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With regards to Nielsen ratings, The Voice comes out on top. When it comes to creating music superstars, American Idol has the upper hand. But who’s on top when it matters most? Saturday Night Live answers that question.

During last night’s show hosted by Blake Shelton, the two singing competitions went head to head in a game of Family Feud. Naturally, the country singer played himself with Adam Levine (Taran Killam), Pharrell (Jay Pharaoh), and Christina Aguilera (Cecily Strong) joining him. Representing the FOX show were Keith Urban (Kate McKinnon), Nicki Minaj (Sasheer Zamata), Harry Connick, Jr. (Beck Bennett), and Steven Tyler (Kyle Mooney). Bennett was killer as Harry. Find out who won below.

Another memorable parody featured Shelton as The Bachelor. If you watch the ABC dating show, you’ll really enjoy this. Watching the parade of desperate and crazy women perfectly played by the SNL ladies is almost like watching the actual show. Where do producers find some of those emotionally-unstable crazies. PS. Are you watching this season? Personally, I’m rooting for Kaitlyn. Weigh in below.

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The second TLC announced My Husband’s Not Gay it’s been met with plenty of criticism. Understandably so. The controversial series follows a group of Mormon men living in Salt Lake City married to women but attracted to men. It also gives the wives’ point of view who struggle dealing with their husbands’ homosexual cravings.

Poking fun at the show’s ridiculous premise is none other than Star Trek’s Sulu, Mr. George Takei. The 77-year-old actor uploads a parody that flips the script featuring straight men married to gay men. Some might find the spoof offensive due to it perpetuating certain stereotypes. To that, I say don’t take things so seriously. Check it out below.

“Some friends had fun lampooning “My Husband’s Not Gay” on TLC, which showcases gays in Salt Lake who are married to women. What if straight men tried the same in a gay world, hmmm?” – George Takei via Facebook

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During the show’s winter hiatus, Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad campaign launched. Naturally, Saturday Night Live parodied the much-mocked ads on its first show in 2015. They would’ve been stupid if they let this golden opportunity slip away.

Kate McKinnon who’s brilliantly impersonated The Biebs before, once again does a stellar job. Cecily Strong joins in on the action to play blond model Lara Stone featured in the campaign. Watch the hilarious spoof below which addresses Justin’s reportedly enlarged photoshopped bulge.

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The optimal time to film a parody for Sia’s “Chandelier” has come and gone. There have been countless spoofs imitating Maddie Ziegler’s epic choreography since the music video went viral. However, this new one uploaded by Ryan James Yezak is so good, it needs to be watched.

Yezak’s version gives the hit song a little holiday flavor. He enlisted Scott Nelson to don Sia’s trademark platinum wig and wear a black leotard adorned with Christmas lights. Despite being told by employees to halt filming, Yezak continues to shoot Nelson as he performs throughout Ikea’s aisles and showrooms.

Even though shoppers seem to enjoy the impromptu show, they are forced to finish filming in the parking lot. Check out the hilarity below.

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The YouTube sensation with the million dollar bubble butt, aka Bryan Hawn, is back with another parody. With the help of his buddy Colby Peters, the two show off their love in the most heterosexual way in their version of “Bromance.” From working out in sexual-looking positions, to pillow fights wearing just underwear or taking a dip in a pool, Colby and Bryan show exactly how far their affection goes.

At first, I thought “Bromance” was an original song by them, but apparently it’s a legit song from Ryan Higa and Chester See. Never heard of it? Neither have I, but apparently the video has over 25 million views and even has a cameo by Wayne Brady. I must be getting old :)

Check Hawn’s sexy spoof below. Though there’s no nudity, be forewarned there is plenty of side views of his bare buttocks. Proceed with caution. Speaking of which, if you want glutes like his, he shares his secret ass workouts.

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Once again, Todrick Hall looks to the Disney vault for inspiration for his latest clip. The YouTube sensation flips the script and reimagines your favorite Disney princesses as the royal next door if she was living in the hood.

Sure it perpetuates certain stereotypes but it’s all in good fun. My favorites are Brokahontas, Cinder-Aaliyah and RAPunzel. Naturally, the movie studio’s sole African-American princess transforms into the sassy white girl Louise-iana. Check it out below.

In other Todrick Hall-related news, the former American Idol contestant heads out on the road this December. If you’re not feeling the holiday spirit yet, perhaps Twerk The Halls- A Toddy Halliday is exactly what you need. It kicks off in Los Angeles on December 17 and ends in Washington DC on December 31. Head over to for more details.

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The last time Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls) and Adrian Anchondo got together they parodied “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. They’re back at it again but this time taking aim at Taylor Swift’s massive hit “Shake It Off.”

Franzese even convinces his Looking co-star, Russell Tovey, to appear for a brief cameo in the spoof amusingly titled “Shake and Bake.” Mmmm, who else is craving a little chicken ;) Check out the entertaining clip below.

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I f*cked a magical child! I’m going to go to jail,” declares Darren Criss in Funny or Die’s latest clip. If you think about it, he’s absolutely right. In movies like Big, 13 Going On 30 or other body-swapping films, an adult usually ends up romancing the teen-turned-grownup lead character. It’s kinda icky and gross, if you really think about it. They’re essentially having a sexual relationship with a child. Where’s Law & Order: SVU‘s Olivia Benson when you need her?

Evan Rachel Wood stars in FoD’s re-imagining of the Tom Hanks’ 80s classic comedy. She plays the teenager who’s magically transported into an adult body. Wood and Criss recreate some of the film’s most iconic moments including the memorable piano scene. Since it’s a Funny or Die spoof, everything has a sexual connotation. Check out the site’s spoof below which includes plenty of ‘vagina sex.’

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