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The 2012 Oscar Nominees As Children’s Theater

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With the 84th Annual Academy Awards taking place this Sunday, it’s the perfect time to review some of the nominees for these prestigious awards. Who better to recap and give us the gist of some of the nominated films that… children.

From Jest Originals comes a compilation of short scenes that represent some of this year’s nominees. The compilation is fittingly described as “Half as compelling, twice as adorable”. The films reenacted in Part 1 include: Moneyball, The Help, The Tree of Life, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and Midnight In Paris.

In Part 2 of the Children’s Theater Oscar Nominees (also included below), the films include: The Artist, War Horse, Hugo, and The Descendants. Enjoy the videos below. These kids are too cute.

Watch after the jump…

Even though this is almost a week old, I just stumbled on it today and thought it was share-worthy. Given that my two male model selections for this week’s Model Behavior feature are borderline “twinks“, this post is very apropos.

In recent months, several All-American institutions have filed for Chapter 11. Two of them being former giants Kodak and American Airlines. But it’s another iconic company’s financial troubles that’s caused daytime talk show host Wendy Williams to stand up and take notice. Hostess, the maker of artificially-flavored treats like Ding Dongs, Ho Hos and Twinkies, recent bankruptcy filing has prompted Williams to mobilize fans of the unhealthy treat to “Save The Twinkie“.

Williams wants to preserve the yellow snack because she calls it the “creamy goo that holds this country together”. LOL. She wants you to show your support by liking the campaign’s Facebook Fan Page. So far, over 14,000 (most probably overweight individuals) have responded to the call to action. Personally, I’ve never like the Twinkie. Ding Dongs, on the other hand, are a different story ;)

If Wendy’s efforts prove fruitless, she should probably purchase all remaining Twinkies on supermarket shelves across the country. Rumor has it, the Twinkie will remain “fresh” for many years, much like the Big Mac. Gross. Check out Williams’ hilarious video plea below. It’s your patriotic duty to do so.

watch Wendy’s plea after the jump

I love me some Rachel Bilson and my adoration for the actress only increased tenfold after checking out this gem. The diminutive actress gets in touch with her inner Compton, or should I say Bluebell, and raps up a storm in a brand new video for Funny or Die. As common in most hip hop tracks, Bilson name drops a lot of labels and disses a few celebrities. Obviously, it’s all in jest and the outcome is outright hilarity. Plus there’s a hot scene where two hot guys hose each other down. YUM.

“You said I don’t look like a what? Like a real doctor? A real doctor wouldn’t dress like me, wouldn’t look like me, wouldn’t act like me? Oh halllleee nawww,” she raps. “Lab coat: Dolce, Clip board: Prada. Vera Wang short shorts.”

Filmed on the set of her CW show, “Hart of Dixie“, Bilson recruits a few of her co-stars for the music video. Castmates Scott Porter and former Homorazzi Man Crush Wilson Bethel actually wrote the lyrics for “Call Me Doctor“. Just in case you don’t watch this cute show, Rachel plays Dr. Zoe Hart on it. Porter and Bethel came up with some zingers including “Doogie Howser” and “Black Swan” references. They even got in a Mischa Barton shout out in there. Watch the video and see how they all tie in.

watch Rachel get her rap on after the jump

Yesterday, I came across a parody of Nicky Minaj‘s hit single, “Super Bass” and I just had to share it with you. The Christian parody, titled “Super Grace,” was originally written and performed for “Skit Night 2011,” a homecoming event for the Christian Greek organizations at the University of Florida. They ended up winning first place for the parody. Here’s how they describe the video:

“Thanks for watching ‘Super Grace,’ a humorous, somewhat exaggerated commentary about the single Christian girl’s struggle to appreciate the wonderful Christian men in her life while still guarding her heart and waiting patiently upon the Lord inspired by Nikki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” The writing and rapping (done by Raychel) is actually pretty well done so I thought it was worth sharing.

Now here’s something interesting I saw in the YouTube comments of this video. A gay guy commented on the video saying, “Girl in front right is super… I’m not going to hate on this, even though you guys all probably hate me for being homosexual, I thought this video was pretty good:).” The reason I found this interesting is because I more or less had probably made the assumption subconsciously that they’d be anti-gay as well because they’re Christian (and I grew up Catholic myself). Instead, the uploader responded to the contrary.

