Designer Calvin Klein, 67 years old, had been seen earlier this summer, hanging out with 20 year old model/boytoy, Nick Gruber – and by hanging out, we mean going to public events together as a pair, and we can only supsect doing what you can only imagine behind closed drawers doors.

Now, Gawker did some investigating and found what appears to be Gruber’s Facebook page (Nick Oo) as well as his profile (Nick London) and compiled some hot pictures of the chiseled boy. He’s originally from Crystal River, Florida and graduated just last year. Right now, he’s studying at Santa Rosa Junior College, near San Francisco.

Gawker is not certain that they are the same person for sure, but it seems as though they are. Even if they aren’t, what’s the harm in looking at some underwear model’s photos to break up your day?

Want to see Gruber in the flesh? Well, not so much as in the flesh, but you can see his…flesh. Um, that sounds gross and not the way it was intended. Anyway, revealing pictures below.

Check out some HOT photos of him(?) after the jump…