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Magic” was a chart-topper for Olivia Newton-John in 1980. For the 35th anniversary of the film Xanadu that spawned the single, the 66-year-old singer teams up with her daughter for a new club-ready version produced by Dave Aude.

Chloe Rose Lattanzi her only daughter with first husband Matt Lattanzi is the star of the new recording. The 29-year-old saunters through Las Vegas’ neon graveyard, hits the club with Chippendale dancers and hangs out with drag queens for the accompanying visual. Check it out below.

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The infamous Grease duo, Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta have reunited to release a Christmas album together titled, This Christmas and today they’ve just released the music video for one of the songs: “I Think You Might Like It.”

In the video, Travolta flies his plane home for Christmas where he is reunited with Olivia Newton-John, who drove to meet him in a convertible packed with presents. The two do a little line dancing throughout the video in black outfits, which feels like an homage to the outfits they wore in final scenes in Grease. Aside from John & Olivia, we also see clips of other families reuniting for the holidays, including some soldiers returning home as well.

In the final clip of the video, the two drive off in the convertible, with one last wave from Olivia. This is of course an homage to the final scene in Grease when Danny & Sandy drive off in the flying car.

Oh, along with the release of the music video, John and Oliva sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on her show today. Enjoy the cute (and cheesy) Christmas music video, as well as their segment on Ellen below.

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Over the weekend, the cast of “Glee” attended an event at the Paley Center for PaleyFest. Named for William S. Paley, founder of the Center and CBS, the annual festival celebrates television’s creative successes and diverse programming and the creative process behind the medium. In the largest audience in Paley’s history, the cast and producers delighted 2000 fans and media to a screening of Glee’s first episode back after its winter hiatus on April 13, 2010.

According to preliminary reports, the return episode is firing on all cylinders and expected to wow fans going through Glee withdrawal. With previously announced and rumored guest stars Idina Menzel, Olivia Newton-John, Neil Patrick Harris and J.Lo on board, the cast spilled a few more spoilers about upcoming musical numbers and storylines. If you’re like me and love reading spoilers, keep on reading, otherwise, proceed with caution.

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Musical Review: Xanadu

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First off – GO buy tickets here… NOW!  Xanadu is currently playing at the Paramount Theater in Seattle until January 24th (this Sunday) – this is a limited engagement and tickets will be gone quick.  So GO – after you read my article of course.

Tuesday night I was fortunate enough to score tickets to Broadway’s hit musical Xanadu, so I grabbed my friend Scott (Lady, as I affectionately call him) and  made our way down to Seattle’s Paramount theater.  To be perfectly honest, when we sat in our seats I turned to Scott and said “I really don’t understand how a musical about a roller skating and Greek gods can be a hit musical.  I mean, REALLY?”  Scott just looked at me, nodded and shrugged his shoulders.  If I didn’t understand why this wasn’t a hit before the show started, I definitely did 10 minutes into it.

It’s safe to say that both Scott and I gay-gasped throughout the musical, probably about every 20 minutes.  Between the outfits, humor, glitter, lights, music and energy – there was no shortage of laughing out loud and definitely not much time spent without smiles plastered across our faces.  The story line, while literally out of this world, is cute and not over the top in the cheese department.  Clio (aka Kara), played by Elizabeth Stanley, kills it as the Leader of the Muses even adapting a comical version of Olivia Newton John’s Australian accent.  Her on-stage counterpart Sonny played by Max Von Essen is equally as entertaining as the goofy Venice Beach “valley boy” artist trying to make a name for himself.  

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It’s a match made in Xanadu heaven. Glee producer, Ryan Murphy, unveiled the Grease’s stars upcoming guest spot to E! Online. When Glee returns in April from it’s mid-season hiatus, Olivia will be track suiting it up with Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester. Though no official word was released on what Olivia’s role will be, Murphy did indicate that Newton-John will be dusting off her 80s headbands to perform her 1981 hit, “Let’s Get Physical” with Lynch.

I was already dying without my weekly Glee fix and now with this latest news, I’m hoping April arrives even faster. With Idina Menzel also joining the cast when Glee returns, the second half of the season is shaping up to be better than the first part. Though producers and Fox have stated Menzel’s role will be Vocal Adrenaline’s coach, I’m cautiously optimistic that she’ll end up being Rachel Berry‘s biological mother. During the pilot episode, it was revealed that Berry’s character had two gay dads and was conceived via a sperm mash-up from the two combined with an egg.

It would be a CRIME on the producer’s behalf to not reference the resemblance between the two Broadway divas. This type of casting perfection comes along once in a blue moon. Check out the side-by-side comparisons between the two talented brunette songstresses.

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