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Oh. Em. Gee. Just when I started to forget about that time period where Rebecca Black and several other girls that came after her became viral video hits for their cheesy music videos, a new one comes out of nowhere. The song called “It’s Thanksgiving” was written and produced by Patrice Wilson, the man responsible for all of the other ones as well.

The singer is Nicole Westbrook and just like Rebecca Black reminded us about the days of the week, Westbrook reminds us about the major holidays throughout the year and that now, “It’s Thanksgiving“. My favorite part is when she raps at the dinner table: “Yo, it’s thanksgiving, giving and I’m trying to be forgivin’ / Nothin’ is forbidden, that you know we gotta have / I gotta give thanks to you and you and you / Can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful / Gotta be grateful, can’t be hateful / Mash potatoes on my, on my table.” LOL.

Watch the video below for a good laugh and/or to get you in the mood for Thanksgiving Dinner later this month. Oh, and one more thing: she sings into a turkey leg as a microphone.

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Top 5 Ark (Cheese) Music Factory Music Videos

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In the past couple days, a song called “Friday” by a young girl named Rebecca Black has gone viral. You must be thinking, “this must be an amazing song if it’s gone viral,” right? Well, the truth is it isn’t…which in turn makes it amazing. Black sings about everything she does. Something like this, “I wake up, then I go downstairs, I got to have breakfast, cereal, have to catch the bus now, oh my friends! Should I sit in the front seat or the back seat?” That’s pretty much how the song goes, when she’s not explaining that after Friday comes Saturday, which is then followed by Sunday. Unfortunately for us, the beat is catch and the lyrics are so terrible, you can’t help but watch it over and over. At that point, you’re not sure if that means you actually like the song or if you’ve just been brainwashed by it. All I know is, that’s the stage I’m at and I can’t wait until Friday.

It’s this song, one of the many songs produced by Ark Music Factory, that led me to a collection of their other gems. Before retiring for the evening, last night Tyrell and I decided to have a good laugh and go through them last night, selecting our favorite ones to share with you. Oh man, are you ever in for a treat.

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