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As you know, Anne Hathaway has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Les Miserable – and let’s face it… she’s probably going to win.

In this parody, Actress-singer Emma Fitzpatrick pretends to be Anne Hathaway as she sings a parody version of Hathaway’s Les Mis song, “I Dreamed A Dream” and it’s called “For Your Consideration.” After winning best supporting actress at the SAG Awards, Golden Globes and Critics Choice, Hathaway reminds the Academy, one last time, why she must (and will) win at the 85th Academy Awards. Here’s an example of some of the lyrics in the song/video: “I played a prostitute who died / Her life was really sad and awful / But I was bold and unafraid / I let them give me this new haircut / And I lost half my body weight / But then they never did a wide shot.”

This isn’t the first parody or video that makes light of her role in the film. In fact, before Christmas, she and Samuel L. Jackson (Django Unchained) had a “Sad Off” in a Funny or Die video where they both tried to one up each other in terms of who’s character had it harder in their respective films. Make sure you watch that video if you haven’t, after you watch the video below.

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How can you tell RuPaul’s Drag Race is starting up today? New releases from former and current contestants!

The Drag trio of Willam, Detox and Vicky Vox have released the follow up to their MASSIVE hit Chow Down (at Chick-fil-a), a hilarious parody of Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire” song called, “Boy Is A Bottom“. I have to tell you these three have it. They are all funny, don’t take themselves too seriously, and can all pretty much sing. I have to give major props to Vicky on this one, in the “Chow Down” video we didn’t get to see much of her and she pretty much steals the video in this one.

And don’t forgot to watch Drag Race tonight on Logo (in the US) and OUTtv (in Canada) at 9pm, then tomorrow check back for my full review where I cut these bitches down! Enjoy the video below!

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Every once and a while a really good music video parody comes along and this is one of them. College Humor has just released a music video parody of One Direction‘s love song, “Little Things” and it’s called “What You Wanna Hear.”

Aside from the hilarious lyrics, the singers are actually really good as well. In the second verse, one of the guys sings, “I love to watch you shop in Anthropologie / And I totally agree that we should go… completely gluten-free / You totally look good in high-waisted jeans / I love monogamy.” LOL. Another guys sings, “My favorite position is ‘eye-contact with you’ / When I watch porn I think of you.

But hold on there, the ladies have a say as well. One girl sings, “None of my guy friends and I… have ever screwed / And you could beat up any guy… here if you wanted to / I’m into morning sex, naked texts, and splitting the check / Baby your penis size, is per-fect“. Towards the end, both guys and girls join in for the chorus and sing, “We just say these little things to keep each other around / Are they true / What is truth / There’s only fights, and not fights / So I keep telling you, what you wanna hear.” Watch the funny video below.

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In a new parody by Eliot Glazer, Oprah Winfrey attempts to draw in new viewers to her fledgling network, OWN, by reenacting classic viral videos in the hope of reaching a new audience.

Some examples of the trends the faux Oprah Winfrey (and her faux sidekick Gayle King) take on include: Shit Oprah Says, Leave Oprah Alone, Planking, and many more. One of my favorite one was Oprah’s take on Flash Mobs. I don’t even want to give away what she does, but it’s perfect.

This is the first video in a new series called Eliot’s Sketch Pad. Can’t wait to see what the comedian comes up with next. Enjoy the video below!

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Back in the fall, Dave Franco denied that he was dating Ashley Benson, one of his Spring Breakers co-stars but if this video is any indication, the two celebs are having a lot of fun behind closed doors. Whether they are together or not, the video you’re about to watch is bizarre and hilarious nonetheless.

The video that he posted on his WhoSay account is a lip-sync parody of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” and Franco is even dressed like Bieber as well. Ashley pretends to be Selena Gomez and humps the ground and shakes her ass for the camera. There’s a third girl that appears later in the video and if I’m not mistaken, it’s none other than Dave Franco, wearing a wig. Man I love those brothers. They’re so hot & hilarious. LOL.

Expect to see lots from the Franco’s this year as they both have a lot on the go as their careers continue to explode. Enjoy the video parody below.

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Bears Do Bananarama Scene-By-Scene

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Before I begin, I just wantto give Mark Hurst and Mike Reis a virtual standing ovation. The amount of work that went into this video project is astounding. It’s one thing to do a parody but to film one scene-by-scene to replicate the original is painstaking work. I respect their dedication and love for 80s girl group Bananarama.

Hurst and Reis better known as Bearnanarama are a couple of adorable bears who apparently are obsessed with Bananarama of “Venus” fame. The duo who reside in Washington state channeled their inner pop divas and donned frilly outfits to recreate one of the girls’ most recent music video, “Move In My Direction“. The result is a charming clip serving as a love letter to the UK group. Who says bears hibernate in the winter? Check out the fruits of these bears’ labor below.

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I don’t typically like writing about Kim Kardashian (I leave that to the other Homorazzi cast), but I just had to share this one. It features Beyonce going a little cray cray upon hearing about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s pregnancy. As you would expect, she’s not looking forward to Kimye’s offspring potentially outshining her precious Blue Ivy. Remember when she tried to get her kid’s name trademarked? LOL.

Obviously, it’s not Bey herself but someone pretending to be her. I probably should say embodying her instead of pretending. Girlfriend does a spectacular job of mimicking her talking voice and singing inflections. Love the shout out to sister Solange Knowles while holding a bag of Cheetos. Check out the clip below.

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How’s that for a title? Since Bravo decided to take the day off today for Christmas Eve and not air a brand new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight (shame on you Andy Cohen), I thought this clip could tide you over til next week’s show. Well, not really, but it’s better than nothing. I’m a Housewives junkie and any fix I can get, I’ll take. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Jimmy Kimmel, who like myself, is a little tired from all the seasonal programming decided to breathe new life into a beloved classic. Using dialogue from the current season of RHOBH with scenes from the 1964 classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the comedian creates magic that any Housewives addict will appreciate. It’s complete with lots of “bitches” and other expletives been thrown around. Sounds like your typical family gathering at your local neighborhood trailer park ;)

It’s definitely a sight seeing Rudolph curse his little heart out courtesy of Brandi “truth cannon” Glanville. I almost lost it when the snowman came out being voiced by Andy Cohen. Check out the freshened animated classic below.

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