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2011 MTV Movie Award Fashion Roundup

In: Donovan, Fashion

Did you catch last night’s 2011 MTV Awards show? I managed to catch glimpses in the background while doing housework. Was it me, or did everyone seem kinda loopy- especially Robert Pattinson. He seemed all over the place. I guess it’s par for the course, since the awards show is a bit unorthodox when compared to other shows. It’s more of a platform to promote summer movies than actually honoring great film work from the past year. Oh well, whatever the reason, it gave a great opportunity for Hollywood’s females to bust out some serious fashion. Check out the following match-ups I created and don’t forget to vote.

First up to battle are the leading ladies from two of today’s biggest movie franchises. Twilight’s Kristen Stewart shows off her great legs in a Balmain dress outfitted with numerous safety pins. Harry Potter’s Emma Watson also showed off some bling in a short ivory jewel encrusted Marchesa. Personally, I love Stewart’s dress more. It’s edgy and fun, a perfect choice for this awards show. She also picked up Best Female Performance and Best Kiss at the ceremony. And she got to go home with Pattinson too, if it that’s your thing (not for me).

2011 MTV Movie Awards Fashion Battle: Team Twilight or Team Harry Potter?

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Nicki Minaj just released her music video for “Did It On ‘Em” with a special thank you to her fans via Twitter: “Just a way of saying thank u. I love u guys. Thank u for coming out. U guys gave me LIFE on the ‘I am still music’ Tour. xo4Life”.

If you haven’t heard the song before, you should know that the lyrics of the song are actually “Shitted on Em,” and that’s why the 26 year old also says “put your number twos in the air”. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been one for “number two” jokes or references so as catchy as the tune is, these aren’t my favorite lyrics – LOL. The video features special guests, Lil Wayne and Drake and shows a bunch of backstage footage from Minaj on tour and of course footage of her performing on stage. You also see her with her adoring fans, sometimes bringing them to tears, as she signs their cleavage, necks, wrists, or whatever the body part may be. Check it out below!

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Last night, the Billboard Music Awards had Vegas all shook up at the MGM Grand with performances by the chart toppers of the last year. No doubt about it, Vegas knows how to party and who better to host a party in Vegas than Hangover 2 star Ken Jeong. He introduced himself with a great little musical cabaret number featuring Nicki Minaj and the lead singer of Train. Truly entertaining and the lyrics were hilarious.

The night was littered with performances very heavy on the pop/dance genre. We were treated to a little S&M from Rihanna who was then joined by Britney to round off the performance. Side note: Britney’s bod is looking real good. Cee-Lo’s performance was outstanding while Ke$ha brought the party as per usual with a herd of men dressed as red horses. Nicki Minaj returned to the stage to perform her new single Superbass and was joined by Ms. Spears who sang lip synced Till The World Ends.

The performance of the night for me definitely goes to the epic multimedia performance from Beyoncé who was the recipient of the Millennium Award. Prior to her performance she was honored in a video montage from Barbara Streisand, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama and more. After building her nation on a giant white screen behind her, she was joined by an army of women who followed their leader with military dance move precision. By the way, did anyone else catch Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s little smooch?

Get the full list of Billboards 2011 Winners here.

Billboard 2011 Awards Fashion Roundup

In: Donovan, Fashion, Music

After a five-year hiatus, the Billboard Music awards came roaring back. I, myself, haven’t seen it yet as I’ve been out of town, but from what I’ve read it was an amazing show. Due to low ratings, the magazine took a break from producing a telecast show. They still gave out their yearly awards, just not in a grand public manner. Since it was a dawn of a new era, the show bumped up their normal Fall broadcast to a Spring date. Thus creating a perfect platform to promote upcoming concerts, movies, CDs and other projects. Plus with the warmer weather, it gave the ladies a chance to show off more skin in revealing outfits. I’ve picked a few of my favorite and not-so-favorite looks from the red carpet. Check them out below and be sure to cast your votes.

