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When your college soccer team goes on a trip to Rio to train with top soccer pros, you’d think you’d want to have your camera along to capture some of the scenery, you and the boys at the beach, pics with the pros, stuff like that. However, if you are Daniel Schloss of the Oberlin College Soccer Team, you use your camera to make a hilarious parody video of Cascada’s Everytime We Touch.

The video captures them getting ready for a soccer practice which later turns into a soul-train line with the boys ultimately showing off their “sexy side” at the beach, walking through the water and rubbing sand on each other in slow motion. The video features a few pros at the end is quite fun.

Overall, the video is great entertainment and a good keep sake for the boys to look back on this trip and remember for years to come. LOL. Daniel also states that a more documented look at their trip is coming soon. Until then, we’re not mad at this little clip. Check it out below.

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Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) and John Krasinski (The Office) are rivals in a series of “New Era” commercials. Baldwin is a die-hard Yankees fan, while Krasinski is a big fan of the Red Sox. The dynamic between these two is hilarious. I’m actually hoping Baldwin takes a part time job to not only be the boss of 30 Rock, but to also be the boss of Dunder Mifflin on The Office. He would be fantastic.

In this latest video, the rivalry heats up when Baldwin accidentally sets fire to his home while taunting Krasinski via Skype. He tells Krasinski to call “912. It’s 911 for rich people!” LOL. I’ve included the other videos they’ve done as well to give you a better idea of how this rivalry has escalated.

Thus far, this rivalry has involved a dog, a jumbotron, some old fashioned physical violence, and a whole lot of trash talking. Enjoy!

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Okay, so I just realized that Poppy Chaos is actually Lady Gaga‘s childhood friend. I thought it was totally made up, but it’s not. They were indeed childhood friends and studyied classical music together and even stayed in touch when Gaga was trying to find her musical identity. Poppy just takes it to a whole new (comedic) level and the parody of Gaga’s wacky fashion both in the lyrics and in the video is brilliant.

At the beginning of the following video, Poppy Chaos is watching TV and can’t seem to escape the Gaga headlines on the television: “Lady Gaga is the single most famous human being on the planet,” says the anchor. This brings her to one question: “What does Lady Gaga have that I don’t have?”

Cut to the beginning of the music video for the song “Strange Objects (I Can Wear It)“, as Poppy and her entourage strut their stuff towards the camera and the song begins. I should note that the track is actually catchy too – LOL! The guy in the video (Abraham Sunshine) lists several different objects throughout the song, to which Poppy responds by saying “I can wear it,” and proves it by doing just that. In the chorus, she sings, “I – I – I can wear strange objects too, yeah”. LOL. Enjoy!

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Everyone’s favorite 90s Saturday morning sitcom seems to be experiencing an resurgence lately. Whether it was Jimmy Fallon’s public plea for a “Saved By The Bell” reunion or Urban Outfitters selling Kelly Kapowski t-shirts that have been worn by Justin Bieber and our very own Rich, the Bayside High crew is as popular as ever. Admittedly, I’m a huge fan of the shows and all of it’s acid wash awesomeness. Long live Buddy Bands.

In a very unique marketing move, a short parody music video was filmed to promote “Final Destination 5″ hitting theaters this week. Not sure if it’s an official viral video sanctioned by the studio, but it’s certainly a creative way to promote the horror flick.

The music video, titled “New Romance“, re-imagines the teen sitcom as a cheesy horror flick. It was directed by the lead actor in the latest Final Destination flick, Miles Fisher. Watch as the characters of the show are maimed and killed in the halls of Bayside High or at their favorite diner. There’s even an awesome reference to Jesse Spano’s caffeine pill addiction. Watch the clip and I guarantee you’ll get a chuckle or two.

watch the video after the jump

We know how this all works. Someone goes on a show, dates everyone, loves some of them, finally chooses one, they break up, then they start over again with a new show where they try all over again. Earlier this week, Ashley Hebert of The Bachelorette chose J.P Rosenbaum, and he also chose her. The two are now engaged and will live happily ever after…unless J.P. wants to star on The Bachelor, in which case he can breakup with Ashley and start his own search. LOL.

Anyway, in this Funny or Die video, we see that perhaps Ashley’s sister was right all along and J.P. wasn’t the right guy for Ashley – so she’s single again. That doesn’t stop her from moving on right away. Her first stop – the grocery store. There are so many men there for her, how will she decide who the man of her dreams is? LMFAO. Watch the video to see this actress Darcy Carden perfectly parody Ashley on The Bachelorette. Enjoy!

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Madonna’s Gaga Nightmare Part 2

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!, Videos

Not too long ago, I shared with you the hilarious “Madonna’s Gaga Nightmare” parody video in which Madonna struggles to get her career back on track because Lady Gaga took everything away from her – including her gays. Now, a “Part 2″ to this series has just been released and it’s just as funny. This time, Madonna continues to get tormented by Gaga who is prank calling her and scheming against her with a little help from another gay icon…

If you liked the movie “Death Becomes Her,” starring Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn, you’ll especially love this video. I used to own that movie on VHS – LOL. Just as in the last spoof, many other gay icons (including Cher) may their little cameos in the story as well. Enjoy!

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If you didn’t know by now, I’m a HUGE fan of Drew Droege’s hilarious takes on actress Chloe Sevigny. He looks nothing or sounds anything like her, but for some reason, I’m extremely hooked. Even Chloe herself couldn’t stop smiling when she witnessed Drew’s impersonation of her. Based on his latest masterpiece, it’s clear he’s attracting more and more fans. The production value of his clips are getting better and bigger with each one. I didn’t think he could top his previous “Chloe Reminisces Memorial Day” clip, but he has.. tenfold.

What I love most about the videos are Chloe’s random stringing of thoughts and references. The way he seamlessly mixes pop culture anecdotes with historical figures and other thoughts blows me away. When I don’t instantly recognize who or what he’s talking about, I find myself Googling and learning something new for that day. From the past clip, I learned who African-American abolitionist and Union spy Harriet Tubman was. See how Tubman and others are incorporated in Chloe’s latest vid.

watch his latest masterpiece after the jump

I love me a good video parody and we at Homorazzi have brought you some of the best ones. My favorites include Key of Awesome and our favorite homos brought to us by Ryan James Yezak. Now, a new video has surfaced bringing us a new spin on Lady Gaga’s hit track and gay anthem, Born This Way, only this time, it’s an anthem for all you mutants out there.

Brought to us by The Warp Zone, the video is a hilarious take on this anthem, letting mutants know that it’s okay to be just the way you are. The song is quite great with the lyrics at the bottom of your screen just to make sure you capture all the hilarity. I also really like the female dancers working there hair in the background. The track is available on iTunes as well as a more stripped down acoustic version. Check out the video below.

Watch the video parody after the jump

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