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Have you listened to The Bullitts before? This electronic group is the brain child of producer and writer Jeymes Samuel and features the likes of Lucy Lui (yes the actress), Jay Electronica and Mos Def. The group’s newest single is titled Supercool and features the supercool Rosario Dawson.

In the video, we watch as a homeless man with a shopping cart walks through the streets of what I presume is London. A paparazzi’s camera is filming him and our homeless man seems quite annoyed – until of course he runs in to the beautiful Rosario Dawson. Wanting her autograph but unable to find a pen, he decides instead to dance for her. Enjoying the performance, Rosario joins in and gets down with the homeless man pulling out some flawless moves.

The Bullitts’ mantra is to create music that is “Action Adventure” with their blend of stunning music with compelling visuals and a groundbreaking interactive online presence. Their debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories is set for release this coming March. Until then, enjoy their new video below.

Check out this hilarious music video from The Bullitts after the jump.

Never heard of StooShe? I hadn’t either until today. This British-Ghanian hip hop group hailing from London, England actually only came into fruition at the beginning of last year. The trio was discovered at a Top Shop in London and rocketed into an impressive debut with Warner Music UK. The name comes from the word Stoosh which means expensive as well as a girl who thinks she is nicer than she is.

Their freshman single F*ck Me appeared on YouTube on March 14 of last year featuring rapper Suave Debonair. In October, the group released the track Betty Woz Gone. The track garnered a place on BBC’s In Music We Trust playlist. A lyric video also hit the web along with the story of Betty presented by cartoon versions of the group’s members.

At the end of last year, it was announced that the trio would re-record and re-lease their debut single but replace Debonair with Travie McCoy. The video for the track debuted online with a new, radio-friendly title, Love Me. There is no denying that ShooShe have a distinct look and sound mixing pop and R&B with doo-wop. Check out their latest effort below along with the original F*ck Me version.

Check out both versions of the video below.

At the beginning of January, I shared that Frankmusik was no longer. Vincent Frank had shed his moniker for good and is now ready to unleash new music upon us, label-less and under the name of Vincent Did It. His first effort under the new name titled Dynamo reminded us of Frank’s debut album from Island Records, finding his sound more experimental and edgy.

Now, a new track and video have surfaced online titled So You’re Alive. The video was released under Vincent’s KillerPop Records YouTube account. The track is definitely more expressive than his previous Do It In The AM material. The song features very choppy and gritty synths and includes a lot of choppy vocal effects, true to Vincent’s earlier demos and sounds.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with Vincent Frank on Twitter, you’ve observed that he and his former manager have been having a war or words regarding his departure from his label even giving insight from himself on how to do well in the music video, without selling out to a label. No matter what his name, Vincent Frank makes great music that I love and I can’t wait for more. Check out So You’re Alive below.

Check out “So You’re Alive” after the jump.

If you thought Brandy taking on Monica over the “boy” was epic, check out these two girl groups fighting over the heart of a hot DJ. This time, the battle takes place on the dance floor. Bring it on, beyotches. Ever since girl group phenomenon Wonder Girls became the first K-pop group to chart on Billboard’s Hot 100 with their global smash “Nobody“, the group has been strategizing their road to US domination.

I don’t know many K-pop acts, but I do adore the Wonder Girls. Ever since I saw numerous YouTube clips mimicking the choreography from their “Nobody” music video, I instantly fell in love with the catchy track. The girls were supposed to launch their first English album last year, but never came to fruition despite working with big name producers. Hopefully, this brand new video is the signaling of more music from the girl group.

The five ladies are taking a page out of Nick Cannon’s School Gyrls. His group launched their first album after appearing in a made-for-television movie on Nickelodeon. The Korean pop group’s upcoming Teen Nick movie “The Wonder Girls” premieres on February 2 and features the School Gyrls. The collaboration for the two girl groups doesn’t stop just there, they duetted on “The DJ Is Mine”. The track is in the vein of Brandy and Monica’s classic “The Boy Is Mine“. They work out their best dance moves hoping to catch the eye of the DJ. Unlike Brandy & Monica’s video, there is a winner in this battle. Find out who below.

check out the music video after the jump

One of MTV’s Artists To Watch in 2012 is none other than Homorazzi friend and favorite, the unstoppable and undeniable, DEV. With the release of her collaboration with Enrique Iglesias and her upcoming album release in March, the buzz is big for this pop star. Dev just released a new music video for her track Dancing Shoes which can be found on The Night The Sun Came Up.

