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With Joseph Kahn directing, you’re pretty much guaranteed an epic music video. After all, he’s the creative genius behind “All The Lovers” (Kylie Minogue), “Womanizer,” (Britney Spears), “The Boy Is Mine” (Brandy & Monica) and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” “Bad Blood,” and “Wildest Dreams” to name only a few of his memorable visuals. OneRepublic is the latest to enlist the 43-year-old South Korean director.

Wherever I Go” features fellow South Korean Kenneth Choi of Sons of Anarchy fame in the main role. He plays a miserable office worker suffering from the daily doldrums of his job. After seeing Ryan Teeder on a Budweiser ad on the subway, he begins to see things in a different light. Suddenly, he becomes the life of the party and transforms his workplace into a fun environment.. or does he? Watch the video below and find out.

“Wherever I Go” is a new single off the band’s yet-untitled fourth studio album, due out later. It’s a great track and will no doubt become an earworm. Tedder has a knack for crafting tracks you can’t forget.

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When it comes to music, I have serious ADD. Rarely do I ever fully listen to an entire song. Just ask anyone who’s been with me on a road trip. It’s such a problem, I consciously make an effort to scroll the slider to the end to make sure my iTunes knows to increase the song’s play count. Otherwise, most of my library would have zero plays.

Naturally, with that in mind, mashups are my audio adderall. You can listen to numerous songs without ever having to skip or fastforward a track. This latest one titled “Royal Burn” is one of the best I’ve listened to recently. It features Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry and Lorde. Representing for the men are Macklemore, Mike Will Made It and OneRepublic. If you like what you hear, click on the download link and follow the instructions.

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One Republic have just released an awesome new track called “If I Lose Myself Tonight” and it’s really good! This is the second single, following “Feel Again,” from their much anticipated third studio album, Native, which is scheduled for a release in January 2013.

The song is upbeat and dreamy in sort of the same way as Rihanna & Calvin Harris’ “We Found Love” is. It was produced by lead singer Ryan Tedder and it definitely falls in line with what everyone loves about One Republic’s music. I like this song better than their first single from the album and it’s also something I could also see Coldplay singing too.

In the chorus Tedder sings, “You can feel the light start to tremble / Watch what you know out the sea / You can see your life out the window, tonight / You can If I lose myself tonight / It’ll be by your side / I lose myself tonight / If I lose myself tonight / It’ll be you and I / Lose myself tonight.” Listen to the new track below and let me know what you think.

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During the week of October 3, 1992, Billboard launched its Pop Songs radio airplay chart, gauging the biggest hits on mainstream Top 40 radio. To commemorate the chart’s 20th anniversary, Billboard is counting down the Top 100 Pop Songs on the chart over the past two decades (1992-2012). From rock to country music and everything in between, each genre is represented well in the countdown. That said, you’ll be surprised to know who lands in the Top 10.

Given that it’s a Pop Chart, you’d assume the artists in the above picture would’ve made the upper echelon of the list. Sure Katy Perry, Britney Spears, LMFAO and Adele make the Top 100 cut, but fail to make the Top 10. Instead, the list is occupied mostly by pop-rock ballads with a dance track thrown in for good measure. Even more shocking is who landed the No. 1 slot. Here are a few highlights from the Top 100 Pop Song list, with the Top 10 after that.

  • 97. “Grenade” Bruno Mars (2011)
  • 81. “My Love” Justin Timberlake Featuring T.I
  • 79. “Stickwitu” The Pussycat Dolls
  • 73. “Complicated” Avril Lavigne (2002)
  • 68. “Promiscuous” Nelly Furtado
  • 66. “Genie In A Bottle” Christina Aguilera
  • 51. “Lovefool” The Cardigans
  • 48. “The Sign” Ace Of Base
  • 43. “You Belong To Me” Taylor Swift (2009)
  • 40. “Don’t Let Go (Love)” En Vogue
  • 30. “You Were Meant For Me” Jewel
  • 27. “Bleeding Love” Leona Lewis
  • 16. “…Baby One More Time” Britney Spears
  • 15. “Tik Tok” Ke$ha
  • 12. “We Found Love” Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris

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With Thanksgiving out of the way, it’s now time to fully get into the holiday spirit. Trim your trees, hang your stockings, but most importantly, start playing your Christmas music. I currently have Justin Bieber’s Under The Mistletoe and the new Glee Christmas album on heavy rotation with a little Michael Bublé thrown in. Now, I’m excited to add this new holiday track from OneRepublic into my Christmas playlist.

The new song is titled Christmas Without You and is currently available on iTunes. Straying away from the classic Drummer Boys and Stocking Stuffers, OneRepublic took a more melancholy approach to the Christmas tune. The album artwork (seen above) shows you what I mean. But, how did this stick figure drawing become the cover? The band explained via Twitter:

“The xmas cover was drawn by [Ryan Tedder] in about 60 seconds as an ‘idea’ of what we might use, but there was something so cool & sad about it….we tried to re-do it better- but the original drawing had something special about it- it was real..not over-thought. so we used it.” I think it’s quite whimsical personally. Give a listen to their new Christmas track below.

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Last night, we were treated to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards hosted by The Big Bang Theory’s resident hottie Kaley Cuoco. The kick off the night, all of the Kardashians including Kylie and Kendall Jenner introduce the night’s DJ, who plays what I am assuming is a track from his upcoming album. The song is called Party Animal and it’s kind of only medium. The best part was when it transitioned into Party Rock Anthem. What made the opening performance so random were the groups of fans bouncing around on stage. Super distracting.

Once Kaley hits the stage, the show continues on almost as awkwardly as it began as she cruises the crowd to find the smartest teen. She first stops on Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey and then finally ends on a semi-unsuspecting teen girl who says her favorite show is Make It or Break It instead of The Big Bang Theory. Thankfully, the awards begin and we are saved from the awkward writing and hosting from Ms. Cuoco. Check out the night’s winners and musical performance videos below.

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Its that dreaded time again. Elimination night. Last week, Mike Catherwood became the season’s first casualty when he was eliminated from the competition. Last night, the stars hit the floor with dances that reflected personal stories in their life. We heard of love, loss, triumph and celebration, but tonight, we close the chapter on someone’s story, but who will it be?

Len thought last night was fantastic. There were spills, thrills and the leaderboard was totally shook up. He said some of the routines were fabulous and stood out. Len picks Hines Ward and Kym Johnson to re-perform their sexy Samba from last night. But before they perform, Tom lets the two know that they are safe for another week.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Romeo are first to hear their fate. Sugar Ray had a fighting Paso Doble and Romeo did a touching Rumba for his fallen cousins. Len loved Sugar’s comeback Paso but thought that Romeo took a step backward in improvements this week. So who’s safe? Its Sugar Ray and Anna. Psych. Romeo and Chelsie are also safe this week.

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A Year of Google Searches: 2010 Edition

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A lot happened this year in the world we live it. In the age of the Internet, it’s all tracked and making it easy to look back and review all of the big events, both good and bad. Google recently released their Zeitgeist report which reviews 2010, and released a video that summarized what people were searching for. As Google summarizes it:

From the World Cup to the Haiti earthquake, 2010 brought the world together. As we leave the year behind, we’re taking a look at the biggest events, news, and people who shaped the year. We analyzed the billions of queries that were typed into Google over the year to give you a glimpse of 2010 as seen through the lenses of Google searches.

The images and footage in the video, coupled with with Good Life by One Republic playing as the soundtrack, makes for very touching video produced by Whirled Creative. Definitely worth watching.

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