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On tonight’s episode of Project Runway, Jesse Tyler Ferguson not only acts as guest judge but also is an integral part of the challenge. The Modern Family actor is on hand to pimp out bowties from his Tie The Knot collection. Shilling his product isn’t completely self-serving. Proceeds from the sale of the neckwear benefit marriage equality. Side note: the episode was filmed before Ferguson married his partner Justin Mikita.

During the runway critique, one particular contestant gets emotional. Not because the judges are ripping apart his design. On the contrary they love it. I do as well. Rather, it’s due to the challenge’s theme. Out of nowhere, Brandon McDonald decides to propose to his boyfriend of 18 years Josh.

Watching judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Ferguson clutching their imaginary pearls is priceless. Total saps 😉 Heidi Klum also gets swept up in the touching moment and offers to become a bridesmaid for the newly-engaged couple. Check out the clip below.

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Project Runway Is Now A Team Sport

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The backstabbing and drama will reach new levels when Project Runway returns for its eleventh season. For the first time in the show’s history, the contestants will be competiting as teams instead of individuals for every challenge. Personally, I think this twist sucks. If you watched Bravo’s lame attempt to duplicate the designing show, you know that The Fashion Show sucked big time. That’s even with the wonderfully snippy Iman as host and head judge.

With that being said, I’m still going to watch it to see Zac Posen’s debut as Michael Kors’ replacement. Based on the newly-released promo, I’m not too optimistic about his addition. I adore Posen but there’s only one short snippet of him in the promo. If his critiques were as hilariously cutting as Kors, I’m sure the network would’ve included a short montage of his best one-liners. Check out the new promo below.

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Michael Kors Bids Auf Wiedersehen To Project Runway

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Say it isn’t so. Michael Kors is my FAVORITE judge on Project Runway. He simply cannot leave. Who else is going to give such memorable one-liners as “Her drag name would be Origami Rose” or “She looks like a pole dancer in Dubai.”? No matter how much I’m in denial, Kors’ departure is a done deal. The designer won’t be a part of Season 11 of Project Runway.

If you think there’s drama behind this, you’ll be disappointed. Reportedly, it was his busy schedule that kept him from signing on as a full-time judge for the next season. Lifetime revealed in a statement that Michael will return to help judge the finale. At least, we’ll have that.

As if Kors leaving wasn’t bad enough, there is another change coming that I’m not excited about in the least. For the first time on Project Runway, the designers will compete as teams and not as individuals. Boo, this is starting to sound like Bravo’s The Fashion Show. Remember their lame attempt to replace Project Runway when Harvey Weinstein moved his show to Lifetime? UGH. Find out who Kors’ replacement is below.

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For this week’s “Project Runway” challenge, birds served as the inspiration for the designer’s looks. Tim Gunn informed the remaining designers that they would be paired up. Naturally, they groaned thinking it was yet another team challenge. Insert twist. Instead of working together, they had to compete against each other, with one designer being on top and the other being in the bottom and in jeopardy of going home. They were instructed to create two designs, but in the end they only had to show one look on the runway. Did anyone else think this twist was fishy? Was this created at the 11th hour because some of the designer’s second looks looked like tragic trainwrecks? I think so.

Anya and Laura competed against each and received a raven as their inspiration. A cockatoo was Kimberly and Viktor’s muse, while Bert and Joshua were left with an Amazon parrot as their source of inspiration. The winning look would not only be featured in a Marie Claire advertorial, but the designer would also receive a cash prize of $20,000. Ka-ching. Designer Francisco Costa joined the judging panel this week to critique the looks.

Before I get to this week’s designs, I have to quickly comment on last night’s fabric-gate scandal. Anya, who has been a lightening rod for controversy this season due to limited sewing skills, was at the center of last night’s drama. In previous weeks, she had been the recipient of help from her fellow designers. In turn, she returned the favor by giving extra fabric to designers and gave them valuable input. This week a new Anya arose. When asked by Joshua for extra fabric, she refused. Was our former Miss Trinidad & Tobago becoming cutthroat?

Personally, I would’ve given Joshua my extra fabric if he was my friend. Definitely not bueno on Anya’s part, considering Joshua had helped her in previous episodes. Too boot, last week Anya received much-needed fabric from Anthony Ryan when she lost her money at Mood. She should’ve definitely paid it forward. Anyhoo, just my two cents. In the end, it worked out for Joshua who was forced to work with the fabric he had and turned out a beautiful clean look. Onto this week’s designs. Check them out below.

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Project Runway 9: Episode 10 “Sew 70s” Designs

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Greetings my fellow “Project Runway” fans. Apologies for not recapping last week. Once again, I was out of town and in Las Vegas for a debacherous weekend with a few friends. Three days at home and I’m still recovering. That’s how good it was.

