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Disney’s Princess Ke$ha

In: Patrick, Random Reads, Videos

This is actually pretty awesome. Ke$ha & Funny or Die bring you this awesome interpretation of Ke$ha as a Disney Princess – cartoon characters, sing-a-long music, and fairy godmother. As you can expect, she’s not your typical Disney Princess.

“An exclusive, sneak peak at the newest Disney movie; Disney’s Princess Ke$ha. Watch as Princess Ke$ha gets a little help getting ready for her day as she sings a beautiful original new song from the movie soundtrack.”

For a Funny or Die video, I’m surprised by the song made just for the video…I actually like it and wouldn’t be shocked to find the lyrics tweaked to become a single. It’s catchy (like the rest of her tunes). Check out the video below.

Video after the jump…

Brett Favre Parody: What Should I Do?

In: Patrick, Random Reads

Oh this is too funny. Remember LeBron James‘ elaborate, “What should I do? commercial?” It was no surprise when a parody surfaced, poking fun at it. Now, a parody based on how LeBron’s commercial format, has been made for the downward spiral that has been Brett Favre‘s career.

Brett Favre has retired and unretired from football, and now has officially retired again after filing paperwork with the NFL earlier this week. He’s known for doing what he can to stay in the spotlight and changing his mind all the time. This past fall, photos of his penis have surfaced on the internet and he texted them to someone. Then he retired from commercials, but then changed his mind and made this one.

This will be the funniest video you watch today.

Check out the video after the jump…

The Simpsons: The XXX Parody

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Why do they keep doing these!? The next TV show to inspire a Porn Parody is none other than The Simpsons. This Larry Flynt XXX Parody follows Marge & Homer Simpson as they decide to make their own homemade sex tape, and also features several other familiar characters including: Ned Flanders, Cookie Kwan, Senator Mendoza, McBain, and Barney. “You’ve never seen yellow this sexy,” as their tagline promises.

The adult industry has gone cray cray with making these parodies. In the last year alone, porn parodies have been done for Jersey Shore, The Jeffersons, The Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Seinfeld, and The Golden Girls. If someone were to ask me what turns me on, I would never watching TV sitcom (or cartoon!) characters having sex. Would you get turned on by spray-painted people & parts with cartoon voices getting it on?

In other Porn Parody news, Vivid Entertainment is releasing an Elvis Presley one this Saturday, for what would be the King’s 76th birthday. It will feature two different playing Elvis, and but also porn actor Ron Jeremy. I bet after Elvis finishes, he says, “Thank ya. Thank ya very much.”

Check it out after the jump…

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, special guest Josh Groban took the chance to remind America that he is still around. He wasn’t promoting a new album of original music however, but a collection of quips from one of Twitter’s most adored… Kanye West. Yes, Josh Groban took some of Kanye’s best 140 character ramblings and turned them into little jingles for our hearing pleasure and I’ve got to say, the songs are just as hilarious as the tweets themselves.

The faux-commercial is pretty convincing. Its really too bad that this little LP isn’t available for sale. Not like it would have any practical use on anyone’s iPod’s or playlists, but just for comical relief. Some of the golden tweets include: “Do you know where to find marble conference tables? I’m looking to have a conference… not until I get the table though.” and “Fur pillows are hard to actually sleep on.” Classic. And they only get more ridiculous from here.

Check out Josh’s “commercial” after the jump.

Coca-Cola Does Inception

In: Random Reads, Tyrell

Coca-Cola is famous for their Christmas campaigns. From catchy jingles to cute polar bears and penguins, the genius minds behind some of Coke’s more successful campaigns have all occurred over the holiday season. The even light up their delivery trucks with Christmas lights for the winter months. These guys take Christmas very seriously. Their famous “Holidays are coming… Santa Claus is coming…” ad campaign ran for years fell into disuse in 2001. The company restructured their holiday ad campaign to have each countries ads produced locally to suit each region’s holiday needs. How thoughtful?

However, the idea was a flop when Coca-Cola was flooded with calls to the information center asking them where the famous jingle had disappeared to. Many comments stated that the commercial’s song was a significant start to the holiday season. The company reinstated the jingle to its ads in 2007. The concept was originally conceived by U.S. Advertising Firm, Doner. I am sure they were glad to get this billion dollar campaign back in their hands, considering that Coca-Cola is the 6th largest company in the world when it comes to advertising budget.

This year, the company took on yet another approach drawing inspiration from a popular Christmas prop, a snow globe. While Santa takes a look at one of his snow globes, the people inside feel the effects of the shake and are brought together for the holiday season. YouTube user, Railok did one better. He took the concept of the video, and turned it into an Inception parody using the song Mind Heist from the blockbuster film. I think its incredible and works perfectly for the song and video. I saw the parody first and then watched the original after. I think I like the parody better. You decide.

Check out the video and the original after the jump…

All I Want For Christmas Is A Party In The FIP

In: Totally GAY!, Tyrell

The boys from the FIP are back and this time, they want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Back in the summer of 2009, 8 guys from New York attending Fire Island Pride got out their Flip Mino camera and shot a little music video to Miley Cyrus’ Party In The U.S.A.. I don’t think these boys knew what they had coming. Because Miley had yet to release her own video to the song, the “gay version” of the video went viral on YouTube. It currently sits at over 4 million views. That’s incredible.

The boys recently created their own website called Firecrkr. Its intended to be a spot showcasing their favorite online videos and some originals of their own. For the launch of the site, the boys created another music video. This time, they used Mariah Carey and her gay christmas anthem, All I Want For Christmas. Great choice boys. The video shows them prancing around New York getting ready for Christmas together. From buying trees to finding chic winter wear, these boys know how to put out a good video with no budget.

Check out the holiday video after the jump…

When I first came out, one of my first boyfriends introduced me to a gay rapper/singer named Jonny McGovern who created music videos to his original songs. The first video I saw was to his track Soccer Practice. In the song, Jonny inconspicuously tries to hit on a straight soccer player on his team. He tries to convince him to do things like workout together, wrestle, take a shower, etc. The lyrics are quite clever and dirty of course and the beat isn’t bad either.

Well, Jonny McGovern is back with his latest and greatest delight. Its a parody of Far East Movement’s mega-hit Like a G6. With help from tranny Calpernia, these two create the most amazing video for their version entitled Likin’ Big Dicks. Brilliant. Jonny has always been known for his clever lyrics and this song is no exception.

All the bottoms in the club, gettin’ freaky…
Wanna ride all night, on the big 6.
I want to feel it inside, likin’ big dicks!
With straight guys around me they be staring at my junk.

Check out the NSFW music video after the jump…

Brother Husbands On BLT

In: Patrick, Random Reads, Videos

O. M. God. If you’ve seen even one episode of TLC’s Sister Wives, then you’ll love this parody of the show called “Brother Husbands“. Instead of having a one guy and four women, this household has one woman and four guys. One of the guys is so obviously gay (like Cam on Modern Family type gay) but this is not discussed during their group confessionals…making it that much more hilarious.

In terms of the other husbands, one of them is the bread winner who barely gets any time with his wife, one is not very smart, and one is purely needed for her sexual needs. The parody stars Michael Serrato, Emma Bates, Amir Talai, Joshua Zar, and Samuel Mcguire.

I would absolutely watch this show. LOL.

Check out the video after the jump…

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