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Old Spice is going old school to promote their brand new line of bar soaps. Their ad agency used classic jingle-based soap television creative from yesteryear (think Irish Spring). The new spots demonstrate how guys can wash their body the manly way, with manly scented bar soap to the tune of extremely masculine, yet incredibly informative jingles.

Apparently, more than 40 percent of guys are loyal bar soap users. I admit, I’m one. It was a segment of the market, Old Spice wanted to target. The brand created bar soaps using their three most popular scents– Fiji, Pure Sport and Swagger.

“We know many guys are living with an unspoken shame – that they simply use whatever bar soap is already in the shower based on what the woman in their life purchased and is often using. I guess we’re also in the business of helping guys reclaim their territory in the shower.” – Joe Arcuri, Vice President, North America Beauty Care at Procter & Gamble

The commercials were created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland advertising agency. Out of the two, I prefer the “watermelon” ad. That jingle is not only catchy but absolutely ridiculous. Watch it below. PS: If anyone knows the names of the actors in the ads, please share them in the comments section. Much appreciated.

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I’m curious to know the demographics of the guys who wear Old Spice. I can’t think of anyone I know who purchases it. Actually, I don’t think I’ve even tested a sampler myself. Obviously, there is a market for the fragrance out there, because the company shells out some decent cash to create unforgettable commercials. Remember Isaiah Mustafa and his, “Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me…” script. Not sure if their new promo material could top that, but it’s quite innovative nonetheless.

Taking a break from hanging out with his senior citizen mercenary buddies in The Expendables 2, Terry Crews uses his well-defined body for the greater good. Or in this case to pimp out Old Spice. The ‘Muscle Music‘ ad campaign features Crews sitting down with wires attached to body. With every keyboard stroke, his muscles flex to create a musical sound. It’s your very own digital Stomp musical.

When I typed out my name, it composed a series of honks and beeps with words like “danger zone” and “sausages” thrown in. Type out your name and see what it generates. Experiment by holding keys longer or lightly tapping them. In order to get to the composing part of the video, simply fast-forward to the end of the clip. If you’re impressed with your musical masterpiece, you can record it and share it with your friends. Check out the new innovate campaign below.

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He’s baaaaaaaaack. Isaiah Mustafa and his over-the-top machismo are here again to make us laugh in 2011. Better known as the Old Spice Guy, Mustafa returns for a series of heroic advertisments just in time for the Super Bowl. He’s the man you want your man to smell like, right? How I missed his illusions of grandeur and insane comments. Just check out his opening statement, “ladies, men, mammals, and the mighty sequoia of the redwood forest,”. WTF??? I love it.

It should come as a no-brainer, Old Spice enlisted the velvet voiced actor to reprise his role. Not only did the commercial win an Emmy but it spawned numerous copycats and parodies. Mustafa was also kept busy for months making the talk show rounds. I’m sure the new campaign will garner equally the same attention, just based on the attention this promo is already receiving. Even if the entire commercial was on mute, I’d probably crack a smile as would many others. His expressions and body language are hilarballs.

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Maybe it’s just me, but it seems these days as though everything is suddenly “anti-gay”. I don’t mean that such things are portraying us gays in a bad light, I mean that it seems like we are getting upset more and more often. I am sure am I going to receive major flack for this but that’s okay.

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about the old spice ad that is running on TV right now, with a muscular attractive ‘masculine’ man talking to women about their men. Now, this is directed towards straight women, which is fine. Old spice did studies and found that women buy the majority of their beauty products for men. So these marketers decided that it would be best to target straight women while also appealing to straight men, and TRADITIONALLY, straight men want to be perceived as masculine, and straight women are attracted to masculine men.

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