Surprisingly, with me away Lifetime still decided to air a new PR episode. LOL. At least, the one I missed was a menswear challenge. Viktor definitely deserved the win and Oliver without a doubt, needed to go home. That being said, both Anya and Kimberly were extremely lucky that Oliver sucked more because both their garments were not-so-fabulous. But enough of last week, let’s start with last night’s “That ’70s Show” Project Runway edition.

The designers were instructed to create two garments– one being a one-piece– that referenced the 70s but without being to literal. If you watched last week’s episode, you know a few of them went down the literal route. The winning design would be manufactured and sold on They were given $100 and $50 for each of the outfits. Speaking of money, Anya lost hers at Mood and was limited to leftover change and scraps of fabric donated by the other designers. Proving my girl has it when it comes to women’s clothes (cuz she sucks with men), she not only managed to create two fantastic garments but won the challenge too. Anya FTW.

Joining the panel this week was Olivia Palermo of “The City” fame. Apparently, this snooty biznatch is working at now. Erin Kaplan (The City) must be ecstatic that Olivia isn’t tormenting her at Elle anymore and someone else’s nightmare. In true Olivia fashion, she didn’t hold back on her critiques but dare I say it… she wasn’t as bitchy as I thought she would be. Maybe her most cutting comments were left on the editing floor. That being said, I hope they bring back Olivia as a guest judge. Unlike other guest judges, Olivia has no problem being unlikeable to the masses. Check out this week’s designs below.

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The week’s episode of “Project Runway” should’ve really been titled “What Men Want” instead. Considering the challenge began with the husbands/boyfriends of the designer’s new clients giving them direction and fabric suggestions it would’ve been more appropriate. Plus with all the talk about boobs and cleavage, it was a straight man’s dream. Even Tim Gunn had boobies on his mind. Whether he was complementing the firmness of a woman’s breasts or his inexperience with Double D cup sizes, Tim was drowning in décolletage.

The beginning of the episode began with a fakeout by Heidi. The designers thought they were creating menswear which freaked a lot of them out. Most of them have never done men’s clothing, let alone men who were not model sizes. Oliver’s confessional regarding a few of the men’s girth was hilarious: “Were left with all these fat people. Fat is fine but not when I’m making clothes“. Oliver cracks me up. He’s so unassuming and quiet, but delivers some of the bitchiest one-liners. Yet no one gets mad at him because of his demeanor. You have to watch this video piece discussing Oliver and Bert’s strange relationship on It’s hilarious.

Joining the judging panel this week was actress Malin Akerman (The Watchmen). I have to give Akerman credit with her performance. Her critiques were astute, constructive and well-thought out. Girlfriend definitely did her homework before filming.

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Project Runway 9: Episode 7 Designs

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You’re probably thinking why the eff am I recapping “Project Runway” now? It does seem pretty random considering we’re in the middle of Season 9. I’m loving this season so much, I had to write about it. While some critics think this season isn’t one of their best, I have to respectfully disagree. Most of the designers are quite likable and I have several I’m rooting for. There are also a couple of personalities who create enough friction to make the episodes interesting. I’m not going to recap the episodes in the traditional sense, but rather just quickly talk about the designs and the elimination.

This week, the designers were in store for yet another team challenge which means lots of drama. Once split up, the teams were informed they had to create their own signature fabric designs (always a favorite challenge of mine). They were also instructed to capture video and images which would serve as inspiration and a backdrop for their runway show. Loved this latest twist for the show. Both teams’ visuals worked out pretty well. Betsy Johnson appeared briefly on the show to advise the designers on showmanship. Joining the judging panel this week were designer Rachel Roy and actress Rose Byrne. See how both teams fared below.

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It’s time to make it work again. Lifetime just announced the start date for Project Runway’s ninth season. All the fashion drama and designer meltdowns will begin on Thursday, July 28 and it promises to be bigger than ever. They aren’t kidding. Not only is Heidi Klum getting naked in the promos (see full pic below), but the season will begin with 20 designers- the most ever on the show- and feature a bevy of celebrity judges.

On the season premiere, the 20 chosen contestants will have to stand before the judges and tell them why they should make the cut. In other words, you’ll see a bunch of fashionistas begging, pleading and hopefully crying to the panel for a spot in the workroom. Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia will eliminate four designers on the spot, narrowing down the field to 16. The remaining designers will then be guided by the judges to “one of the toughest first challenges in the series’ history” as said by Lifetime. Ooooh, I love a good innovative first challenge. Til this day, Austin Scarlet’s corn husk dress still wows me.

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