One Piece Film Z is an upcoming 2012 Japanese anime film coming out on December 15 and a cover by Avril Lavigne is one of the songs featured on the soundtrack.

The Canadian singer actually covered Nickelback‘s most popular song, “How You Remind Me” which was bound to happen sooner or later, considering she’s engaged to the band’s lead singer, Chad Kroeger. The two made their announcement this past August and it came to a surprise, with post people having no idea the two were even dating.

Avril’s version is actually really good and I can see it being great as part of a soundtrack to a movie. Also featured on the soundtrack is Joan Jett‘s punk rock classic “Bad Reputation.” Listen Avril Lavigne singing “How You Remind Me” below.

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In a hilarious new video, the people at CollegeHumor tackle the hilariousness of Instagram in terms of what people post and what they have to say about it. As an Instagram user myself, I think they totally nailed it with this one (just as Ryan Steele did in his parody) and I can totally relate and laugh at some of the things I’ve posted, as well as things I’ve seen others post.

The tagline for the video is, “The pictures you want to remember. A song you want to forget.” The reason for that is because they lyrics to this video are set to the tune of Nickelback’s “Photograph” song. How appropriate, right?

One of my favorite parts of the video is when the guy sings, “Everyone look at my feet / Get jealous that I’m at the beach / Prob’ly knew I was going there / You saw my plane’s win in the air.” Seriously, I’ve done all of those things and saw a few people do it over the weekend in my Instagram feed. Enjoy the video below!

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I literally could write a post as long and as epic as Homer’s Odyssey talking about all the Halloween costumes celebrities wore this past weekend. But who really wants that? Instead, I decided to pick just a couple to share for two very different reasons.

The first one involves a young Hollywood actress paying homage to her famous aunt, much like Jamie Lynn Spears did when she dressed her daughter up like older sister Britney circa “… Baby Hit Me One More Time“. This time, Emma Roberts donned some vinyl thigh-high hooker boots and wore a cheap platinum wig to emulate Julia Robert’s breakout role in Pretty Woman as Vivian- the prostitute with the heart of gold. The resemblance is sorta uncanny. That signature mouth definitely runs in the family genetic pool.

While Emma’s intent was most likely in good fun, Avril Lavigne’s ex-husband’s was probably a slight dig. Deryck Whibley, lead singer of Sum 41, was married to the “Complicated” singer from 2006-2009. For Halloween, Whibley decided to dress as Avril while his current girlfriend Ari Cooper went as Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger- Lavigne’s current fiance. As expected, Deryck doesn’t make a very pretty girl. To be fair, neither does Avril. LOL, I kid. Check out the picture below, along with Kroeger’s reaction.

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Earlier this week, the news broke that Canadian singers, Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger were engaged. Many were shocked (including myself) because they didn’t know they had been dating the last six months. Either way, Chad put a ring on it and it’s a thing. Their celebrity couple name: Chavril.

Of course the responses have varied been from people being excited about it to people thinking it’s hilarious. One fan, or just someone with some spare time, decided to create a mashup of one of Nickelback’s biggest hits with one of Avril’s. He also included the lovely mashed up image above.

The mashup includes “This Is How You Remind Me,” by Nickelback and “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne. It’s worth checking out simply for curiosity sake to know what such a mashup would sound like. Give it a listen below.

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Who even knew she was in a serious relationship let alone engaged? The shocking news that Avril Lavigne is engaged has been confirmed by her rep and it’s taking everyone by surprise.

The 27-year-old received a 14-carat diamond ring on August 8 by her husband-to-be and quite obviously the answer was yes. This won’t be the first time she’s gone down the aisle. As you know, she divorced Sum 41’s Deryck Whilby back in 2009, and broke it off with Brody Jenner earlier this year.

I’ll give you a hint: Both Avril Lavigne and this rocker both performed at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games Closing Ceremonies (which I got to see live). Obviously this means her man is also Canadian. Find out who it is below.

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New Releases Out This Week: November 21

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It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Now I know that Rihanna’s Talk That Talk album leaked a while back. But, I decided not ruin my excitement and have waited until the album was available for download on iTunes. I have listened to many of the tracks on the disc though and have read the reviews and the tweets and know that I absolutely LOVE this new record from Rihanna.

Rihanna never ceases to amaze me with what she comes out with. Every disc is different and every time, she reinvents herself without completely throwing away what we really love about her. Definitely the definition of a true artist.

Coming off the huge success of the lead off single We Found Love, the record offers more than just dance tracks. The second single You Da One offered up some reggae selection while Where Have You Been pulls together all the sounds we’ve heard from Rihanna in the past. Overall, one of her best efforts and definitely worth the purchase. Check out more new releases below.

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