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It only took five seasons and 106 episodes, but it happened on Sunday night. Once Upon A Time finally showed some same-sex loving. It’s about friggin’ time. Who loves fairy tales more than the gays 😉

Producers first teased some same-sex action back in 2013 when Mulan (Jamie Chung) became the ABC series’ first LGBT fairy tale character. If you recall, she was about to profess her love to Aurora (Sarah Bolger) but stopped when she learned that Aurora and Prince Phillip were expecting. It latter than appeared Mulan would either get with Red Riding Hood (Meghan Ory) or Merida (Amy Manson).

Sadly, Mulan is still without love. Instead it’s Red who got some lady action. She awoke Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy (Teri Reeves) from a sleeping curse with a true love’s kiss. It’s kinda hilarious that the first same-sex kiss featured a friend of Dorothy… literally. Check out the epic moment below.

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ABC Renews Quantico & Plenty More For Next Season

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While other networks have announced show renewals, ABC has been relatively quiet. That is until now. The alphabet just delivered season renewals to four shows.

Quantico, which has been one of the breakouts this season, received a sophomore season order. Its overnight numbers are respectable, but the Priyanka Chopra-fronted FBI drama is one of the season’s biggest shows in delayed viewing. Find out what other shows received good news.

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Over the weekend, Charlie Hunnam shocked everyone by quitting the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. In a released statement, the studio claimed it was due to his hectic television schedule. However, two days later, rumor has it that Hunnam couldn’t handle the pressure of the media scrutiny and rabid wild fans. He was overwhelmed with all the attention. With his departure, I wasn’t looking forward to being inundated with the casting speculation that would undoubtedly follow. With that being said, this is one rumor I hope is true.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Theo James, Christian Cooke, Alexander Skarsgard and Jamie Dornan are possible replacements. Sorry Matt Bomer fans. It appears once again the White Collar actor is out of the running.

From those on the short list, I have to say Dornan is my first choice. The sexy Irish stud is best known for being Keira Knightley’s ex and being a successful male model with high profile gigs including Calvin Klein underwear. Recently, he’s dabbled in acting, appearing on the first season of Once Upon A Time and currently starring on the BBC crime drama The Fall.

Whoever the studio and producers decide on, they have to make it official in the next couple of weeks. The film was scheduled to begin filming the first week of November. If you don’t know the hotness that is Dornan, check out several photos below and my Model Behavior feature on him.

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Once Upon A Time producer Edward Kitsis teased there would be at least one gay character this season. On last night’s episode, we discovered who the show’s first LGBT fairy tale character would be. While I was hoping for Robin Hood and his merry man being a band of gay archers, it actually was another warrior. It’s none other than Mulan (Jamie Chung) herself.

After being advised to tell the person you love how you feel about him or her before it’s too late, Mulan rushed to Aurora (Sarah Bolger) to reveal her true feelings. Before getting the courage to declare her love, Aurora tells her that Prince Phillip and her are expecting. #buzzkill.

“Dear @jamiechung1 & @SarahBolger, I’d give you each an Emmy for that. No foolin’. You made me cry & I had read the script! #AskOnce” – Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) via Twitter.

Hopefully, Mulan finds her happily ever after on OUAT. I’m intrigued how the writers will develop this storyline for the rest of Season 3. Check out the heartbreaking scene below.

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Once Upon A Time Season 3 Preview

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For Season 3, Once Upon A Time explores the fantasy world of Neverland. Unlike previous adaptations, showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis’ take on Peter Pan will be darker, more complicated and frightening. In addition to Peter Pan, the show’s producers are adding three new characters to the mix. Correction, only two. Robin Hood was actually introduced last season, but due to Tom Ellis’ availability, the role has been recast. Find out who’s taking over and what other fairy tale favorites are setting sail to Neverland this Fall.

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Once Upon A Time Spinoff Announced

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Once Upon A Time is one of ABC’s most successfully launched new shows in several years. It only makes sense the alphabet network orders a spinoff from the show’s creators. If the network execs like the pilot, OUAT will be the third show in the past few weeks to spawn a spinoff. The WB’s The Vampire Diaries and ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars also have ones in development.

Once creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, with help from former River EP Zack Estrin and Once writer Jane Espenson are making a small test presentation. The proposed spinoff will be set in pre-curse Wonderland. Titled, Once: Wonderland, the show will follow Alice’s adventures. Unlike a traditional spinoff, this project will be more in the vein of American Horror Story. It won’t be an “another five-year, 22-episode series”, but rather have “a beginning, middle, and end.” Check out a few of the cast members below.

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Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to interview the lovely Keegan Connor Tracy, whom you know best as the Blue Fairy / Mother Superior on Once Upon A Time. In addition to that, she also places Miss Watson on the new A&E series, Bates Motel that recently premiered. The show is a modern day reimagining of the Psycho story and how Norman Bates came to be the killer we know from the infamous movie.

Keegan spoke about what it was like to film the series and how her role as Norman Bates’ teacher plays into the story. As you may or may not know, Bates Motel and OUAT are filmed here in Vancouver so she was able to juggle the filming schedules between the two shows pretty well. She also spoke about the differences between the two experiences and a movie that she just signed on for that stars Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche called Words And Pictures. The film is about an art instructor and an English teacher who form a rivalry that ends up with a competition at their school in which students decide whether words or pictures are more important. Keegan plays Ellen, one of the teachers at the school. Check out my interview below!

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Once Upon A Time Goes From Heroic To Epic

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Now that Christmas is over, who’s ready for your favorite shows to return? I know I am. As much as I love the holiday season, the one huge downside is all the reruns. Thankfully, regularly scheduled programming is just around the corner. One of my favorites, Once Upon A Time, recently debuted a new trailer promoting its return which promises to take the show from “heroic to epic“. This trailer, coupled with a former Charmed actress joining the cast, makes OUAT’s return unbearable.

The ABC fantasy drama wakes from its winter hibernation on January 6, 2013. Season 2’s tenth episode has Regina being accused of murdering a “beloved fairytale character.” Given that the episode is titled, “The Cricket Game,” does this mean Jiminy Cricket is about to meet his maker? I hope not. In a surprising twist, Emma believes Regina is innocent. Could the murderous culprit be the evil dynamic duo of Cora and Captain Hook. Last we left Storybrooke, the two were on their way to the fictional town. Check out the new promo below.

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