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If Starships are meant to fly than Nicki Minaj is about to go sky high with her latest album out today. “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” boasts a handful of hit makers from RedOne and Dr. Luke to track collaborations with Drake, Nas and Lil Wayne.

Nicki got us all talking when she performed Roman Holiday at this year’s Grammy’s. The controversial performance would only be a taste of what the album offers. With fun and quirky tracks like Stupid Hoe and Roman Reloaded, come juxtaposed fun and dance floor tracks like Starships and Pound The Alarm. The album is eclectic enough to appreciate both her rap and dance music fans alike. Plus, the deluxe edition contains three more brand new tracks for our listening pleasure.

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is available on iTunes or wherever you buy music.

“Pound The Alarm” With Nick Minaj

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On Tuesday, April 3, Nicki Minaj will release her new set of tunes upon the world in Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. I personally cannot wait as I was a huge fan of her previous release. And, with the tracks I have heard so far, I think this album is going to be just as good (if not better) than the last. The album leaked online before it’s official release (as albums usually do these days) but it’s given us a chance to hear a few of the tracks before we buy.

One song that I can’t get enough of is Pound The Alarm which was produced by hit-man RedOne. If you remember, he is also responsible for Starships along with three other tracks on the album (which are pretty rad). If Nicki wants to keep her radio heat going, I think this newest track could be a potential single for the rapper. The beat and hook are really catchy and great for summer. There is no denying that Nicki Minaj is loving digging her heels into the world of dance music.

Give a listen to Pound The Alarm and a few other tracks from the deluxe version of the album that Dr. Luke produced. I have to admit, his efforts weren’t as powerhouse as I expected considering the tracks he made for Katy and Britney in the past years. But, you be the judge. Have a Roman Reloaded listening party below.

Listen to “Pound The Alarm” and other tracks after the jump.

Well, this week has been BETTER. I’m going to assume this was Nigel Lythgoe’s annual purchasing of black market baby organs to keep his skeletor body alive and therefore someone else took over and decided to give us a theme week of: “Idols singing their idols” which allowed for actual contemporary and recognizable tunes. On top of that, we even get to see the tremendously huge (in the platinum sales kind of way) Nicki Minaj perform “Starships” and of course the typical previous Idol failures attempting to bump their sales with Season 10’s winner Scotty McCreery singing “Water Tower Town“. Maybe you’ll actually try a live performance this time mr. parade lip sync disaster??

Last night was a good one for fans of actual talent on this show as Vote for the Worst favourite DeAndre YouMakeMeSick BOMBED his 100% falsetto version of an Eric Benet song and how-is-he-still-here Heejun Huh came across as mediocre at best. Further, true talent Elise Testone blasted the damn hell out of an impossible rock ballad and got the full support of the judges which only perfectly sets up this show to fall on its ass if the voters didn’t support her and we once again see her in the bottom. It’s cruel to hope for someone to fail, but this girl cannot win with America’s voting system on this show and so I’m hoping she stands as a lightning rod of disgust from viewers with brains and ears everywhere who will watch her get kicked off for not being peppy, young or cookie cutter enough to make the Idol cut. Ranting aside, Seacrest has been promising a “shocker” tonight so let’s get to those results and see how Nicki did tonight!

Click through to see my review of the night and see who gets sent home

Nicki Minaj Is “Complex” In New Photo Shoot

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If you weren’t a fan of Complex Magazine’s cover featuring Justin Bieber all bruised up and bloody, maybe this one is more up your alley. As part of the publication’s 10th anniversary, they’ve released an alternate cover with Nicki Minaj resembling a hip-hop Halle Berry from the X-Men movies. Seriously, the female MC looks like Storm all ready to whoop up some thunder and lightning.

