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Why anyone would want to on this radio show boggles my mind. This week, Lil Mama stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club in New York to sit down with the panel: DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God. Of course Lil Mama wanted to talk about music and her life, but the only thing they wanted to address were some of the accusations Lil Mama had apparently made in Vibe Magazine that Nicki Minaj copied her style and music. Fair enough – I can see why they’d want to addressed the juiciest gossip, but Charlamagne was just plain mean in other ways, taking away any credibility in my opinion.

He starts off by telling Lil Mama she has an old face – not an old soul, and old face, and essentially is suggesting that she’s ugly. “You might have Benjamin Button syndrome,” he says. He then emphasizes how she only has one album and hasn’t made music in ages (which is true). He goes on to bring up the VMA performance incident where she invaded Alicia Keys and Jay Z‘s performance and said she was “delusional as hell” to think she could be on stage with them and do that. Also kind of was kind of like Kanye stealing Taylor Swift’s moment. That aside, after Charlamagne keeps pushing and pushing, towards the end of the interview, she is brought to tears when she talks about trying to put an album out while her mother was dying of cancer. Watch the interview below.

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MTV VMA 2011 Nominees Announced

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We’re almost halfway through the summer, which means we’re getting closer to the 2011 MTV VMA Awards. This one is my favorite music awards show because it’s always the most entertaining. So many memorable moments take place at this show: Britney & Madonna kissed, Britney had her “Gimme More” train wreck performance, Brandy & Monica performed together (proving they weren’t feuding), Gaga wore a meat dress, and many more.

This year, it’s Katy Perry that is leading the pack of nominations. She has a total, of nine nominations which include “Video of the Year” and “Best Female Video,” for her explosive hit, “Firework,” “Best Pop Video” for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)“, and “Best Special Effects” for her “out of this world” hit “E.T.” featuring Kanye West. Speaking of Kanye, he has the most nominations for a male artists with a total of seven (including the collaboration with Perry).

Check out the rest of the nominees below. I’ll tell you this much, it’ll be nice to have an award show that isn’t going to be dominated by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga for once…

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A few weeks ago Patrick, being the loving and romantic boyfriend that he is, surprised me with tickets to last night’s Femme Fatale Tour. To say I was excited was an understatement. I had seen Britney during her Circus Tour but with all the hype (and write ups from me) regarding this summer tour, I was bound and determined to see this one live. Before I get to Britney, I want to talk about the opening acts first.

Nervo, two sisters who DJ all the way from Australia kicked off the night with a set of rockin’ tunes as they mixed them in their own specific style. The two pumped up the crowd and were interactive on the mic getting the small but mighty crowd excited for the next act to follow.

As the arena began to fill up, our favorite girl Jessie and the Toy Boys took to the stage. After receiving a sneak peek at Celebrities on Thursday night, I thought I knew what to expect. However, Jessie and her two male dancers turned it up to leave an impressionable mark in a big arena. The crowd was really into her performance and sound screaming loudly as she broke into a dance break during her last song, Push It. Then, she announced that Nicki Minaj was about to come on and the crowd went bananas.

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David Guetta is a hit maker. Hands down. From Sexy Chick to When Love Takes Over, we’re addicted to his songs and singing along in our cars and the clubs. Fans of the DJ will be thrilled to know that he’s about to release his next collaboration album, Nothing But The Beat. Guetta previewed a few of the tracks at his recent stop in Vancouver and the crowd went nuts for them. The first single off the album, Where Them Girls At features some of my favorites, Flo-Rida and Nicki Minaj. The video for the track has been released and while the song is kickin’, the video isn’t so much…

As we follow a real big bubble float through LA, it ends up poolside above a beautiful woman lounging and catching a tan. Her decision instinctively is to pop it but the result is nothing but weird. Her body begins to dance and move wildly with no sense of rhythm and she looks ridiculous. Other girls start to pop more bubbles that float around and begin to do the same thing. Think Phoebe from Friends trying to run. We finally discover that the bubbles have been coming from a rooftop where Guetta is spinning and a special set of speakers are pumping out these magic bubbles. Strange. In my opinion, great song, bad video. But you decide. Check out the video below and sound of in the comments.

