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Amidst all of the drama going on lately with the many generations of the Jackson Family, a new reality show has just been announced for one of the members of the famous family. The new reality show will be on the OWN Network, which as you know is headed by the one and only Oprah Winfrey.

With so much drama going on with this family (as per usual), it could literally be any of the above. Someone who’s been in the public eye for a long time, or someone like Paris or Prince who’ve come to learn what it’s like to be in the middle of this family. This show will follow what it’s like to be part of this family as well as what it’s like for them on the career side of things.

Curious to know who it is? Read on to find out who it is, what the show’s about, and what they have to say about this new venture.

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I can’t believe some of the crazy gossip headlines over the last couple days: Kristen Stewart allegedly having cheated on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White director, Rupert Sanders. All hell breaking loose at the Jackson home, with Auntie Janet Jackson allegedly slapping Paris Jackson and calling her a spoiled little bitch. Even Carly Rae Jepsen hasn’t been immune to drama, with the Vancouver police investigating electronic property theft with naked photos of her apparently being stolen from her. Rather that elaborate on any or all of these gossip stories, I chose to focus on one ignorant, mind-boggling tweet that snuffed out the torch for one Olympic hopeful.

This past Sunday, 23-year-old Greek triple-jumper Paraskevi “Voula” Papachristou sent out a tweet that would change everything. The jumper had previously earned a spot to compete at this summer’s Olympics in London, but a shockingly ignorant and racist tweet ruined her shot. “[She] showed no respect for the basic Olympian value,” said Isidoros Kouveles, head of the Greek Olympic Committee. Find out what her tweet said below.

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Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson is about to make a big splash into the acting world at the age of 13. However, a lot of critics have their two cents to say on this matter considering what being a child star did to her father. I personally think that Paris has a ton of support around her to keep her grounded and sane and that this will be a fresh new start for the Jackson family.

E! Online is reporting that Paris has been tapped to play the lead role in a movie adaption of Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys originally written by Dennis H. Christen. The young adult fantasy novel tells the story of a young girl kidnapped by the evil Jellyfish Queen of the Ocean. Not much else is being said about the upcoming project but an in-development page on IMDb slates the film for a 2013 release.

One thing we have learned about the film is that Paris will play the only human character. The rest of the film will be animated. Doesn’t this sound like something Michael Jackson would have loved to do? A few stars have already been slated to voice characters in the film including former NSYNCer Joey Fatone as well as Larry King and his wife. In a recent interview with, Stephen Sobisky one of the movie’s producers talked about getting ready to work with Jackson’s daughter.

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