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Sadly, Enlisted airs its series finale this Friday. Despite having an extremely hot cast (Parker Young, Chris Lowell & Geoff Stults), FOX canceled the comedy due to low ratings. Truthfully, the mid-season show didn’t stand a fighting chance given the network banishing it to a Friday timeslot and giving it practically no promotion.

Relive this memorable scene from last week’s episode where two of the brothers reignite their intense competition over everything. Gotta love sibling rivalry when it’s between two shirtless bros (albeit fake). Check it out below.

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Sorry Enlisted fans, it appears your beloved sitcom isn’t coming back. Two of the three brothers have landed a new gig.

Parker Young and Geoff Stults have been cast in a CBS pilot titled Cuz-Bros. The co-stars go from playing siblings to cousins. Maybe there’s a way for their other on-screen brother Chris Lowell to drop by during sweeps month should CBS pick up the series. reports that Nick (Stults) is a ladies’ man living in Los Angeles who takes in his cousin Barry (Young) who needs a place to crash.

Hopefully, the two engage in some shower sudsy time as they did on the FOX sitcom. In the off chance that FOX renews Enlisted, it has first dibs on the actors and their roles on Cuz-Bros would need to be recast.

Just in case you don’t watch the FOX comedy, check out the aforementioned shower scene below. If you haven’t cast your vote on our Who’d You Rather: Enlisted poll, click here.

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Who’d You Rather: Enlisted Edition

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I’m not even going to pretend I watch this show religiously, but from the one episode I caught, Enlisted looks like a cute show. Geoff Stults (36), Chris Lowell (29) and Parker Young (25) play three brothers enlisted in the US Army and find themselves stationed at the same post. Despite critical acclaim, the show delivers low ratings.

Too bad FOX banished it to Friday nights. With better promotion and a decent timeslot, the comedy has all the makings of a successful series. If I was a network executive, I’d be pimping out the extremely hot male cast everywhere. This trio is pure money. The network definitely mishandled the show. Chances for a second seem very unlikely.

With that in mind, we might as well objectify the three men while we still can. Ergo my latest Who’d You Rather battle. Before we begin, here’s a brief background on each guy.

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Surburgatory Axes Two Characters For Season 3

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Wow! ABC is really cleaning house with their renewed shows. First came word that Revenge was writing off an original character and now this. Suburgatory already lost the sexy Parker Young who plays Ryan Shay due to him taking a role in the FOX pilot Enlisted which was picked up for next season.

According to Deadline, the ABC sitcom’s firings are based on budget cuts and not creative reasons like Revenge. For a comedy, the show has an unusually large ensemble cast. It only makes sense they make some cuts. As long as it’s not Dahlia (Carly Chaikin), I’m cool with anyone of them leaving. Find out who won’t make it to Season 3 below.

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The other day, Fox revealed their new celebrity dating show, “The Choice“, debuting this summer. It’s “The Voice” meets “The Dating Game” sprinkled with a little “So You Think You Can Dance” courtesy of Cat Deeley. The British host will be serving double duty this summer for FOX by returning to SYTYCD and hosting this new reality guilty pleasure.

So what is “The Choice“? It’s your opportunity to go on a date with a “celebrity”. The six-episode series will feature singles pitch themselves as the ideal love connection to celebrity bachelors/bachelorettes who are seated with their backs turned to them a la “The Voice” during the blind auditions. If more than one celebrity turns around, the non-famous single person will get to choose who they want. From there, it goes to some sort of “Speed Choice” round, but I’ll wait for Cat Deeley to describe that part when the show airs. This post is to reveal all the celebrities involved.

Appearing on the show are 20 male celebs and 4 female ones. They range from professional athletes, to reality stars to actors. If you’ve ever wanted to date Mike “The Situation”, Olympian Jeremy Bloom or middle child Joe Jonas, then “The Choice” is the “choice” for you. Check out all the stars willing to sell themselves out for some television airtime. Truth be told, there are actually a couple of hotties. I’d even sign up for an opportunity to win them over.

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Who’d You Rather: Geyer VS Young

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Fall TV may have brought us a few duds that have already been axed by their networks, but amongst them have appeared a few gems. Patrick and I have been PVRing these two shows on the regular and has brought two new hotties to my attention. May I introduce to you Dean Geyer from FOX’s Terra Nova and Parker Young from ABC’s Suburgatory. Both men have killer bodies and slammin’ good looks. Therefore, it’s only fair to pit them against each other to find out Who’d You Rather.

Dean Geyer should be a stranger to many of you, but if you’re seeing for the first time let me tell you a bit about this stud. First, he was on Australian Idol and man, can this kid sing. He also made his acting debut on the popular Australian soap, Neighbours. We were introduced to his sexy body and fighting styles when came to America to co-star in Never Back Down 2 and now we can catch this Aussie import every Monday on Terra Nova.

Parker Young didn’t quite have the kickstart to his career that Dean had. Parker started off doing a few guest spots starting with CSI: NY where he played the title role in an episode. He followed that with Days of Our Lives and Big Time Rush. Finally, a casting director gave him a real shot and now, he stars as the sexy stud muffin on ABC’s Suburgatory. I love that writers let him take his shirt off so much. Swoon. You’ve learned the facts, now check out the evidence and decide which one you’d rather below.

Check out these hotties and vote “Who You’d Rather” after the jump.

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