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What do 69 shirtless guys plus a guilty pleasure song equal? One adorably cute video filled with tonnes of eye candy. Who doesn’t love a bunch of sexy studs flexing and horse playing with other guys as they tell you that you’re beautiful. Sign me up.

For their annual Cosmo 69 Bachelors issue, Cosmopolitan Philippines instructed their sexy bachelors to embody one of today’s biggest groups and lip sync to one of their tracks. The selected song, obviously, is One Direction’s hit, “What Makes You Beautiful“. Not surprisingly, the September issue is one the publication’s most highly-anticipated one of the year. Check out this year’s crop of handsome bachelors as they channel their inner boy band’er in the lip dub below.

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Not too long ago, we featured the first gay parody of One Direction‘s “What Makes You Beautiful” hit. Now, a second has surfaced by a group of guys that call themselves One Orientation. Introducing “That Makes You Homosexual“.

That Makes You Homosexual is a parody,” the boys state in the description of the video. “We are One Direction Fans. This is not intended to be negative towards the band! We do not think they are gay! We love the song and this is our FUN take on it. EQUALITY for all.” Probably a good idea for them to say that as many people could take a video with a title like that the wrong way.

Anyway, the video is super cute and the lyrics are quite funny. In the chorus, the boys sing, “Baby that fierce little strut and those perfect brows / You work out 6 days a week and still weight two pounds / You manscape your junk so it aint no doubt / you don’t kno – ow -ow / You’re a homosexual.” It’s definitely worth watching. If you love One Direction and/or love gay parody videos, this one is for you. Enjoy!

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Last year, the boy band “One Directionplaced third on X-Factor to winner Matt Cardle, but that hasn’t stopped them. Earlier this year, the teen heartthrobs signed with Simon Cowell’s Syco label and have now just released their debut song “What Makes You Beautiful” on BBC Radio 1. I’m thinking it’s going to be a hit!

“We’re so excited to get the single finally out there,” said Harry Styles during a chat on the radio. “When we were recording in the studio we knew instantly that we wanted this track to be our first single.”

The single will be released on September 11th, and the album will follow later in the year. The music video for the song will debut on August 14th. For now, you can listen to the track via the animated lyric video below.

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