Along with the dizzying photos snapped by photographer Christian Anwander inside the commemorative issue, the “Super Bass” singer sits down for a revealing interview. The 29-year-old artist discusses her future goals which includes selling 5 million copies of her upcoming album (Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded hits stores April 3) and being married and having a family by 2022. One of the more interesting revelations include a breakdown she experienced backstage at the 2011 American Music Awards. Check out a few photos and select quotes from the April/May issue below.

check out more photos after the jump

Last night, if the Oscars weren’t for you, then you had a chance to switch over to TNT to catch the 2012 NBA All-Star Game which took place this year in Orlando, FL. The best from the East and the best from the West team up against each other and battle it out in on of the funnest exhibition games of the NBA season. Just like the Super Bowl, the NBA All-Star game has a halftime show. This year, Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown and Nayer took the stage. But, before the ball was tipped off, before any fouls were called, the one and only Nicki Minaj helped intro the two teams.

Kicking off her performance set with Moment for Life, Nicki showed off a purple wig and a gigantic ring pronouncing Queen. During the first song, Nicki gave a shout out to her boy Weezy aka Lil Wayne. Next, the rapper transitioned into her jam with David Guetta, Turn Me On followed by the introduction of the West.

To kick off the second half, Nicki made her debut performance of Starships. Aside from her awful lime green wig, it was great to see this new song already on its feet. That dance break in the chorus is seriously insane. I absolutely love it. After the introduction of the East, Nicki changed wigs once again donning her signature pink curly bob to perform her hit Super Bass. Check out the performances below.

Check out both of Nicki Minaj’s performances after the jump.

This weekend, a video titled “Dirty Money” surfaced that features Nicki Minaj rapping, before she was famous. In the low budget music video, the struggling young New York artist freestyles her way through the streets of Queens dishing it out lyrics the way you know she can. This was Nicky Minaj before YMCMB/Cash Money and boy has she changed since then.

Partway into the video, Minaj starts to talk & freestyle to camera. She then explains herself a bit towards the end and says the reason she acts the way she does is because she’s good at what she does. She finishes off by saying, “Hit me up on MySpace or something”. What’s MySpace? Haha.

Watch the video below and let me know if you prefer the pink barbie Minaj or the girl from the hood.

Video after the jump…

Fly High With Nicki Minaj’s “Starships”

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Keep the new Nicki Minaj tracks coming! I remember last year how Nicki was just breaking into the scene with her quirky raps and split-personality. Now, you can’t go two steps without seeing her face or hearing her name. Now, in anticipation of her upcoming release, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, songs have been hitting the net fast and furious.

First, Marilyn Monroe leaked giving us a more introspective look at the rapper singing about the dark and shaded side of the famed blonde bombshell. Then, we heard Young Forever the same day she performed the new track Roman Holiday at the Grammy’s. Now, Minaj is ready to make our feet move with a new dance track she created with RedOne.

Starships is quite the departure from Nicki’s rap and R&B roots and pulls a little bit of influence from her David Guetta collaboration. Don’t get me wrong, the song definitely contains Minaj’s signature quirky raps in the verses but the pre-chorus and hook itself play into what’s hot in pop music right now. What makes me go dumb is that dance break. Say what?! You’ll have to hear it for yourself. Give it a listen below.

Listen to Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” after the jump.

Last night, the 54th Annual Grammy Awards took over the Staples Centre in downtown Los Angeles for a true celebration of the past year’s greatest music. With a night full of performances and unlikely collaborations, it was hard for them to fit in all the awards. Thankfully, they handed out a majority of them prior to the show only leaving ten for the actual live show.

The evening was kicked started by a performance from Bruce Springstein who proved he was still The Boss. Afterwards, the evening’s host, LL Cool J took the stage to warm the crowd. He immediately addressed the dark cloud hanging over the awards ceremony tonight – the death of Whitney Houston. LL lead the Staples Centre in a quick prayer for the fallen icon and her family before getting the show underway.

Right away, the evening’s second performer Bruno Mars brought the energy back to the arena with his amazing performance of “Runaway” – one of my favorite songs from his album. Paying some serious homage to James Brown and other motown soul artists, Bruno brought the party and had the entire crowd on their feet. Read more Grammy highlights, watch my favorite performances and find out who won the night’s big awards below.

Recap, performance videos and winners after the jump.

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