Read her response and watch the parody after the jump…

I don’t realize just how much I miss Megan Mullally as Karen Walker, until I see her pop up on some show or online video. When Mullally guest starred on an episode of “Happy Endings” this season as Penny Hearts’ mom, memories of her comic genius on “Will & Grace” came flooding back. While not the greatest daytime talk show host, there is no denying that Megan is one fine comedic actress. Some network needs to snatch her up and give Megan her own sitcom to star in immediately. Perhaps, the following video can provide inspiration for a new show.

For Funny or Die’s newest video, they’ve enlisted Megan to play the eccentric Peggy Dvorak. This acting coach teaches aspiring starlets the fine art of being cool. She takes these girls in and instructs them to throw conventional wisdom out the window and to become cool renegades. Toss out that boxed set of “Sex and the City” (guilty as charged) and trade them in for NPR (National Public Radio). Also an offense in Dvorkak’s teachings is listening or singing to Ke dollar sign ha aka Ke$ha. Again, I’m guilty as charged. What’s their punishment for committing such a heinous crime? Watch the video and you’ll find out.

check out the Megan’s lessons after the jump

With Halloween just around the corner, you’ve got to nail down your costume pretty quick. With so many different outfits, personas, and looks, “Lady Gaga” has always been a popular choice for the trick or treating. Whether you’re Yu Yi (Mermaid-Gaga), Skeleton-Face Gaga, Jo Calderone, or one of the countless other choices, no two Gagas are likely to be the same.

In the following video made to a modified version of the opening song from The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Hillywood Show® and Lady Gaga (well, someone that looks EXACTLY like her) take us through the town of Gagaween. She sings, “I am the Gaga hiding under your bed, teeth ground sharp and eyes bleeding red. I am the Gaga hiding under your stairs, shoes like stilts and Kermits in my hair.”

It’s so well done that it actually does look like it could be a scene from a movie about a crazy women named named Gaga from a crazy town called Gagaween. Who needs a movie about that… This is real life. Enjoy the video below and be safe this Halloween!

Watch the video after the jump…

My favorite Chloe Sevigny impersonator is back. Perhaps, he’s the only impersonator out there, but Drew Droege is still my favorite. From vacations, Memorial Day and barbecue, Droege has shared all of his “likes” in previous clips. For his latest video, Chloe discusses the importance of accessories. As Chloe puts its, “you are never fully dressed without the proper accessories“. And according to her, “more is more”. I couldn’t agree any more.

Normally for his Chloe spoofs, I pretty much get a good chunk of his pop culture references. Since this one is more fashion based, accessories specifically, the references are new to me. That being said, you don’t have to be a fashionista to appreciate the video. If you simply just watch it to see what over-the-top necklace, bangle, headpiece Chloe puts on, it’s worth it. My favorite is the “invisible hat“. A few of the pieces he talks about are from designer Alexis Bittar. The designer herself enjoyed the video and claimed she almost pissed in her pants watching it. See if you have the same reaction. Check it out below.

check out both videos after the jump

Is this the second coming of the golden age of boy bands? Are Heart2Heart this generation’s Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, or 98 Degrees? God, I hope not. This new American group is apparently modeled after the popular K-Pop movement in South Korea. At first glance, they look like the illegitimate offspring of a threeway session between Justin Bieber, Astro Boy and Sailor Moon.

When I first stumbled upon them, I thought it was a joke. A brilliant one at that. But then, as I researched them, I began to fear they actually might be a legitimate act. The band’s leader and producer, David Lehre, created the band after seeing fan reaction at the reunion of the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block at the 2010 American Music Awards. Lehre even managed to rope in a former boy bander to mentor the group. Apparently, Heart2Heart are the protégés of Lance Bass.

The group’s first single is “Facebook Official” and it’s God awful. It makes Rebecca Black’s “Friday” or anything from the ARK Music Factory Grammy-awarding winning material. The song is so cheesy, I’m thinking it’s a genius publicity stunt by the group to raise awareness. At least I hope so. No one in their right mind would think this is music.

The music video is even worse and clichéd. Anything you can associate with a boy band music video from the late 90s is included in the clip. It even features a dance break with no actual dancing. LOL. Their names even seem like jokes- Chad Future, Pretty Bio Pete, Brayden, Nico, and KX. That being said, the Spice Girls hit it big with monikers of Baby, Scary, Ginger, Posh and Sporty Spice, proving anything is possible. Maybe I’m just too old to appreciate Heart2Heart. Watch them become the next big thing, forcing me to eat crow.

check out the awful music video after the jump

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