna’s “Pony” routine was epic. Check out a video of last night’s show below.

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FOX Premieres American Idol Mini-Documentary

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In just a month on January 6, American Idol kicks off its 15th and final season. For any fan of the singing competition, especially of the earlier years, definitely tune in one last time. FOX promises the farewell run will be a season-long celebration.

The network begins its goodbye by releasing a mini-documentary. The current judges, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr and Jennifer Lopez, are interviewed along with the OG panel of Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell, to discuss the show’s highlights and impact on pop culture.

Watching the 20-minute clip, I couldn’t help but be a little nostalgic for the glory days. Used to be obsessed with this show, along with millions. While no longer the powerhouse it was once, you can’t deny American Idol’s accomplishments. It’s churned out plenty of household names who have sold millions of records and earned countless Grammys.

Walk down memory lane by watching the video below. It’s amazing to see how far and successful both Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have comes since auditioning for the show.

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When American Idol returns for its swan song in January 2016, a few familiar faces might pop by. Ryan Seacrest reveals that past and present judges will be together again to bid adieu to the long-running singing competition.

“I’ve spoken to all of them recently and we as a team have talked to them about coming back to do something for the final season,” Seacrest told Access Hollywood on Thursday.”They are going to do it, it’s just a matter of figuring what to do with them.”

While I was fully expecting the original threesome, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson would return for the farewell season, I’m actually a bit surprised all the former judges are open to a reunion.

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj had a fiery feud during their time on the show. To boot, both ladies along with Ellen DeGeneres have commented that they’ve regretted sitting on the panel. Nonetheless, it would be great for everyone to reunite on stage.

Excited to see all the judges return to their former stomping grounds? Does anyone even remember Kara DioGuardi? I kid. Weigh in below.


James Corden is quickly becoming my favorite late night talk show host. From his Carpool Karaoke series to his hilarious film homages, everything the Late Late Show host does is comedic genius. His latest stunt could be his greatest moment yet.

With the help of Paula Abdul herself, the two recreate the singer’s iconic half animated, half real-life “Opposites Attract” music video. Remember her ode to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Corden dressed up as a full-sized version of Abdul’s animated co-star MC Skat Kat. The visual alone made me chuckle.

It’s practically a move-for-move remake of the original clip. Absolutely sensational. This is definitely a must-watch if you haven’t already seen it. Check it out below.

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When someone mentions celebrity fitness videos, Jane Fonda quickly pops to mind. After all, she practically invented the genre with her highly-successful exercise videos in the 80s. Naturally, everyone and their dog wanted to jump on the fitness bandwagon. Even The Golden Girl’s Estelle Getty made one. Til this day, stars are still sharing their workout routines to make a bit of extra cash.

BuzzFeed recently shared some vintage fitness videos from back in the day. There’s something about the production values during the 80s and early 90s that makes everything super cheesy.

Since the Reunion Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs tonight, I thought I’d share BuzzFeed’s list. For those who don’t watch the Bravo reality show, this season was all about the competing Stallion Booty and Donkey Booty workout videos. Check out a few of my favorites vintage ones below.

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After taking a year break, LOGO is bringing back its Always Next, Forever Now Award for the 2013 NewNowNext Awards. Janet Jackson was the first to receive the “lifetime award” at the inaugural ceremony back in 2008. The following years went to Britney Spears (2009), Paula Abdul (2010) and Lady Gaga (2011).

E! Network’s Chelsea Handler will present the honor to this year’s recipient during the ceremony taking place at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood, CA on April 13th. Why Handler? Apparently, the late-night talk show host and this musician are buddies. Read the following statement from the network and see if you can figure out who’s getting the award.

“[____] embodies what the Always Next, Forever Now Award is all about in everything that she does” said Lisa Sherman, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Logo. “She continuously pushes boundaries, stunning us with her creative vision and ability to make a tremendous impact on pop culture.”

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Watch Santana Cover Paula Abdul’s Cold Hearted

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Yesterday, I shared the audio for all the performances on Glee‘s Thursday episode. Most of the covers from “Feud” are mashups featuring infamous celebrity battles such as N’Sync/Backstreet Boys, Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey and Elton John/Madonna. In between all those rivalries, there are a couple of solo performances, like this one.

Santana (Naya Rivera) who’s wise to Brody’s (Dean Geyer) shady dealings decides covering Paula Abdul’s classic 1989 “Cold Hearted” is the best way to warn him she’s onto him. As expected, my girl Santana slays the vocals and the choreography. If you’ve watched Abdul’s Bob Fosse-inspired music video back in the day, Glee’s homage captures its spirit perfectly. The only thing missing is Naya performing the rap interlude. Such a shame cuz that’s my favorite part of Paula’s version.

Check out Santana’s cover below, along with Paula’s original clip. I’ve also added a cover by The Vampire DiariesKat Graham. The actress puts her own special spin on the track and changes up the lyrics. If you still can’t get enough, I’ve embedded a scene from All That Jazz which inspired Abdul originally. Enjoy all the jazz hands.

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After last week’s lackluster episode (IMHO), I’m hoping Glee rebounds with “Feud.” I have a strong feeling it might. Especially after listening to all six tracks from Thursday’s show. The mashups featuring infamous celebrity feuds are pretty awesome. Finn (Cory Monteith) and Mr. Schu (Matthew Morrison) channel their feelings surrounding Emma-gate on stage with an ‘N Sync (“Bye Bye Bye”) and Backstreet Boys (“I Want It That Way”) mashup. Bravo to Ryan Murphy. Having these two characters perform boy band songs is absolutely perfect.

The second mashup involving a highly-publicized feud involves tracks by Elton John and Madonna. His “The Bitch Is Back” is mixed with her “Dress You Up.” The last celeb battle is a recent one and absolute perfect synergy given that Glee airs after American Idol. I never thought a mashup between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj would be possible, but the show managed to pull it off. To be fair, the Carey song is actually a cover of Brenda K. Starr’s classic 80s ballad “I Still Believe” (love, love, love this track).

If mashups aren’t your thing, the episode also has covers of current hits by Tegan & Sara (“Closer”) and Marina and the Diamonds (“How to Be a Heartbreaker”). The latter is performed by Rachel (Lea Michele) and Brody (Dean Geyer). I assume it’s about Brody being a male gigolo. I wonder how much he charges 😉 Speaking of that sticky situation, Santana slays it on Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake” while doling out some sage advice to Rachel. Listen to all the tracks below.

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