Produced by The Cataracs, the track definitely shows us a different side of Dev than you may know of her. When we chatted with her last summer, she told us that her album would definitely show her multifaceted personality – that she can pop bottles, but also has a heart. This track definitely showcases Dev’s vocal capabilities beyond her speak-song raps.

In the video, we watch as Dev prepares to attend a show which is juxtaposed by the evening’s performer getting ready for the curtain to open. As Dev finds her seat, our male performer takes the stage. While the audience members seem unimpressed and begin to leave, he’s captured the heart of our very own Dev. Check out Dev’s new video for Dancing Shoes below.

Check out Dev’s new music video after the jump.

Ukrainian dance group Kazaky, made famous by their music video for their single, “In The Middle,” have just released a new music video for their latest single, “Dance And Change“. Oleg (also the choreographer), Arthur, Kyryll and Francesco really work it out with their fierce dance moves (in heels of course) with crazy visuals around them.

The song takes well over a minute before the first word is spoken and the video, directed by Alan Badoev, flashes between black & white and a selective use of color. Some of the visuals remind me of the movie Tron in a way.

Sidenote: The lead singer’s voice reminds me of the German singer from Sin With Sebastian and the ’90s hit, “Shut Up And Sleep With Me.” It’s not a bad thing (I used to love that song). Check out the music video for “Dance And Change” below.

Watch the video after the jump…

X Factor: Cher Lloyd Enlists Astro For New Music Video

In: Donovan, Music

Ever wonder what would result if the UK and US versions of “The X Factor” collided? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to L.A. Reid that is now a reality. The X Factor judge recently signed Cher Lloyd to an US Epic record deal and prepping the UK singer for her US debut. Lloyd who finished fourth on the UK X Factor’s seventh series has done well post-Factor. Her debut album, “Sticks + Stones“, already has two hit singles under its belt. Now, with her third official release she’s looking to score a UK hat trick and perhaps her first international hit.

I have to admit, I haven’t loved Cher Lloyd’s previous singles like my fellow writer Nic. She’s often been criticized for her musical style and become the poster child for what is wrong with the music industry today. Some have even called her the love child of LMFAO and Ke$ha. Just in case you were wondering, that was meant to be a compliment. That being said, I really like her newest single “Want U Back“.

Produced by Britney hitmaker Shellback and penned by Savan Kotecha, “Want U Back” is the perfect vehicle to launch Lloyd to mainstream US radio. It’s fun urban bubblegum pop. Giving it even more swagger is the addition of Brian Bradley aka Astro. The teenage rapper who placed 7th on the US X Factor adds his lyrical touch to the track. Check out the music video below.

check out the music video after the jump

Dance floor diva Erika Jayne has created some of my favorite tracks to workout to for a few years now. Her track “Stars” was on heavy rotation for most of 2008 for me. Now, this blonde bombshell has new track out there that has my feet moving. I just popped it on my iPhone and I cannot wait to run this song out on the treadmill this week! It’s called “Party People (Ignite The World)” and the video is smokin’ hot.

Directed by Mickey Minden, we watch as Erika enters a smoky club with a few of fiercest girlfriends. They dance in the hallway before proceeding to a stairwell for a little choreography. Next up, Erika dances in from of some lazer lights for a group of hunky young men. One of them is Brandon Stoughton who you may remember as Britney’s main squeeze in her Womanizer music video. The best part? When they take off their shirts.

After sick dubstep dance break, Erika Jayne finishes off the video with a live performance aspect while a group of dancers occupy the dance floor. I think this may be one of my favorite tracks from the singer. I hope that the release of this track means a new album is on the way. If you haven’t heard her debut album, Pretty Mess, I suggest you check it out. Until then, watch her new clip below.

Watch Erika Jayne’s hot new clip after the jump.

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