In support of the premiere of Mad Men’s fifth season on AMC, Newsweek decided to go a little retro with not only its cover but its ads as well. Brands such as Mercedes Benz, Tide and more, pulled a little inspiration from Don Draper and his team to go a little retro for their full page ad spaces. Here’s what Newsweek had to say:

“We’ve literally taken a page from Newsweek’s past—recreating the sleek, iconic look of the magazine during the swinging ‘60s, but with all original content. Imagining what a Newsweek website would have looked like, without dropping a tab of acid, was no easy feat. But with a leap of faith (and a single martini), we created an online edition that Don Draper would have toasted. We hope you do too.”

The fifth season of Mad Men will premiere this Sunday on AMC and the special edition of Newsweek will appear on stands and iPads on Monday. Have I peaked your curiosity? Step back into 1965 and check out the ads below.

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Looks the Queen of Pop herself also thought that Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” sounded awfully similar to her own “Express Yourself” song. Madonna addressed the similities in an interview with Newsweek, saying “I thought, ‘What a wonderful way to redo my song. I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was … interesting.” This is an excerpt from an upcoming profile in the magazine that is set to appear on January 30.

I love how she’s just getting back on the scene (with her upcoming album “M.D.N.A.” coming soon) and she’s dominating the news and telling it like it is. This poke at Gaga’s song wasn’t even from her interview with Cynthia McFadden of ABC. So much more juiciness to come!

Looks like Madonna has come back to claim her thrown – the one she left onstage in the Hard Candy tour. Check out an awesome video mashup of the two songs in question below.

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