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Sometimes simple is best. I wasn’t a huge fan of “On The Rocks,” but the accompanying black and white video has warmed me up to the electro R&B ballad.

The narrative is relatively simple with Nicole Scherzinger distraught over her relationship with an extremely hunky man. Yelling and some ugly crying goes on before the former Pussycat Dolls frontwoman magically tosses her ex off his chair. She then runs into the desert where plenty of glamor shots begin. She may not be able to produce a chart-topper in North America, but girl can toss her hair in the wind like no other. She looks stunning here.

“On The Rocks” isn’t a surefire hit but I’m optimistic it could do some minor damage on the charts. At least over in the UK. Scherzinger seems to have better luck over there. Give the Tim Mattia-directed clip a view below.

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One would think “On The Rocks” is about Nicole Scherzinger’s quest for that elusive successful solo career. It would make sense since attempt after attempt has failed in North America. “Your Love” didn’t exactly burn up the charts and only managed to peak at No. 6 in the UK. The 36-year-old is back with the second single off her forthcoming album which was produced entirely by The Dream and Tricky Stewart.

“This is one that some people will really be able to relate to, to really feel. I’ve always spoken about my life in music but I’m at an age where I can be even more open. You can peel back the layers on this album.” – Nicole Scherzinger

On The Rocks” is a bit of a departure from all the uptempo and mid-tempo dance tracks usually released by Nicole. Switching things up with a ballad might be the trick to finally achieve a solo chart-topper. Sadly, I don’t think this ballad is it. She soars on the chorus, but it’s just not catchy. However, I will say, the single artwork is on point. She looks sensational. Give her latest a spin below.

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If you got it, flaunt it. Nicole Scherzinger certainly lives by that mantra. The 35-year-old singer frolics on the beaches of Malibu wearing extremely cropped denim shorts for her new video “Your Love.” Sex sells, right?

The single, produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart, is the first since the Pussycat Doll parted ways with Interscope. Hopefully, she’ll have better luck at achieving that elusive solo career with her new label Sony Music. I have to say, she might have a shot. The ‘do do do, do do do‘ part is extremely catchy. Check out the sexy visual below.

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All these four ladies have released lyric videos in the past few days. Rather than create an individual post for each, I decided to clump them all together. #lazy ;)

Of the four, the only one I haven’t previously written about is Cheryl Cole’s latest. The X Factor judge returns with a bombastic potential club banger with “Crazy Stupid Love.” The Tinie Tempah-assisted track has the potential to be a Summer smash, at least across the pond it does.

Check out her lyric video below, along with “Lemonade” by Danity Kane, “Say It” from Michelle Williams and Nicole Scherzinger’s latest, “Your Love.” Danity Kane’s is by far the cutest with its PG-rated take on Beyonce’s “Yonce” video.

While all four tracks are pretty decent, surprisingly Michelle’s is my favorite. Gospel music isn’t normally my thing but I can’t help but smile and wanna dance whenever I hear her track.

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With a new record deal in tow (RCA Records), Nicole Scherzinger is hoping to finally achieve that successful solo career that has so far eluded her. While she’s scored a few Top 10 hits across the pond, none of her music (some of which aren’t bad) have failed to resonate with North American radio. “Your Love” could be her ticket.

Given that Interscope mismanaged her career, I would love for the 35-year-old singer to score a smash hit with her new label. With her looks, voice and dance skills, one would think that’s enough to become a superstar. Sadly, there’s something inherently not likeable about her. I used to feel that way but have learned to appreciate the former PCD lead singer.

The mellow mid-tempo track is produced by hit-makers The Dream and Tricky Stewart. It features an incredibly catchy hook with its ‘du du du‘. Give the track which she premiered on SoundCloud a listen below. Be sure to weigh in afterwards.

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Calm down KatyCats, “Part Of Me” isn’t a cover of Katy Perry. Rather it’s an unreleased track reportedly from Nicole Scherzinger’s debut solo album Killer Love. The former Pussycat Dolls frontwoman slows things down in this piano-driven ballad co-written by Trina Harmon.

There’s no denying Scherzinger has powerful pipes. With that being said, even if this was included on her debut effort, I highly doubt it would’ve helped record sales. While somewhat semi successful across the pond, Nicole as a solo artist hasn’t taken off in North America. There is just something cold, unlikeable and disingenuous about her. At least in my opinion. It’s a shame really because I loved the underrated “Don’t Hold Your Breath.” Give her hidden slow jam a spin below and weigh in afterward.

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The music video for Alex Gaudino and Nicole Scherzinger’s hot dance collaboration is finally here. I first shared the slinky club anthem a couple of months ago and loved it ever since.

Who is Gaudino? He’s the Italian DJ who hooked up with Kelly Rowland for the underrated “What A Feeling” back in 2011. “Missing You” is a track off the DJ’s forthcoming album Doctor Love.

The video opens with a street dancer trying to draw a nearby woman’s attention. With “Missing You” playing, naturally she perks up ;) The two hit it off and visit several LA locales. All seems well until dude admits he has to head back home to NYC. How convenient he shares this vital piece of info after hooking up. LOL.

Sadly, the Paul Boyd-directed clip doesn’t feature Nicole at all. Correction. She pops up, but only in photos in the chick’s scrapbook. Kinda weird that she shares it with the guy on their first date. Stalker!!! Check out the clip below, which features, surprisingly a lot of dialogue.

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Remember Alex Gaudino? He’s the Italian DJ who hooked up with Kelly Rowland for the underrated “What A Feeling” back in 2011. That sexy track should’ve been as big of a dance anthem as her collaborations with David Guetta- “Commander” and “When Love Takes Over.” Maybe Nicole Scherzinger will be his good luck charm.

Gaudino enlists the former Pussycat Dolls singer for his slammin’ new single. Given it’s melancholy lyrics about pining over someone, “Missing You” is a solid dance track that should become a huge club hit this summer. Who knew there was such a thing as an uplifting sad dance anthem? In addition to the original track, several wicked remixes have surfaced from Bottai, Simon De Jano, Alex Guesta and Manufactured Superstars (my favorite) online. Give Nicole’s latest attempt at a successful solo career a listen below.

listen to Nicole’s latest below

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