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I love watching footage or clips of live news anchor bloopers and the video you’re about to watch definitely falls into that category.

WGN-TV Morning News anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten “winged” their way through the footage of a faux crash near 29th Street and Martin Luther King Drive in Chicago, around 8am this past Friday. The describe what they’re able to see from the footage they’re seeing on the screen until they get word through their ear piece that what they’re seeing is actually for a television show.

Once they were told what was actually going on, a baffled and annoyed Baumgarten then keeps repeating, “Are you kidding me!?” She adds, “They might want to tell the news folks when they’re doing this and shutting down King Drive.” Watch the clip of all of this below.

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The News According To Snooki

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When she isn’t smooshing, drinking, or tanning, Snooki is adding random things to her resume (ie. Wrestling). Her latest venture is taking a stab at journalism. In the following video, the Jersey Shore “oompa loompa” reports on this week’s biggest headlines and gives her two cents on each of them. From Hurricane Irene, to Beyonce being pregnant, to alien invasions and even global warming. No topic is too much for this pint size guidette to handle.

Don’t worry, Snooki is still her whiney, clueless, and burpy self while going through the headlines, in between chomping on pickles and spraying more hairspray onto her melon. Enjoy!

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Top 15 Most Overworked & Underpaid Jobs

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stress-jobs recently surveyed its users and has released their findings, identifying the top 15 most overworked and underpaid jobs….the most stressful ones. Check out the list. There were several surprises that I found, as you’ll read. Let me know what stressful jobs you may have, or have had in the past! Interested to hear!

  • Social Worker
    Median Pay: $43,200
    Percentage of People who say it’s stressful: 72%

    This profession requires people to care and make decisions and take certain actions that are difficult. On a day to day basis. Yeah, of course that’s stressful. Although very rewarding, it’d be really draining to do it on a day to day basis.

  • Special Events Coordinator
    Median Pay: $35,900
    Percentage of People who say it’s stressful: 75%

    Yeah, I can see how this could be stressful. Just look at the stress that happens whenever the Housewives of New York or Atlanta throw a party, or all of those bridezillas you’d have to deal with. People wanting magical things to happen. Champagne taste on an apple juice budget.

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