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The American Idol Mass Exodus Continues

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With most of the blame for American Idol‘s declining viewership put on the judging panel, it’s about time people behind the scenes also be held accountable. Let’s be honest, the producers could’ve nipped the Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey feud before becoming the huge elephant in the room. They could’ve sent them to one of those team building weekend camps 😉 They definitely dropped the ball.

According to a report by the Hollywood Reporter, both Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick are expected to be fired from their executive producing duties. Both veteran producers have been with the FOX reality show since its inception in 2002 with Lythgoe taking a break during Seasons 8 & 9.

Also leaving behind the scenes is FOX chief of alternative programming Mike Darnell. At this point, the only original things remaining on the show are Ryan Seacrest and the American Idol logo. If Seacrest leaves, put a fork in it, it’s dunzo.

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Looks like Nigel Lythgoe has been a good boy in 2012. Shocking because he’s on the naughty list in my books. The American Idol producer just received word that his reality show baby, So You Think You Can Dance, has been renewed for a 10th season.

“Great news for Christmas: FOX officially picked up Season 10 of #SYTYCD # DanceOnFox. First audition City Austin TX. #MyBestChristmasGift.” – Nigel Lythgoe’s Twitter

Truly, I’m a little shocked. When FOX trimmed down the series to air only once a week for its ninth season, I thought the dancing competition was on its last legs. Much like MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, SYTYCD has been slipping in the ratings steadily the past few years. MTV axed ABDC, so I assumed a similar fate would follow the FOX show. Apparently not.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing work that Nigel and the entire So You Think You Can Dance team has done over the past nine seasons. This show is truly one of the most compelling series on television and I can’t wait to bring it back for Season 10,” – Mike Darnell (Fox’s President of Alternative Entertainment)

When the Season 9 finale aired, I thought the proverbial fat lady had sung. I compiled my Top 15 Hottest Male SYTYCD Dancers list, thinking it was permanent. I was even going to laminate it 😉 Now, I’m going to have to update it when the next season starts. Hopefully, there will be some decent talented eye candy. That’s the only way I’ll keep tuning in. I’ve grown very tired of the series. Too much power rests in the judges *cough* Nigel’s hands *cough*. Don’t you agree?

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It’s starting to look like 2010 over at FOX. Remember when Simon Cowell left “American Idol” and producers scrambled to find replacements? Contrary to popular belief, the reality competition didn’t implode after the acerbic judge’s departure.

With Jennifer Lopez potentially leaving, Nigel Lythgoe and company are working on a plan B should negotiations with Lopez fail. Just like 2010 and with the “X Factor judging drama earlier this year, multiple names are being tossed around. Names from Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Fergie and are reportedly in the mix. Katy Perry was also a potential replacement, but the singer addressed the rumors to the Hollywood Reporter.

“People have reached out to me about the possibility of being involved, and it’s not right for me yet.” Perry adds, and “it’s a real commitment to be on one of those shows. … I have ideas for two or three big, creative things, and I want to be able to fulfill those ideas.”

Personally, I’m a little bummed about Katy. I thought she was excellent during her guest judging stint on AI a few seasons ago. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. With her out of the running, the producers are also looking within the Idol family as a potential solution. Find out below which former contestant is on their short list.

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Last night, the newly rebranded E! Network debuted their newest reality show, “Opening Act.” The hour long docudrama is brought to us by FOX’s favorite reality producer, Nigel Lythgoe and follows the following premise. Nigel and his group and music makers including Jason Derulo and Martina McBride, scour the internet and YouTube for the next talented act to open for one of today’s biggest artists.

For the series premiere, the show debuted Arielle, a small town girl from Texas with a voice like Adele. After being ambushed at a local coffee shop, she was flown to LA to prepare to open for Rod Stewart during an engagement at Caesar’s Palace. At first introduction, I thought Arielle was pretty talented. When she plays her own song she’d like to present as a candidate to open with, the panel decides against it and instead, gives her a song produced by Rock Mafia intended originally for Selena Gomez. It sounds great but, it lacked the real emotion of her original piece.

Once in LA, she is thrown into a crazy, five-day rehearsal process with producers, music directors and vocal coaches. While the series premiere proved to be a little bland, the preview for next week’s episode seems to provide a little more excitement along with the weeks to come. Artists that will provide an opening act slot include Brad Paisley, Gym Class Heroes and more. Check out a few clips from last night’s show along with a preview of episodes and opening acts to come.

