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Typically, I don’t write a recap of the American Music Awards, but I have to give credit where credit is due… this year’s AMAs wasn’t a complete snoozefest. In fact, there were a couple of performances that were fantastic including Kelly Clarkson’s medley of her greatest hits and P!nk’s beyond impressive performance of “Try“. I never thought she’d top her hanging from the rafters acrobatic performance from the MTV VMAs a few years ago, but she did. For those young artists who can’t move around the stage without losing their breath, take a look at P!nk. Breath control to die for.

Justin Bieber walked away with the most trophies with three, while everyone musically-connected to him also scored hardware. His “Beauty and the Beat” duet partner, Nicki Minaj won two, while his mentor Usher also earned another AMA award. Even his “discovery” Carly Rae Jepsen took a trip to the podium. The Canadian singer won Best New Artist.

While all the youngsters earned wins, some oldies popped up on the show as well. Gloria Estefan, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Wonder end even MC Hammer were there. I swear, when the “U Can’t Touch This” rapper popped up during Psy’s “Gangnam Style” performance, I literally lost my shizz. That was effin’ epic. All this time I thought “Gangnam Style” was the new “Macarena”. Instead, Psy is the Korean version of MC Hammer. Sh*tcatcher pants and all. Check out all the performances below, along with my thoughts on each one. Better hurry quick, before ABC inevitably asks YouTube to take the clips down.

check out my thoughts on each performance after the jump

Another new track from Nicki Minaj’s upcoming Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up album has surfaced online. It is one of five new songs found on the album. “High School” is a collaboration with Lil Wayne, which we saw in the process of being made in the second episode of her mini E! documentary, Nicki Minaj: My Truth.

In the track, Minaj raps and sings her sexy and infectious hooks, with Lil Wayne joining in for a naughty verse somewhere in the middle. The song is very strong and bound to be a single. It feels like all of her songs are singles these days with the number of music videos she releases – LOL.

Speaking of high school, Minaj graduated from LaGuardia High School, which specializes in music and the visual and performing arts. There she participated in the drama program there, originally planning to be focussed on the singing, but lost her voice on the day of the audition. Anyway, listen to the new track below.

Listen to the track after the jump…

If Nicki Minaj wasn’t busy enough, she now has a fragrance to promote called “Pink Friday” that is now available at Macy’s. A new commercial for the fragrance just came out and we’ve got your first look below.

The video is set to her new single, “Freedom” and begins with Nicki Minaj laying in a bed of black roses. When she pricks her finger on a thorn, she starts bleeding pink and turns all of the roses pink and brings herself and the world around her to color. Even her eyes are pink!

Check out the new commercial below. I’ve also included the first commercial for the fragrance that was released earlier this fall.

Watch the commercial after the jump…

In the second episode of the MTV’s three-part documentary, Nicki Minaj: My Truth, we continue following her everyday life as she is working on a music video with Laurieann Gibson, recording new music with Lil Wayne, preparing for her arena tour, and starting on American Idol.

At one part in the episode, Nicki talks about the Mariah Carey incident and how she was reacting to Mariah constantly pushing her buttons with passive-aggressive comments. She also says that she’s smarter than to make a threat involving a gun and that it was made up. Later, she then talks about Barbara Walters getting involved, saying, “Am I not good enough for you to get on my side because I’m a little black girl that raps? Because if I was J Lo, you woulda called J Lo’s camp. But are we not good enough for you, Barbara? You wasn’t even there when I was on the show, Barbara. So I guess I’m not good enough, but I’m only good enough for you to tell the people that I’m ‘unpredictable’ when you don’t f*cking know me.”

The special three-part “Nicki Minaj: My Truth” wraps up next Sunday at 10:30 p.m. ET on E! Check out episode 2 below (before it gets taken down).

Watch the second episode after the jump…

Earlier today, I wrote about the premiere episode of the Nicki Minaj: My Truth three-episode documentary and in the episode, we see her recording a song called “Freedom” which is a new track in her upcoming The Re-Up album.

In the episode she says, “With the song freedom, I was able to write about all of the things I’m juggling. I open the song by saying, ‘They’ll never thank me for opening doors’ – only because I feel like people purposely don’t see the strides I’ve made for hip-hop and for black women in general. And I feel that I’m an easy person for people to ridicule and tear apart.” She adds, “Freedom is accepting all of that, know that you may never know who all these people are, but as long as you know who you are, that’s freedom“.

The song has a great hook and it’s definitely my favorite of the several songs she’s released recently. In the chorus, Nicki sings, “I feel free, I feel freedom why the mad / You should see them, burning up / Cause it’s crazy in here crazy in here crazy in here.” Listen to the new track below.

Listen to the new track after the jump…

Last night, Nicki Minaj: My Truth, a three-episode fly-on-the-wall documentary on Nicki Minaj premiered on E! and we’ve got the full episode for you to watch below.

In the episode, we get to see Nicki Minaj in the studio, what she has to deal with from day to day, and what it’s like behind the scenes as she begins on American Idol. Literally, we are behind the scenes on her first day where she is totally stressed out because she’s totally late due to wardrobe issues. As we know, there was a lot of drama between her and Mariah Carey. “I think Mariah has met her match,” says Nicki.

If you were at all interested in all of the drama that went on with American Idol, you definitely have to watch this three-episode series. So far it’s way more interesting than I thought it would be. Minaj also bitches out Perez Hilton and says, “I’m sick of you printing lies. I wanna know, do you guys really believe the sh*t you put on there? You get on my goddam nerves.” Enjoy the full episode below!

Watch the first full episode after the jump…

It had been rumored that Nicki Minaj was getting her own reality show and now it’s official. Well, it’s not a full fledged reality show, but it is a three-episode “fly on the wall” reality show where we get to see Nicki Minaj behind the scenes in her personal and professional life over the course of 21 days.

Part 1 of the three-part series will premiere on E! on Sunday November 4, 2012 at 10:30pm EST. The following two episodes will air the following two Sundays (November 11 and November 18, 2012). Minaj recently tweeted about having watch the first episode and had this to say: “We watched the… 1st episode of the E! series… u guys are going to go crazzzzyyyyy (sic) when you see it!”

Check out the preview for the show below. Just as a heads up, it hasn’t officially been launched online so this is a recording from a commercial on television. Enjoy!

Watch the preview after the jump…

Earlier this week, FOX’s American Idol released a new promo shot of the four judges and Ryan Seacrest in anticipation of Season 12 which debuts this coming January. The new season features Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, and returning Randy Jackson as judges.

In the following promo video, we see various pop-star wanna-bees from different walks of life and in different settings inter-spliced words of inspiration from the judges. “To all the dreamers,” says Mariah. “To everyone that thought they’d never have a chance,” adds Nicki. “It’s almost that time of year America,” Randy. “The time to make dreams come true,” adds Keith Urban. There’s more, but that’s to give you an idea of the magical “dreams can come true” vibe of the commercial.

The promo first ran yesterday during game 3 of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers. Check out the new commercial / promo video below!

Watch the video after the jump…

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