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On December 1, Lady Gaga will be finally releasing her highly anticipated (as they always are) music video for “Marry The Night“. There’s been a lot of build up for this video which will be her longest to date, as she’s got a story to tell. Recently, she released “The Prelude Pathetique” which featured Gaga on a gurney narrating the story, as she was being pulled by two chic nurses.

Now, we’ve been dished a new treat that shows an actual part of the video, meaning that the song is actually playing. In this clip you’re about to watch, Gaga works it out in a dance studio with some fierce choreography. She seriously dances like like never before in this video.

The choreography was done by new choreographer, Richard Jackson, who is Laurieann Gibson’s assistant. In case you didn’t know, Gaga recently fired Gibson. Drama! Anyway, enjoy the clip below. Definitely can’t wait to check out the video next week, which comes out on World AIDS Day!

Video after the jump…

Without a doubt, Beyonce is one of the hardest working women in the music industry. The woman gives it everything she’s got with every performance and never half-asses it *cough* Britney *cough*. In today’s market, you’d be lucky to get three music videos from most artists off of one album. Not for Queen B. The hit-making machine just released her latest clip from “4“, marking it the 7th music video from the album. YOWZA, seven videos. That’s impressive. Sure, “Dance For You” is a bonus track, but it’s still a track from her fourth studio album.

Sometimes less is more and having a simple video can do the trick. That’s exactly what Bey’s new film noir-inspired clip does. It’s like a classic Bogart & Bacall flick meets 8 1/2 weeks with a helping dose of Beyonce’s signature booty shaking and hair tossing. I swear that woman must have the strongest neck muscles around. My neck gets sore just by looking at her go to town.

When I first heard The Dream-produced “Dance For You“, I classified it as pedestrian album filler but I have to admit, I love it now. Personally, having a visual to associate to a track helps me connect to it more. The beautiful use of light and shadow is truly stunning. Then when you factor in Beyonce’s seductive private dancing it’s completely mesmerizing. “Dance For You” doesn’t the same over-the-top production as some of her videos, but it’s equally as compelling. Watch the clip below.

click here to check out Beyonce’s latest clip

Jason Derulo “Fights For You” While Showering

In: Donovan, Music

It’s Jason Deruuuuuuuulo. Whenever I hear his name, I can’t help but hear the auto-tuned saying of his name. The 22-year-old singer just debuted the music video for “Fight For You“, the third single from his album “Future History“. While not a bomb, his sophomore effort hasn’t matched the same success as his self-titled debut album. That album spawned three Top 10 Billboard hits. Perhaps third time is a charm and “Fight For You” will break into Top 10.

Super producer RedOne worked on the ballad with Derulo, marking their first collaboration together. It features a sample of Toto’s 1982 hit “Africa“. The steamy (literally) video captures Derulo performing his signature dance moves, riding a subway, singing on a rooftop and showing off his toned body in a steamy shower for two. The track has potential and with a visual now released, it has that extra promotional push to vault it higher on the charts. Check out the video below.

watch the music video after the jump

NBC’s new musical drama Smash may not be heading to our TV’s until February 6, however the show’s new VEVO account has premiered it’s first full length music video in promotion of the show’s debut. The clip features former Idol contestant Katherine McPhee tackling Christina Aguilera’s massive ballad, Beautiful. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the song as they’ve used it in a few promos prior to release this video.

If you’re not quite sure what Smash is about, it follows an out-of-town girl who comes to New York to audition for the role of Marilyn Monroe in a new musical being written for Broadway. We will also be introduced to the writers and producers of the show which include the likes of Debra Messing, Anjelica Houston and Christian Borle. In a twist, the lyricist, (which Messing plays) is actually against the idea of a Marilyn Monroe musical. Go figure.

Steven Spielberg is the show’s creator and is said to have had the idea for a while. He first brought the idea to Showtime but was then purchased by NBC and added to their winter season line up. In June , Smash was one of eight honorees in the “Most Exciting New Series” category at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Looks like this show just might be… well, a Smash!. Check out Katherine’s version of Beautiful below.

Watch Katherine’s “Beautiful” music video after the jump.

