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Another season of So You Think You Dance premieres tomorrow. Can you believe it’s the tenth season? It just seems like yesterday when the dancing competition began. In its inaugural season, it was all about crowning America’s Best Dancer. Realizing it was just one big popularity contest, it quickly changed to America’s favorite dancer. For the purpose of this post, it’s all about crowning America’s hottest dancer. My kind of contest.

Over the years, FOX’s dancing competition has featured a bevy of flexible studs, dropping it like it’s hot while shirtless and sweaty. Every season there seems to be one or a couple male contestants that captivate the hearts and eyes of teenage girls and horny gay men everywhere. I decided to go back through all the seasons and pick the Top 15 hottest male dancers to ever compete on the show. Will recently-anointed winner Chehon Wespi-Teschopp make the cut? One particular season dominated my list, owning all Top 3 slots. Find out which one and my HOTTEST pick below.

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Sue Slyvester’s “Vogue” Video Revealed

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During Glee’s Spring premiere, the show unveiled the much-anticipated full length video of Sue Sylvester voguing during one of their commercials. If you happened to miss it while fast-forwarding, or flipping between “Lost” and “Glee”, or your local station provider rudely cut if off, I have the full video for you right here.

Having lived through Madonna’s “Vogue” hey days, I have to give the show credit for their dead-on accuracy for their parody. Special bonus points for changing parts of the rap to include: “Sue Sylvester dance on air” and “Will Schuester, I hate you“. I also love how they cast Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) as Sue’s backup singers. For all you SYTYCD fans, you’ll be happy to know one of season’s six’s most polarizing contestants, Nathan Trasoras is one of the featured dancers.

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SYTYCD Season 6: Top 10 Eliminations

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Tonight’s show started off with the Top 10 dancing to It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me by Billy Joel. I say it was the Top 10, but it’s more like Jakob danced the number and the other 9 supported him- which was good because the routine itself was pretty lame, so at least it gave me something fun to watch.

We were then treated to a montage of last night’s performances and I was reminded all over again at how amazing Jakob & Ellenore were and just how shitty some of the other numbers were. We also got a peak back at the solos and holy Mother… Ellenore is absolutely brilliant. A bit weird, but absolutely brilliant.

I then had to bust it to the washroom because Dominic Sandoval from season 3 popped on to showed America that he’s sold out to become a spokesperson for none other than… K-Mart. Seriously? Seriously. Barf.

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SYTYCD Season 6: Top 10 Performances

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And here we are, finally at the Top 10 where the masses control who stays and who goes! Tonight they are doing bio’s on each of the Top 10 and in the interest of brevity… I’m just gonna skip right over all that (though it was super cute to meet some of their families).


Noelle & Ryan
A Napolean & Tabitha routine starts off the night with Noelle & Ryan dancing to Give It To Me Right (Melanie Fiona). I’m sorry this totally shocked me. When I first realized who was dancing and the style they were given I didn’t hold out much hope… but I was really surprised. It’s true that you could tell Ryan’s not a hip-hop dancer, but I thought they both did a great job (and I’m sorry, who couldn’t have chemistry with Ryan? I mean, honestly.) Oh, and Noelle did a great job too.

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SYTYCD Season 6: Top 12 Eliminations

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Here we are revealing the Season 6 Top 10 dancers and Kat Deeley looks a freaking’ mess tonight. I love ya girl, but someone jacked up your hair tonight.

We open the show with the Top 12 dancing a BRILLIANT Nappy-Tabs routine to “What’s A Girl Gotta Do?” (Basement Jaxx feat Paloma Faith). I loved the routine, loved the song and loved Jakob standing out with those amazing extensions. I can’t say he stole the routine, but he sure was brilliant.

Nigel then embarks on a well meaning bout of verbosity which I tuned out. Something about Thanksgiving and how Britts don’t celebrate it, blah blah blah. There was something in there about bringing soldiers home safely though which of course was a worthwhile mention. Mary & Adam then speak some more for the simple joy of hearing their own voices which I completely fast forwarded through.

