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Versace for H&M Event and Fashion Show

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Last Wednesday, the Versace for H&M collection was launched at a celebrity packed event in New York!

Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Alexander Wang, Linda Evangelista, Emma Roberts, Uma Thurman and Ke$ha joined Donatella Versace at the specially designed building on the Hudson River in New York.

Over 500 specially invited guests entered the world of Versace already on the red carpet. At the specially designed building on the Hudson River, Donatella Versace was joined by Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Alexander Wang, Linda Evangelista, Emma Roberts, Uma Thurman, Chace Crawford and many many others. The Versace for H&M collection was shown on the catwalk alongside with some iconic pieces created just for this exclusive show. A second scene in this fabulous venue was entered by Prince and Nicki Minaj who gave an exclusive concert. A glamorous after-party followed in true Versace style for hours…

Here is the official news film with all the exclusive interviews from the red carpet, the catwalk, the concert (Prince and Nicki Minaj) as well as the after party!

The collection just hit Canada and I’m loving the slim-fit trousers and suit jackets… Check them out!

Check out some of the video highlights after the jump.

Madonna is back bitches. A while back, Patrick informed us all that Madge was working on some new music and now, we are being treated to a full listen of Madonna’s upcoming single. The latest leak is for the song Gimme All Your Love and it truly is a throw back to Madonna’s older sound which I LOVE! A big what up to Martin Solveig for doing what he does best. The lyrics ring out:

Give me all your love and give me your love
Give me all your love today
Give me all your love and give me your love
Let’s forget about time
And dance our lives away

In actuality, we won’t hear the track in it’s entirety until Madonna hits the stage at the Super Bowl on February 5 alongside Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.. We’ve also been told that Madonna will debut a total of 5 new songs from her upcoming album during the performance. Color me excited! Listen to Gimme All Your Love below.

Preview “Gimme All Your Love” after the jump.

Ever since Madonna started recording her twelfth album, there the rumor mill has been spinning. A couple things have been confirmed though. One being (which you may have already heard) Madonna performing during the Superbowl have time show early next year. Now, new details have been released by Madonnarama about what she’ll be performing and with who.

The lead single off of her album is said to be called “Give Me All Your Love,” featuring Nicki Minaj and MIA. The latest is that Madonna will be performing this song with the other two ladies at the Superbowl. Apparently nine of her tracks are complete, but who knows if that’s true or not. The album is set to be released in the spring of 2012 and it’s supposed to have a pop/dance vibe. Love it! My favorite album by far is Confessions on a Dancefloor. This album is being produced by produced by William Orbit. He has worked with Madonna on Ray of Light and will also have the work of DJ Martin Solveig and Benny Benassi.

In other related Madonna business, have you ever heard these 10 guys from an a capella group called “Straight No Chaser“? They’ve tackled Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” and sing it so beautifully! They’ll be touring Canada in 2012. Check out this video of their live performance in Atlantic City, NJ. So good!

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Nicki Minaj is a master at taking on different personas. We’ve seen her in just about everything. Just when I thought the female rapper couldn’t surprise me, she does. Minaj gets historical on us and transforms into an 18th century courtesan. It’s an ultra-feminine and soft look the hip hop artist hasn’t graced us with yet. Appropriately enough, the transformation was for W Magazine’s Art & Fashion issue. Nicki is front and center on their November 2011 issue. Photographer Francesco Vezzoli was the creative force behind the photo shoot. Here’s the reason why he chose Minaj as his subject:

“I wanted to play with the public image of a female hip-hop star. During my entire career, I have always been fascinated by powerful women in history. I have spent a lot of time researching the ways they were represented in art and how their images were used to mold the public imagination – and to convey aesthetic and philosophical ideas about beauty and sexual desire. My main interest has been to link the historical artistic approach to female representation to contemporary icons of the media era,”

Inside the magazine, Vezzoli and stylist Edward Enninful outfitted Minaj to take on the following famous French women- Marquise de ­Montespan, Comtesse du Barry, Madame de Pompadour, and ­Madame Rimsky-­Korsakov. Using clothing by Dior Haute Couture and Vera Wang, to mention a couple of designers, Minaj goes back in time and gives these famous courtesans a high-fashion editorial edge. Check out the breathtaking artistic photos below. Truly stunning.

