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After last week’s eliminations, many referred to this group of boys as one of the worst in American Idol history. I think that title might’ve been a bit premature. While not the best ever, the boys came out swinging and gave the girls a run for their money. I can honestly say there wasn’t a Zoannette Johnson-like hot mess in the bunch. No one was really embarrassing. That said, I still think a girl is going to take it this year. Fingers crossed. Check out how I ranked the boys’ performances below.

American Idol 12 Top 10 Boys Ranked

10. Charlie Askew

Song: Mama
Original Artist: Genesis

Keeping it real. This wasn’t as bad as the judges said. Keith Urban called it disingenuous, Randy labeled it terrible and Mariah said it was an earful. Even his new look with the peach fuzz, earring and tank top didn’t bother me too much. That said, Charlie is not emotionally strong enough to keep going. That emo breakdown of his after the critiques was awkward to watch. This kid certainly has some deep personal struggles. I hope he has a strong support system to keep him out of any harm.

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No surprise here. The men disappointed just like they did last week. There isn’t one guy in the lot I can see taking the Season 12 title. Are these really the best from this year’s crop? I think Nigel Lythgoe and company are trying their hardest to ensure a girl wins American Idol this year. Chances are good considering there isn’t one WGWG (white guy with guitar) in sight.

On a similar note, do you get the feeling the the show is also trying their best to dispel discrimination claims. Earlier this year, nine African-American Idol contestants including Corey Clark (Season 2), Jaered Andrews (Season 2), Donnie Williams (Season 3), Terrell Brittenum (Season 5), Derrell Brittenum (Season 5), Thomas Daniels (Season 6), Akron Watson (Season 6), Ju’Not Joyner (Season 8) and Chris Golightly (Season 9) accused the show of racism and stated the show exploited its black male contestants.

Last year, the show also received criticism that there was only one visible minority (Jessica Sanchez) in the Top 12 women. Clearly, that’s not an issue this year. Seven out of the Top 10 girls are women of color. Same goes for the men’s side as well. In fact, if you look at all the four shows during the Sudden Death rounds, all the pimp spots were occupied by African American contestants. It could be purely a coincidence, but as we all know… Nigel’s moves are always calculated and well thought out. Enough of all the WGWG and race conspiracy theories, let’s get on with the performances. Be sure to drink a Red Bull or two before watching a couple of them. Total snoozefests.

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With the group round in the history books for the boys, it was time to take control of their destiny. The remaining 43 men had to perform a solo so powerful that the judges had no other option but to advance them to the next round. They only had a minute to achieve this during this pressure situation. Some handled it much better than others, while others let their emotions get the better of them.

Speaking of which, I have to give Nicki Minaj props for telling it like it is. More often than not, these musicians turned judges are afraid to voice their true opinion for fear of coming off unlikeable and alienating fans. Clearly by her commentary tonight, Minaj isn’t afraid of this. The “Pound The Alarm” singer who looked an awful like Dee Snider from Twisted Sister last night, criticized contestants for their song choices, inability to control their tears and for using their backstory as a crutch. My favorite reading came when former Glee Project contestant Matheus Fernandes finished singing. Nicki called him out for using his small stature as an excuse for a pity party. OH SNAP. You go girl. BTW, I totally agree with her.

Obviously you can tell, I wasn’t sad to see him go. I found him a little too arrogant. Also good riddance to Papa Peachez and Nicolas Mathis. The latter was way too angry with his elimination. Dude, you’re only 23. This isn’t the end of the world. The only person I’m really going to miss is Micah Johnson. He was the one who experienced complications during tonsil surgery. Micah took his elimination with stride and class. That’s how you do it boys. Check out my favorite performances from the Hollywood solo round below. See if you agree with my choices.

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So, we’ve had more than a couple of the tops (insert gay giggle here) exposed so far but tonight’s the final cut as the drama quotient goes up and you just KNOW they’re gonna start pitting similar looks and song-styles against one another as they get down to the wire. So far, I’ve been pretty iffy about how much I’m pro the chosen leading ladies and gents, but hopefully I’ll manage to find a couple faves by the end of tonight. Personally, I do not need to love em’ all, rather have two or three pics that I ride like a mule all the way to the top while I make fun of all the others that fall along the way. Hmmm, I’m beginning to think that everyone’s right and I’m not such a good person…

Tonight’s episode has some more final, unreleased performances and a butt load of tears from both the XX and XY chromosomal kids (and possibly one XXY, sorry Deandre). So, sit back and watch as your hopefuls either get crushed for the last time this season or make it through to the infamous Top 12 Girls and Boys showdowns.

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Well, Hollywood week is finally done and a good amount of the sad sacks that needed to go have gone. And, I do mean sad as too many people often skate through those original auditions based on “Momma left me early on” stories that pull at the judges heartstrings so much that their ears can’t hear actual talent and send them through. Hollywood was a great chance to see some talent that didn’t make it to the silver screen before hand and an even better chance to stress out those tiny tots to the point that they crack and show not just what they had for lunch but also just how terrible and inexperienced they truly are. Still, it’s not quite done and there’s plenty more crap that needs to go. I mean, come on: Richie god damn Law is still there!

So it’s now Vegas Week 1 and while we’re still seeing the kids perform in groups, it’s the BETTER remaining singers so hopefully way less lyrical amnesia than we saw last night in Hollywood. Unfortunately, they have them singing in the style of the 50s and 60s which sounds ridiculous to me as all they ever tell them come live performances is NOT to sound dated. Considering how things have been going in the season thus far I’m expecting more puke, more collapsing and a whole lot of tears… Oh right, and some “talented performers” 😛 Spoiler alert, I am SUPER disappointed in the performances, drama and judges tonight and find myself wondering if they were drinking from Paula’s cup cause these three must are clearly on drugs.

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Well FINALLY get to see those performances held just out of our reach last week as we instead were subject to Bitchathon/Pukathon 2012. Today’s article is titled the OFFICIAL Round 2 article as apparently last week’s Thursday counted more as a segue episode that all leads to these final group attempts.

Group Night is always one of the toughest nights for the kids as they struggle to meld Type A personalities into one coalesced mound of talent and keep their voices from crackin’ and losing it to one another on stage. Though we’ll get to see a good amount of tragedy to be sure, there’s always, ALWAYS a strong amount of collectives that stroll out and just dominate the stage. Often because the kids themselves can just tell who the winners are they seek each other out to make sure no anchor will hold them back, the result of that is that the leftovers often have to try and scrape something together at the last second. Speaking of awful groups scraping things together…

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