The first two couples to find out their fate were Karen & VIctor and Ashleigh & Jakob. Unsurprisingly it was Karen & Victor who landed in the bottom 3 couples with their heinous Hip Hop routine.

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SYTYCD Season 6: Top 12 Performances

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Heya… I’m back!!!

So I’ve returned from my European adventures just in time to see the Top 10 revealed after tonight’s performances. That said, I have to admit that while I was busy gallivanting around Dublin & Amsterdam, I haven’t yet had time to watch the last two episodes- though have read Daniel’s scathing remarks!

I’ll be catching myself up later this week, but I’m actually sort of glad that I’m a little behind because it feels like I’m approaching it with a more open mind about the each of the remaining dancers.


Ryan & Ellenore
To start of the night we’ve got Ryan and Ellenore dancing a Lindy Hop (swing) to I’ve Got To Be A Rug Cutter (Boilermaker Jazz Band). Lindy hop can be a total blast to dance, so I was really disappointed in this number because not only was Ellenore completely out of her element and stumbling around, the two of them together looked like they were at a church talent show. I hate to say it since you all know how much I love Ryan… but it was completely lacklustre for me. I don’t know WHAT the judges were smoking because this number sucked. Some great stunts, but overall I was definitely left wanting something more. (Sorry Ryan!)

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SYTYCD Season 6: Top 14 Eliminations

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We are down to fourteen dancers and after tonight only twelve dancers will remain, with one more crucial elimination left before the top ten touring dancers are revealed. The show opened with a group Contemporary routine to Aha! By Imogen Heap. Damn was this number beautiful! The concept of three statue groups slowly being revealed throughout the number was gorgeous! No surprise that Wade and Amanda Robson pieced together that masterpiece – I went back and watched it three times and it just kept getting better and better. The opening set with Russell, Channing, Ellenore and Nathan was just effing perfection. Instantly, my love for this show has been rekindled! And all it took was a little Wade…

After the bobble-head introduction, Cat brought the first two couples out to the stage; Ashleigh and Jakob and Karen and Kevin pitted against one another. Not surprising that Ashleigh and Jakob sailed right through to safety while Karen and Kevin were sent backstage to prepare to dance their solos. TGAGIR.

The next set of three couples were brought to the stage; Ellenore and Ryan, Noelle and Russell, and Channing and Victor. Ellenore and Ryan were first up for review and not surprising following their epic Travis Wall routine, they were sent to safety. Next on the chopping block was Noelle and Russell pitted against Channing and Victor. In a surprising twist of events, Channing and Victor were sent into the bottom three while Noelle and Russell were sent through to safety. WHA?!

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SYTYCD Season 6: Top 14 Performances

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It’ my second week back discussing SYTYCD US and I have to admit I’m no more excited this week than I was last! I’m struggling to remember most of the dancers names even as I think about their routines from last week and the only two I really remember are Mollee and Channing. Two girls! Sure, there’s the hot guys who I know solely on their looks, but that’s not saying much for their apparent talent. Tonight, the top fourteen take to the stage vying for America’s votes, and in turn the opportunity to dance another for week…

After last week’s lack lustre eliminations of so-and-so and what’s-his-name, I was quickly reminded that I have an entire TWO HOURS of nonsense ahead of me, complete with lame commentary sure to be provided by our standard judges; Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.


Ashleigh and Jakob were the first couple to take to the stage dancing a Tabitha and Napolean Hip Hop routine, danced to Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo (brilliant song choice I might add). This was a pretty decent routine to open the show (I’m a sucker for Nappy-Tabs). Jakob was the standout in the routine HANDS DOWN as Ashleigh’s lack of confidence shined through when the two were pitted against each other in synchronized movements. Overall, well done kids. Jakob, you’ve quickly become the apple of my eye right now! You’re adorable!!

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