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As you know by now, Neil Patrick Harris dreams in puppets in his hilarious and sexy new web series, Neil’s Puppet Dreams. I’ve written about every episode so far and today, the season finale is already here. In this episode, it’s a “Bollywood” music video you mustn’t miss.

Prior to falling asleep, Neil & his real life husband David Burtka are eating Indian food in bed. “Bollywood in Hollywood,” jokes NPH. Within seconds, he’s asleep and the star of a Bollywood music video where forbidden love keeps him apart from a female cow he’s in love with. Neil sings, “I know it’s a little taboo, but I just wanna make her scream…” LOL.

The video is full out and as you can see from the screen shot above, former SYTYCD finalist, Kent Boyd is one of Neil’s main backup dancers. Watch Neil musically grapple with the love that dare not moo its name in the episode below.

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Neil Patrick Harris back with another episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams for an out of this world experience. As you probably know already, this show where Neil dreams in puppets is adult-themed and there are usually a handful of sexual references courtesy of NPH himself. This new episode is called “Alien Abduction,” so you can guess where he takes it…

When Neil finds himself abducted by aliens in his dreams, he’s rather excited, revealing that he’s always wanted to be abducted by aliens. When the abductors realize they’ve abducted a “person of great influence,” they immediately want to return him. Neil is devastated because, you guessed it, he wants to be probed…really badly actually (perhaps we know more about his and David Burtka‘s relationship now – haha). When he finally gets his way, the probing begins.

Neil wakes up and asks Siri on his iPhone to text David. Siri agrees but then says something to Neil that spooks him. Watch the funny video below.

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Finally, a new episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams has arrived, where Neil Patrick Harris dreams in puppets. In this new episode, Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Manganiello crash David Burtka‘s “Dream Bump”.

You see, Neil Patrick Harris isn’t really having a good dream in this one. In fact, it’s just him in a barren desert, barren even of nudity and giant killer crabs. But, suddenly, there’s a “dream bump,” and David’s dream merges into Neil’s. Burtka is having the most amazing dream, with sexy go-go boys that include Colby Melvin, and fierce drag queens like Willam. Neil is grumpy that his dream is so lame while Burtka rubs it in his face with a big musical number with the chorus, “My Dreams Are So Awesome!” LOL.

Towards the end, NPH runs into Joe Mangiello as he air surfs his way over to Burtka’s dream. Watch the just-released episode below.

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Neil Patrick Harris has just released the fourth episode of his hilarious new web series called Neil’s Puppet Dreams and this one’s called “To Catch A Puppeteer.”

Neil falls asleep in his bed while watching the Dateline special, To Catch A Predator, hosted by Chris Hansen. As you probably know, this is the segment where they set up a sting operation to catch men trying to have sex with children. While asleep, Neil finds himself in a dream where he is the predator in “To Catch A Puppeteer,” a show hosted by puppet Chris Hansen.

Neil is described as one of the sickest puppeteers they’ve ever encountered and in the sting operation, Neil thinks he’s going over to the puppet monkey’s house for cookies and pretend milk. “You have really pretty fur,” Neil tells the puppet. Before the puppet gets “felt up,” puppet Chris Hansen pops up and Neil is busted. “The truth is I just, I really wanna put…put my hand in a puppet.” Then, Neil says that he’d even like to get his hands inside of puppet Chris Hansen himself. You can imagine that Chris Hansen is totally caught off guard by this.

Another hilarious episode. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for next week!

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This is the third episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams and if you haven’t watched any of them yet, you’re missing out. The series stars Neil Patrick Harris who dreams in puppets. Although there are puppets in his dreams, the comedy is for adults and Neil makes a lot of sexual references in the videos, with this latest episode as no exception.

In “The Restaurant“, Neil grapples with pushy customers and punny puns. Puns are right up my alley! When Neil dreams he’s a waiter serving in a restaurant, one customer complains that Neil brought him beaver when he had actually ordered Primavera. “I don’t eat beaver,” he shouts. “That makes two of us,” Neil jokes to the camera. The beaver then wakes up and says, “Three of us… but I do love to harp down I nice log of wood now and then.” He then turns and sniffs Neil’s crotch and says, “Mmmm! Num num num..!” Neil then smacks him away. LOL.

At another table, the husband’s hot dog is missing the mustard and his wife was given crabs, which she didn’t order. “So we’ll put a condoment on your sausage and you’re wife won’t get crabs,” says Neil, followed by a drumroll.

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Another hilarious episode of ‘Neil’s Puppet Dreams‘ has just been released starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion (Canadian & star of Castle), and of course various puppet characters. As the episode kicks off, Neil is in the “Doctor’s Office”, fantasizing about Canadians when his new doctor comes in. The doctor mentions that he heard Neil’s last doctor was awful (Neil then gazes into the camera for just a moment, essentially pointing out the joke that they used to be in a show called Dr. Horrible together).

Neil beings to tell the doctor that he dreams in puppets and at that moment, falls asleep and enters his dream world where everyone around him, including his doctor, is a puppet. The first order of business is what’s between Neil’s legs. The puppets are amazed at how big and hairy it is and Neil says that it is only a problem when he drinks to much. He then shows the puppets the tricks he can do with it. LOL.

At one point, one of the puppets says, “It’s getting kind of crowded in there with that giant cock of yours.” Yup, this is that kind of a show. Find out what happens next below.

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A couple days ago, you got the Behind The Scenes look at Neil Patrick Harris on his new web series called Neil’s Puppet Dreams. It’s called that because the premise is that Neil dreams in puppets and the first webisode was released today.

In “The Lullabye,” Neil is with his real life husband David Burtka as they try get their little ones to sleep. As Neil says hi to us viewers and explains how he sleeps a lot and dreams in puppet, he promptly falls asleep and collapses to the ground. We then enter his dream world.

Neil is freaking out as he finds himself falling from the sky towards the grounds when a few puppets randomly show up beside him to calm him down. One puppet says, “You’re not falling, your flying!” Neil asks, “I am?” Another puppet responds and says, “Yeah, straight down, for a very short time.” LOL. From there they decide to sing him a lullaby that slowly turns into a “lullabye” as they prepare him for the awful death he’s about to experience when he hits the ground.

Thankfully, he wakes up to Burtka’s voice the next morning, realizing he’s asleep on the floor of the nursery. Burtka’s reason for not waking him up is quite funny. Enjoy ‘The Lullabye’ below.

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Neil Patrick Harrisis a sexy, funny, and talented man and I’m thrilled to learn that he has a new web series coming out on November 27 called Neil’s Puppet Dreams and it looks effing amazing.

In a revealing exposé of the inner workings of Neil Patrick Harris’ subconscious, the Nerdist Channel presents a gripping behind-the-scenes look at the making and inspiration for Neil’s Puppet Dreams. Bearing a rare disorder that results in Neil dreaming only in puppets, Mr. Patrick Harris and those who know him best tell all in this new sneak peek.

There are SO many familiar faces in this preview below. Neil’s other half, David Burtka is in it, treating the puppets like second class citizens. There’s also Joe Manganiello who is made to feel like a prostitute, famous drag queens like Detox & Willam, former SYTYCD star Kent Boyd, Andrew Christian model, Colby Melvin, Castle star Nathan Fillion, choreographer Spencer Liff and more. Even Brian Henson is involved in the show!

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