view Nicki transform into four other ladies after the jump

For those of you that haven’t watched 8-year old Sophia Grace sing Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” yet, now is the time. The little girl (alongside her 5-year old cousin Rosie) rapped the song and uploaded it on YouTube where it went viral instantly. What happens when a singer (especially a young singer) becomes a YouTube sensation? Yup, they end up on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

When Ellen saw 8-year-old Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie sing the song, she was set on having them on the show ASAP. All the way from England (love their accent), the two girls came and sat down with Ellen for a mini interview before performing the song in front of the audience. Sophia Grace is absolutely hilarious and has such an amazing personality. They are both so cute together. You HAVE to watch the interview and see her perform.

If that wasn’t enough, Sophia got the surprise of her life when Ellen invited Nicki Minaj on stage. Holy moly was Sophia ever excited. So adorable. Enjoy the videos below:

Watch after the jump…

Earlier this week, I shared Rihanna’s new blond look on the cover of British Vogue and Kate Winslet’s mod-tastic Harper’s Bazaar one. Obviously, there not the only celebs gracing the cover of magazines this November. All you have to do is take a quick glance at your local newsstand to see that. So, I decided to pick a few of my favorite celebrities pimping themselves out on magazine covers this month and ask you, which one is your favorite. I’ve chose publications ranging from British GQ to Gay Times Magazine featuring Kellan Lutz, Taylor Lautner, Darren Criss, Kristin Stewart, Johnny Depp and Nicki Minaj. Take a quick look at all of them and cast your vote.

Kellan Lutz

Lutz talks about what he’s up to now that filming “Twilight” is over. Here’s what he’ll miss the most about the franchise. “The best part of being a part of the franchise was hanging out with the fans at the premieres and the fan conventions and all the signings.” More of Kellan Lutz at

see the other magazine covers after the jump

Willow Smith is back and she’s ready to light up your weekend with her new single, “Fireball” which features none other than Nicki Minaj! The other day, Smith tweeted that a new track would be coming out soon and also included the above Willow-less album artwork.

It seems as though she’s outgrown hair whipping and plain and simple, she’s letting it be known that she’s the “Fireball” of the party. She better not be referring to the cinnamon-flavored Fireball whisky because girl is far too young to be drinking that. The track has less of the little girl bubble gum feel that “Whip My Hair” had and more of a “good girl gone bad ass” feel. Think Fergie’s “London Bridge” meets Black Eyed Peas “Imma Be” meets Willow herself. It haven’t played it on repeat enough to be able to say if I love it or not. I will say that Nicki Minaj’s interaction with Willow within the song is a welcome addition.

Listen to the song below and let me know what you think!

Listen to the track after the jump…

Previously on America’s Next Top Model… and I’m gonna do this all by memory… Shannon fell into the wrong crowd and got all Jesusy before taking Elyse’s spot in the final two, Camille stomped it out like a horse because her walk was her signature walk and it was gonna make her famous but didn’t, Brittany was too sexy and too Janice Dickinson but somehow got the boot for the whole faltering personality bullshit we see too often, Lisa was a crazy bitch who pissed in her diaper, Bre was a total social disaster and lost it over some granola and Red Bull, Bianca did something dramatic I’m sure but seriously WTF is Bianca, Dominque looked like a haggard old drag queen, Isis had to tuck her twig and berries, Sheena couldn’t shake the whole hoochie thing, Allison took some of the best photos in the history of ANTM but didn’t win because her storyline wasn’t dramatic enough for Tyrant, Laura came second in the season of America’s Next Top Midgets that surprisingly produced a winner with a viable career, Angelea… OMFG don’t even get me started on this one, Kalya was our darling lesbian princess who tried in vain to take awkward Ann out, and Alexandria was my single most disliked contestant in the history of this show. So who, out of all these crazies will win America’s Next Top Model and who will be leaving us tonight?

For new readers to this blog… a warning… I hate a lot of these girls. And, it pisses me off that Tyrant brought so many divas back just for the sake of drama. But I’m not going to dwell. I’m going to mock, I’m going to sully Tyrant’s good name, and I’m going to offer slight praise when it is warranted. Also, where in god’s name is Elyse? If you’re gonna bring back all the bitches, bring back a pretty one who also happened to have the best confessionals.

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