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Do I need to ramble on as to why you should watch this clip? Com’n, just check out the picture above. Alan Ritchson never really turned my crank previously, but get him wet and executing some choreography, and you’ve got me swooning.

NBC’s new reality show, I Can Do That, is perfect Summer viewing. It’s mindless, charming and actually quite watchable. Cheryl Burke, Joe Jonas, Ciara, comedian Jeff Dye, Nicole Scherzinger and Ritchson pair up for weekly challenges where they learn magic, how to be a Globetrotter, dance routines and other stunts. The studio audience then votes for the winner.

On the premiere episode, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle teamed up with the Pussycat Doll to perform a gravity-defying AiRealistic routine. As eye-catching and beautiful as the routine was, a shirtless Ritchson hearing feedback from his co-stars was everything. Dude is ripped. The only thing that would’ve made this better is if Joe Jonas stepped in to perform with Ritchson. Maybe next time. Check out the sexy clip below.

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The music video for Alex Gaudino and Nicole Scherzinger’s hot dance collaboration is finally here. I first shared the slinky club anthem a couple of months ago and loved it ever since.

Who is Gaudino? He’s the Italian DJ who hooked up with Kelly Rowland for the underrated “What A Feeling” back in 2011. “Missing You” is a track off the DJ’s forthcoming album Doctor Love.

The video opens with a street dancer trying to draw a nearby woman’s attention. With “Missing You” playing, naturally she perks up 😉 The two hit it off and visit several LA locales. All seems well until dude admits he has to head back home to NYC. How convenient he shares this vital piece of info after hooking up. LOL.

Sadly, the Paul Boyd-directed clip doesn’t feature Nicole at all. Correction. She pops up, but only in photos in the chick’s scrapbook. Kinda weird that she shares it with the guy on their first date. Stalker!!! Check out the clip below, which features, surprisingly a lot of dialogue.

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Remember Alex Gaudino? He’s the Italian DJ who hooked up with Kelly Rowland for the underrated “What A Feeling” back in 2011. That sexy track should’ve been as big of a dance anthem as her collaborations with David Guetta– “Commander” and “When Love Takes Over.” Maybe Nicole Scherzinger will be his good luck charm.

Gaudino enlists the former Pussycat Dolls singer for his slammin’ new single. Given it’s melancholy lyrics about pining over someone, “Missing You” is a solid dance track that should become a huge club hit this summer. Who knew there was such a thing as an uplifting sad dance anthem? In addition to the original track, several wicked remixes have surfaced from Bottai, Simon De Jano, Alex Guesta and Manufactured Superstars (my favorite) online. Give Nicole’s latest attempt at a successful solo career a listen below.

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Jewel Signs On For Another Singing Competition

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First there was Nicole Scherzinger. Then Sara Bareilles. Now, it’s Jewel’s turn to be the meat in a Shawn Stockman and Ben Folds sandwich. The 39-year-old singer has signed on to judge the fourth season of The Sing-Off, replacing Bareilles who left the show to become the new Cyndi Lauper on Broadway.

“There are very few musical artists as accomplished and talented as Jewel,” said NBC president for alternative and late-night programming Paul Telegdy. “Her addition to ‘The Sing-Off’ judges panel, along with our stellar team of Shawn Stockman and Ben Folds, raises the showmanship of the series up another notch. The musical credentials of Nick Lachey are extraordinary, and his continued contributions to the show as host remain a huge asset.”

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She’s been behind some of the biggest hits in recent memory. In only makes sense that Bonnie McKee forge a recording career of her own. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter debuted the music video for “American Girl” and enlisted a few of her famous friends to lip sync for their lives.

Naturally, Katy Perry appears in the clip prominently considering McKee co-penned four of her No. 1 hits- “Teenage Dream,” “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” “California Gurls,” and “Part of Me.” Also making a cameo are other artists she’s written for including Adam Lambert (“Chokehold”), Taio Cruz (“Dynamite”), Ke$ha (“C’Mon”) and Carly Rae Jepsen (“Turn Me Up”).

Too bad Britney Spears (“Hold It Against Me”), Kelly Clarkson (“Hello”), Christina Aguilera (“Let There Be Love”) and Rita Ora (“How We Do (Party)” didn’t show up in the video. Oh well, there isn’t a shortage of familiar names “singing” her lyrics. Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police crew, Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass, George Takei, Nicole Scherzinger, Jewel and her hubby Ty Murray, Macklemore and plenty other randoms make an appearance. Check out the clip below.

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Sometimes Nicole Scherzinger makes me really laugh. Recently, the former Pussycat Dolls singer revealed to UK’s The Independent on Sunday that she sometimes wishes she was “more slutty” because she’d probably be more successful if she were. Ummm, does she not remember her PCD days? Love the girl group, but if that wasn’t the definition of slutty, I don’t know what is. Oh wait… I forgot about Girlicious 😉

Donning a ball gown and belting out a beloved musical track probably isn’t the best way to become sluttier, if that’s what she really wants. The 34-year-old singer performed “Don’t Cry For Me Argetina” as a tribute for prolific musical maestro Andrew Lloyd Webber. It’s so weird not seeing her doing pelvic thrusts or writhing around on the floor 😉 On a side note: Isn’t it funny how much more Nicole is well received across the pond than in the US. I wonder why that is?

Scherzinger was one of many, including Samantha Barks (Les Miserables), Il Divo and Melanie C, to perform at ITV’s Andrew Lloyd Webber 40 Years. Check out her performance below, along with Madonna’s rendition from the movie adaptation of Evita. Be sure to comment on which performance you prefer in the comments section after viewing them.

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Yesterday, Nicole Scherzinger released her new “Boomerang” single and most of the comments on that article were all a thumbs down on the song. That being said, watching her music video that just came out today for the song kind of made me like it a bit more. The video is pretty cool actually.

The video starts of with some TV screens on the wall that stacked together, form the shape of a crucifix and also Nicole’s body. We then start seeing clips of Scherzingers singing to camera with a rainbow glow around her, clips where there are multiple Scherzingers in kaleidoscopic form, shots where she sings from a tiled room, and another where she’s in the center of a spherical cage where the bars are made of lights.

Check out the new music video below, even if you didn’t like the song at first listen yesterday. Maybe I’m just a sucker for special effects and shiny lights, so I know some of your opinions will differ from mine. I’m no stranger to that 😉

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Nicole Scherzinger has been teasing her new single, “Boomerang” for a while and this morning she debuted the track on British Radio. The single is from her second solo album which is due for release in March.

The track was produced by and the music video is apparently coming out tomorrow. In the chorus, Scherzinger sings, “Oh you can turn me down / You can throw me now / The harder I’ll come / Harder I’ll come back around / You can break my heart / But you can’t scratch my name / I can take the hit / Cuz I’m a boomerang.”

I’m undecided about the song. I feel like it sounds so much like something I’d expect from Demi Lovato and reminds me of “Give Your Heart A Break” in a way. Regardless, I’m looking forward to checking out the music video tomorrow and the full album when it comes out in March. Give “Boomerang” a listen below.

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