Usually ridiculously referred to as the size queen of the site (you can start laughing now), I have no problem declaring that tiny is tremendous these days as far as opening credits go for my favorite TV shows. As an avid watcher of all things cathode ray-projected since my earliest days, I remember when (God, I’m old enough to say that now… just shoot me and get it over with) opening credits contained a close-up and description of all the main characters and even the nosey neighbour everyone loved to hate. Only very recently have things changed in this area as title scenes have become exponentially shorter than the credits of yore, sometimes only long enough to splay the show’s title across the screen.

While I’m sure there’s an equation matching the ever-decreasing attention span of the modern tv-viewer alongside the increase in use of PVRs/DVRs and torrent downloading to explain for this sudden phenomenon, all that matters to me is the days of time I’ll get back as shows reduce their opening sequences to seconds in length… (Yes, “days” is accurate, do the math and realize this is an addiction and I need help).

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