It’s about friggin’ time. The second I heard Robin Thicke’s “Love After War” weeks ago, I’ve been waiting unpatiently for the music video. Now that I’ve seen the clip, I can understand why there was a delay. Thicke’s gorgeous wife, Paula Patton, plays his love interest in the video. With her hectic schedule promoting the shizz out of “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol“, finding a suitable time to film, most likely proved troublesome. Judging by a quote from Robin Thicke, it would seem like it.

“My wife is an actress and a mother and a wife and I am a husband and a father and a singer, so we haven’t seen each other a lot these last couple of weeks. We won’t see each other until Christmas. It is very difficult, but I think the only thing that gets us by is that we have great sex together.”

Based on the steamy video, it’s definitely obvious they have great chemistry. Directed by Hype Williams (who knew he still made videos), both Paula and Robin show off their taut bodies in sexy lingerie and shirtless scenes. The couple is seen making passionate love after engaging in seemingly random arguments. “Love After War” is the lead single off his new album, scheduled to hit stores on November 6.

watch the music video after the jump

New Florence Video: No Light, No Light

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Well I’m a few days behind, which makes me the worst Flo fan on earth, but FATM came out with a new video! Here I am watching it for days now and suddenly thought “WHY am I not sharing this??”

It’s no secret that everyone who listens to the new Ceremonials CD from Florence becomes gravely obsessed with it. A little darker and more serious than their last album, Ceremonials is a gothic rock dream covered in silk, and was beyond far from a disappointing follow up to such a brilliant album as their first, Lungs, was.

So is No Light, No Light one of my favorite tracks of the CD? Surprisingly enough, no, it’s wasn’t. I appreciate the song a hell of a lot more now. I didn’t skip over it ever, I just aimed to get past it to hear my favorite tracks like Spectrum, or Leave My Body, or Heartlines. But the video is everything you would expect from the brilliant redhead, her talented group, and her fantastic team. It combines a fantastic mash of religions, combining christianity and voodooism. Only the strangest and yet surprisingly cohesive of themes from them. Put a dash of androgeny into Flo’s look, toss her off a building, and you have a great visual to now accompany a song that I purposely press play on.

Watch the video after the jump…

RuPaul’s Sahara Davenport Goes Off!

In: Donovan, Music, Totally GAY!

At this rate, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is going to have more wannabe pop stars than Bravo’s “The Housewives of…” franchise. The latest reality star to jump on the novelty single bandwagon is the fierce Sahara Davenport from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 2. I have to give Sahara credit, it’s not bad and the production value of the music video is the best I’ve seen from any of Ru’s guuuuuurls. “Go Off!” is the sophomore release for the female illusionist. It’s a follow-up to her debut single, “Pump With Me“.

For the video, Davenport wanted a cleaner and less busy approach. Of course, we’re referring to a drag queen, so less busy is all relative. Directed by Syuji Honda, the clip features Sahara performing all her signature energetic high kicks as seen during her season of Drag Race. Remember that lip-sync for her life when girlfriend worked it out on pointe. Ferocity. The single has already landed on iTunes Top 200 Dance Singles Chart. A dance remix by DJ Manny Lehman is scheduled to be released later this month.

Check out Sahara (née Antoine Ashley) in her new music video below. It features a cameo from her boyfriend and RuPaul Season 3 alum Manila Luzon. Upcoming Season 4 RuPaul contestant Jiggly Caliente also pops up in the video. Talk about a RuPaul triple threat. These three should just form a girl band and reach for the glittery stars.

watch her music video after the jump

You can rarely expect a plain and simple music video with Lady Gaga. Longer than most music videos, Gaga’s creations are usually over the top with hidden meanings, couture fashion, and often feature new versions of Lady Gaga. Well, that is with the exception of “Edge of Glory”, which most felt wasn’t up to par with her standard of videos.

The upcoming video for “Marry The Night” is apparently going to be Lady Gaga’s longest video to date. Thankfully, she’s broken it up a bit and released the preview of the prelude to the video. Yeesh. So it’s kind of like the prelude to the prelude to the video LOL. So this video you are about to watch is a little under 2-minutes.

Listen to Gaga narrate as she’s getting pulled in a gurney by two fashionable nurses. I have to admit, I’m intrigued and curious to see how the whole story unfolds. “The full prelude is 7 min 33 seconds & 15 frames,” Gaga recently tweeted. Enjoy!

Watch the “prelude” after the jump…

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