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Last night, the stars of R&B, Hip Hop and black entertainment turned it out for the 2011 BET Awards. What’s great about this awards show is that it doesn’t just celebrate great musical talent but actors and movies as well. In an evening hosted by Kevin Hart the performances were plenty and impressed everyone in the Shrine Auditorium.

Mary J. Blige opened the show with an incredible performance medley including her hit Real Love and a duet with Anita Baker. She closed her performance with the debut of her new single with DJ Khaled titled It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over. Other show stopping performances came from artists like Jill Scott, Kelly Rowland and probably jet lagged Beyoncé who came straight from her recent appearance at Glastonbury. Among the plethora of performances, the show did manage to hand out a few awards but still managed to head over the three hour time slot. I blame the long but amazing tribute to Lifetime Achievement Award winner Patti LaBelle.

If you missed the show, make sure you check out the complete list of winners below. In an interesting turn of events, Chris Brown and Rihanna brought home matching awards with both of them gaining top honors in the best R&B category.

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Is Nicki Minaj’s Booty Bogus?

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We’ve all seen it. We’ve all commented on it. We’ve all wondered, is it real? Now, the question is circulating again. Ice-T’s wife Coco recently sat down with Perez Hilton for a short little chat where she revealed that Nicki Minaj herself had admitted to her that her behind wasn’t legit. Shocker. Did anyone out there really believe that wide load was a real deal? But Coco may have said just a little too much. At first she came right out and said, “I had read that it wasn’t. I thought that she came out with it? I heard it from her.” But, the moment Coco realized what she had said, she began to quickly backpedal to save herself.

“Okay I don’t know… We’re not even going to go there anymore. You know what I say about a lot of stylists that work with me… They work with me, they touch my body, they’re doing stuff all day long. So they’re doing that same thing to Nicki Minaj and they’re saying a little bit different.”

So for the record, Nicki Minaj has never formally said that her big butt was a lie (even though some brothers did deny). However, she has made comments about those who would even care. She told the New York Post, “people will pick anything to talk about, and that happens to be the thing at the moment. I love being a conversation piece.”

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2011 MTV Movie Award Fashion Roundup

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Did you catch last night’s 2011 MTV Awards show? I managed to catch glimpses in the background while doing housework. Was it me, or did everyone seem kinda loopy- especially Robert Pattinson. He seemed all over the place. I guess it’s par for the course, since the awards show is a bit unorthodox when compared to other shows. It’s more of a platform to promote summer movies than actually honoring great film work from the past year. Oh well, whatever the reason, it gave a great opportunity for Hollywood’s females to bust out some serious fashion. Check out the following match-ups I created and don’t forget to vote.

First up to battle are the leading ladies from two of today’s biggest movie franchises. Twilight’s Kristen Stewart shows off her great legs in a Balmain dress outfitted with numerous safety pins. Harry Potter’s Emma Watson also showed off some bling in a short ivory jewel encrusted Marchesa. Personally, I love Stewart’s dress more. It’s edgy and fun, a perfect choice for this awards show. She also picked up Best Female Performance and Best Kiss at the ceremony. And she got to go home with Pattinson too, if it that’s your thing (not for me).

2011 MTV Movie Awards Fashion Battle: Team Twilight or Team Harry Potter?

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Nicki Minaj just released her music video for “Did It On ‘Em” with a special thank you to her fans via Twitter: “Just a way of saying thank u. I love u guys. Thank u for coming out. U guys gave me LIFE on the ‘I am still music’ Tour. xo4Life”.

If you haven’t heard the song before, you should know that the lyrics of the song are actually “Shitted on Em,” and that’s why the 26 year old also says “put your number twos in the air”. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been one for “number two” jokes or references so as catchy as the tune is, these aren’t my favorite lyrics – LOL. The video features special guests, Lil Wayne and Drake and shows a bunch of backstage footage from Minaj on tour and of course footage of her performing on stage. You also see her with her adoring fans, sometimes bringing them to tears, as she signs their cleavage, necks, wrists, or whatever the body part may be. Check it out below!

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