Destiny’s Child Fashion Smackdown

Beyonce was on hand to receive Billboard’s first ever Millennium Award. In other words, let’s create a brand new award so Beyonce can show up and pimp out her new projects. Her former band mates may have been there to support her, but both Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams stole the show with their red carpet looks. Rowland looked sexy in a tight hot pink body-hugging dress, while Williams put her spin on the little black dress. Backup no more. WERK, ladies.

2011 Billboard Awards: Which Former Destiny's Child Looked Heavenly?

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Nicki Minaj Gets Pink In “Super Bass” Video

In: Music, Tyrell, Videos

Nicki Minaj has released her newest video for Super Bass and its very pretty in pink. Sporting a spotted pink bodysuit and a half blonde, half pink, Nicki gets her Roman talking about the men she loves that have the cars with the Super Bass.

Cut to a new outfit with Nicki in a seaweed green wig and some serious fierce shoes, poolside with some hot men and a pool full of Pepto Bismol. Well, I don’t think it’s actually PB but it sure looks like it. She splashes around and even throws a a glass of Pepto on her pool boy friend. How rude. Final scene finds Nicki and company covered in glow paint and kicking it club style in a black-lit room.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this song when the Pink Friday album dropped but this colorful and fun video has kind of changed my mind. What do you think of the bubble gum like video?

Check out “Super Bass” after the jump.

Last night, the ballroom (and the leader board) was rocked with stellar and lack luster performances. In a competition that is so close with minimal points separating the top from the bottom, every step counts at this point in the competition. We kicked the night off with two team dances which found both teams tied at 30 points each. When these scores were added to the the individual scores, Hines Ward and Ralph Macchio found themselves at the top with Kirstie Alley and Romeo at the bottom. But who will be eliminated after America’s votes?

Tonight, we will be treated to some spectacular performances from James Blunt, Young Money star Nicki Minaj, a Macy’s Star of Dance performance featuring Wayne Brady and a ballet prodigy. Oh ya, and someone gets eliminated. Its going to be an action packed night so let’s not waste any time.

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My Night With Britney + Nicki

In: Alex, Celeb Gossip & News, Totally GAY!

This past weekend, my friend Dan and I headed over to Ultra Suede in WEHO to attend Paul Nicholl’s weekly Friday night party, Hype. Nicki Minaj was going to be there and after going to Hype the weekend prior to see Kelly Rowland and Luciana, I figured it would be another awesome evening. Little did I know what was in store…

We showed up to UltraSuede around 9pm and were treated to a performance by Ms. Candis Cayne. She opened her act with ‘Move’ by Dream Girls and ended with Lady Gaga’s latest… thing ‘Judas.’ I’m really wanting a break from Lady G right now, but Candis’s performance actually made me enjoy the song more than I thought I did – maybe it was her backup dancers and their amazing legs that I was into, but the song started to grow on me. But I digress. Candis was great and entertained the crowd with some hair whipping and a fan that even Beyonce’s wig would be jealous of.  

see my pics after the jump

One thing I don’t do very often is go to my favorite artists’ websites. However, today was different. I happened to stumble upon Britney Spears’ official website and low and behold, I was greeted by a random countdown to something that is titled Sicker Than The Remix. I thought to myself, that’s quite the site takeover for just a Britney remix. And then, I learned more.

Thanks to a UK friend on Facebook (thank you Michael Morgan Bain), I discovered that Britney’s site wasn’t the only one displaying a countdown. Apparently, Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha had also joined in on the countdown fun. Why? Because the remix involved the two of them as well.

GET OUT! How awesome. It only makes sense. Ke$ha helped pen the hot Britney track and now with Nicki jumping on tour with her this summer, it only makes sense for all three to make a remix together. Now I have to admit, the preview doesn’t sound too promising yet, BUT I will await for the whole thing before I pass judgement.

Listen to the track after the jump…

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