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So You Think You Can Dance 9: Vegas Call Backs!!

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Sorry for the delayed post folks, I was in Toronto for work this week and just got back from a whirlwind trip that included a visit with fellow castmate, Kevin! We gushed about this season of SYTYCD and needless to say we’re PUMPED for the level of competition this year, and the slew of Contemporary dancers.

I definitely had a few early favourites from the audition rounds this year, and I’m hoping that we’ll truly be seeing one of the best seasons of So You Think You Can Dance to date! Time to tune in and see if your favourite dancers make it through to the live performance episodes.

From the opening intro alone this two-hour episode is going to be produced with the MAXIMUM amount of drama! The judging panel is once again extended for this stage of the competition to include krumper Lil’ C, the legendary Debbie Allen, homo-favsies Adam Shankman, homo-runner up Tyce Diorio, Screamin’ MM and Skeletor (unfortunately). All of the dancers took to the stage once again to perform their solos – this is it folks, CUT THROAT TIME!

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Wow folks, we’re in the final city of auditions for season nine of So You Think You Can DanceSalt Lake City, Utah. We’re bound to find a few ballroom contestants from this state, which will be a first in this season of SYTYCD! It’s not surprising, but so far this season we’ve seen the fast majority of Vegas-bound dancers specializing in Contemporary, with a few Hip Hop and street dancers breaking their way into the mix.

This week we have Adam Shankman joining Skeletor and Screamin’ MM on the judging panel, which will thankfully add a healthy dose of homosexuality to the mix! I’ll admit, I’m a few drinks in at this point as it was the pre-season kick off to the Canadian Football League, and my hometown team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were in town playing the BC Lions and I’d never miss a chance of seeing my boys play live. Sadly, the Saskie boys lost, which lead to a few more pints and my boyish grin as I make my way through this episode.

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Hollah! We’re back folks – Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance kicked off their auditions portion this week, showcasing dancers from New York City, New York and Dallas, Texas. I won’t be recapping all of the audition episodes, as I feel the producers (Nigel Lythgo AGAIN) over do this stage of the competition and I just refuse to give them any more time than needed. It’s hard to believe that we’re going from one Lythgo-manipulated-and-produced show, American Idol, to another, SYTYCD. Believe me, Adam and I share the exact same feelings towards Skeletor and his absolutely ridiculous methods. His reality-show-template is getting incredibly stale and it’s time to really think outside the box or risk some of them being cancelled all together. Mark my words…

The two-hour show kicked off in New York with Skeletor, SCREAMIN’ Mary Murphy (hells yeah she’s back on TV) and Tyce Diorio on the judging panel. Overall the auditions were fairly standard comparable to the last few years. The scripted judge’s comments included a few ‘best dancer this show has ever seen’ and ‘WHOO WHOO YOU’VE GOT A TICKET ON THE HOT TOMALE TRAIN’. Lies. While I was definitely entertained by a few of the Contemporary dancers and one Hip-Hop/street dancer, there really weren’t a lot of stand-out performances I felt truly worthy of recollecting. And don’t even get me started on the gimmicky production of the one female contestant who loved Paris, even though she has never been, and they swapped the video out to replicate a silent film, a la The Artist knock off, which fell incredibly flat. This show really is made for a 13-year-old-audience.

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Holy shit kids, I can hardly believe it – the NINTH season of So You Think You Can Dance is set to premier on Fox at 8/7c on Thursday, May 24th! I can’t believe this show has been on the air for eight years, and that my summer is once again going to be filled up with some crazy-as-heck Contemporary routines from Travis Wall! I wonder who else will be making a return to choreography list? Will there be a comeback of the legendary Mia Michaels? Will we get to fall in love all over again with lyric Hip Hop from Tabitha and Napolean (or Nappy Tabs if your SYTYCD alum)? Hot damn I hope so!

It feels like just yesterday that our girl, Melanie, took home the crown for season eight – a deserving winner! I was so happy to see the American public cast their votes for the dancer that truly earned the title, versus the production manipulation that Nigel Lythgo (Skeletor) forced on us each week. Do you remember that botched year when the writer’s went on strike and the producers decided to cram in two seasons back to back? What a disaster that turned out to be – both groups got screwed out of a complete US tour.

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