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Adam Lambert has just released the music video for “Never Close Our Eyes,” his first second single from his new ‘Trespassing‘ album. We’ve got your first look below!

“The one thing that I was really excited about was maybe something sort of science fiction. Something kind of New World Order, in the future. Something not of this reality. When we put that out there, a gentleman called Dori Oskowitz came back with an amazing treatment. This director is a really cool guy, totally on the same page as me.”

The video tells the story of some dreary, futuristic place where people (including Lambert) are controlled by these blue pills and apparently have no free will. They reside in a place where their every move is monitored by security cameras and move about as slaves. There’s a turning point in the video where Lambert somehow inspires the others to rebel against the mind control and escape the facility. Once free, the dreary, grey video becomes an explosion of color and dance as everyone eyes are wide open once again. “I interpret that as we’re keeping our eyes wide open. Stay open to all possibilities, keep an open mind and an open heart to life,” Lambert explained in a past interview.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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It’s been grueling these past elimination weeks as top picks and sellable acts have been getting the boot time after time as Idol seems to control every aspect of our lives and our votes (well, not mine: I’m canadian, but you get what I’m saying). We’ve been deconstructing judges motivation, exposing panning shots and ridiculous production and styling choices, and most importantly the fine print at the end of each episode that gives us a big middle finger and declares: “We [Nigel Lythgoe and his flying monkey minions] are gonna pick whomever the frig we feel like, so suck it… and keep buying coca cola.” Still, we stay tuned to see the talent. Not to watch the dumb light show in the background or pay ANY attention to the extreme and outrageous claims of “perfect and unparalleled performances” by the judging panel, but to hear that one-off amazing song that keeps us interested and wanting to root for our favourites.

Tonight we get the musical stylings of past runner up Adam Lambert who felt the sting of Idol manipulation and lost to a WGWG (“white guy with guitar”: an expression I learned from you all commenting on my articles, thank you!) who couldn’t sell himself out of a paper bag. Tonight the out and proud man-diva will be performing “Never Close Our Eyes“, on top of which we’ll get the “singing stylings” or Lisa Marie Presley (seriously… why?). Like matching “Songs of the 60s” with “Songs from Today” Idol once again misses the mark and I shake my head in wonder at how this show still survives. You heard me rant that Joshua Ledet just didn’t have it last night despite the rantings of his biggest fan Randy, that Jessica Sanchez is getting back on her game and should win but not exactly with a perfect 10 score and that Phil Phillips though with an amazing night isn’t exactly what I would call America’s IDOL… all in all, this year isn’t knocking me over and I only hope next week we get something stellar or I might have to officially check out. Let’s see who’s going home tonight!

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For a while, Adam Lambert’s album Trespassing seemed like it was never going to come out. Yet, us fans patiently waited for a release date. Well ask and you shall receive as it has been announced that the album will drop on May 15. If you remember, the album was originally supposed to drop this week.

In anticipation of the album and possibly, in celebration of the official release date coming into fruition, Adam’s camp have released sneak peeks of four tracks from the upcoming album. Taking a step away from his usual glam rock self, Adam opts for a more poppy feel with the new previews. The album boasts a full list of collaborators: Pharrell Williams, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly, Benny Blanco, Bonnie McKee, Nile Rodgers, Sam Sparro, Bruno Mars, Emanuel Kiriakou, Nikka Costa, Lester Mendez, Reckless Love and BC Jean. You can definitely hear the new influence in his sound and I am totally digging it! Give a listen to Trespassing, Never Close Our Eyes, Naked Love and Cuckoo below.

Listen to four tracks from “Trespassing” after the jump.

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