How have I not heard about this movie before? It looks amazing!

In a film that is shot Blair Witch / Paranormal Activity style, we’re taken on a journey through the ups and downs…and dangers of social networking. I guess you could say it’s a much darker documentary style film of The Social Network, except instead of focus on the creation of Facebook, it taps into the danger that was created along with it. The tagline for the film is “Don’t let anyone tell you what it is.” It was one of the best films at the Sundance Film Festival. It was picked up by Rogue Pictures is getting a limited theatrical release.

I don’t want to tell you much because I want you to experience the trailer as I did, to give you a bit of info, the documentary-style film follows filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost in 2007 as the begin to film the life of Ariel’s 24 year old brother, Nev. He is a NYC photographer and was contacted on Facebook by Abby, an eight-year-old girl who asked if she can paint one of his photographs. He then develops a Facebook relationship with her older sister, Megan. When he finds out some interesting info about Megan, they all set off on a road trip to find out the truth.

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