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Not Looking Parodies New HBO Gay Series

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

Drew Droege is best known for all his videos impersonating actress Chloe Sevigny. The 37-year-old comedian steps out of Chloe’s fashionable threads and turns his attention on HBO’s new gay series.

Droege along with a few of his friends, Jason Looney, Jeremy Shane and Justin Martindale, poke fun at Looking. Titled Not Looking, the quartet discuss the difficulties of Los Angeles life for a gay man in their ‘twenties.’ Check out the video below which has garnered more ‘funny’ votes than ‘die’ ones since he uploaded on Funny or Die.

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Remember Jesse Pepe? He filmed a hilarious parody titled “I’m Not Gay” last year. The homo-bro rap video went viral and amassed over 1.3 million views. The Salt Lake City-born stud is back and with another comedic clip. This time he’s singing the joys of pleasuring himself. “No one does me, better than me,” he seductively says.

Titled “Sensual Masturbation,” J. Pee’s collaboration with Gray Musiq and Sean Sekino is an R&B ballad about wining and dining yourself to get into your own pants later. In my case that would be fried chicken and vodka-red bull ;) The accompanying visual is in the vein of urban boy bands from the 90s like Silk, Jodeci, Dru Hill etc. Check it out below.

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Cute Swedish Marines Get ‘Greased’

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Everyone loves Grease. Based on this video, it’s clear that these Swedish Marines really, really, really love the classic musical. During some downtime while stationed in Afghanistan, Sweden’s military finest filmed an impressive recreation of John Travolta’s “Greased Lightning” number. It truly is pretty remarkable. The guy playing Danny Zuko with the sexy 70s pornstache is beyond adorable. Check out the parody below.

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Philip Seymour Is An O/S In Her Parody

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Have you seen Spike Jonze’s phenomenal movie, Her? If you haven’t, you simply must. It was one of my favorite films from last year.

One of the reasons I loved it so much was due to Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson’s amazing chemistry. The fact they never shared a face-to-face scene together and still conveyed that connection is truly remarkable. It’s a testament to how sultry and seductive Scarlett’s voice is. I can’t even imagine the film without her. No disrespect to Samantha Morton, but Jonze was wise to replace her with Johansson.

Now imagine the film with Philip Seymour Hoffman as the voice of Phoenix’s operating system. From the guy who created “Fight Club Minus Tyler Durden” comes a trailer spoof for Spike’s film. In an odd way, Hoffman’s voice works, but only for comedic value. Check it out below.

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Based on the amount of videos out there, it’s clear plenty of people love cats. Using that same logic, the same can be said for the seminal high school flick, Mean Girls. Imagine the magic that happens when you put them together. You get this amusing parody using adorable felines in lieu of Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert.

Catty just moved, and she has to quickly learn how to survive in her new jungle- high school. The clip hilariously substitutes iconic lines from the movie with cat-inspired dialogue. For instance, one time Grumpy Cat told Regina George she was pretty. Another time, Regina slapped someone with her paw and it was… awesome! Did you also know her favorite movie was Air Bud? LOL. Check out other gems below.

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Todrick Hall Goes Twerkin’ In The Rain

In: Donovan, Videos

Todrick Hall is back and putting his unique spin on another classic. This time he gives the 1952 flick Singin’ In The Rain a ratchet makeover. “Twerkin’ In The Rain” is his latest video for Marlon Wayans’ new venture What The Funny.

Hall along with an army of colorful trench-wearing skanks twerk their little hearts out in the pouring rain. You should give it a try next time there’s a torrential downpour. As Todrick states in the clip, twerkin’ in the rain is the ratchiest feeling. Check out the clip below. Don’t worry, there’s also some scantily-dressed guys popping their juicy butts. Why else would I share this clip ;)

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Thanks to Beyonce’s pronunciation of ‘surfboard,’ “Drunk In Love” has inadvertently become one of the most recently played tracks in my household. My friends and I can’t help but imitate her and try to pronounce as many words as possible using her styling. Side note: Did you know ‘surfboard‘ was a sexual position?

The black and white video of Beyonce and Jay-Z frolicking on the beach at night has inspired numerous parodies. By far, Marlon Wayans’ spoof is the best and funniest to date. Titled “Drunk As F**k,” a busted up and inebriated Bey and Mr. Carter played by Simone Shepherd and J.D. Witherspoon masterfully recreate the clip on point while hilariously changing the lyrics. In this version, the ‘flashing lights, flashing lights‘ have Jay-Z thinking the feds are here, instructing B to ‘bow down bitch.’ The video was uploaded exclusively to Wayans’ site What The Funny? Watch the clip below to find out what happens to poor Blue Ivy.

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Meet The Hot Wives Of Orlando

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Reality television is so manufactured these days, the line between supposed “reality” and scripted television is definitely blurred. At first watch, The Hot Wives of Orlando looks like another installment of The Real Housewives. In fact, it’s a new original series from Hulu, satirizing Bravo’s popular franchise.

Starring as the “hot wives” are Danielle Schneider, Kristen Schaal, Tymberlee Hill, Andrea Savage, Angela Kinsey and Casey Wilson. Glad to see Happy Endings‘ Wilson doing what she does best- making us laugh. Penny Hearts we miss you. The ladies hilariously incorporate some of Bravo’s most popular housewives’ mannerisms into their characters. I see tinges Ramona Singer, Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and of course NeNe. Watch the trailer below.

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