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Shortly after Whitney Houston’s passing, Robin Thicke covered one of Whit’s greatest hits. The “Duets” mentor choose “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” and gave it a different vibe with his signature sultry bedroom voice. As much as I love Houston, I have to say I like Thicke’s interpretation more. “Exhale” isn’t one of my favorite tracks from the late singer’s discography, but Robin made me appreciate the song more.

Not content with just covering the song, the 35-year-old singer also filmed a tribute for Houston. The newly-released music video perfectly captures the mood of Robin’s version. It’s beautifully shot and almost haunting. Thicke is shown throwing an impromptu concert for passersby and crooning while walking through the streets of Los Angeles in the black and white clip. Check it out below.

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Former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton isn’t letting her departure from the multi-platinum selling group slow her down in the music industry. Back in March, she released her own mixtape titled “P.O.Y.B.L.” which stands for “Piss On Your Black List.” The disc has produced a few killer, 60′s inspired tracks like “Vendetta” and “Lipstick & Guilt.” Now, herself along with choreographer-turned-popstar Bobby Newberry have released the music video for their duetted cover of La Roux’s 2009 hit, “Bulletproof.” The two discussed their collaboration on the track:

“It spoke to Bobby and myself so much that we initially wanted to cover it for fun. I just hope it empowers others the way it has empowered us, the feeling was so great we were inspired to make a video for it,” said Melody of the collaboration. “To me, the strength that ‘Bulletproof’ represents mixed with this amazing black-and-white setting really brings this whole project together and I couldn’t be happier,” said Bobby.

In the newly revealed video, Bobby and Melody sit in a living room setting in the desert while giving some serious face to the camera. Taking a slower approach to the song, the two vocalists really dig deep into the soul of the lyrics and definitely portray that throughout the video. This debut of Bobby as a singer is only a tease of what’s to come. His debut solo single, “Dirty Up” should be released shortly and I am really looking forward to it! Check out the duo’s rendition of “Bulletproof” below.

Check out Melody & Bobby’s new music video after the jump.

Will Young, Britain’s first Pop Idol is riding high off the success of his fifth studio album, “Echoes.” The singer-songwriter’s smooth pop blend has made him a staple in my music collection and now, his fourth single off the track, “I Just Want a Lover” has received the video treatment.

In true Will Young fashion, the video is artistic and brilliant. You’d assume that the treatment would involve Will chasing after someone to make his lover but instead, Will decides to make his lover a shopping cart. In a series of perfectly choreographed steps across the parking lot, Will has beautiful dance with his new “lover” snapping back to reality in the end. I love Will’s distinctive and unique approach to his videos. They definitely stand out and leave an impression. Check out his latest video below.

Check out Will’s video for “I Just Want A Lover” after the jump.

Swedish pop star Agnes is getting ready to release her forthcoming fourth studio album later this fall. To get the ball rolling, she has released a new single and video titled “One Last time.” The mid-tempo ballad tells the story of love lost as she asks to hold her man one last time before they depart for good. In the black & white video, we watch as Agnes tries to come closer to her man, but he isn’t having it.

Agnes is currently in Sweden working on the finishing touches of her new disc. Her American label, Interscope wanted her to move to the US and record the album there. However, she didn’t feel at home stateside and couldn’t find anyone that she could write with there. She decided to move back to Sweden to have more of a handle on on writing the new album. I personally loved her album “Dance Love Pop” so I cannot wait for some new music from this gal. Check out her new track and video below.

Check out Agnes’ video for “One Last Time” after the jump.

Scissor Sisters Debut “Baby Come Home” Music Video

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The Scissor Sisters just debuted their “Baby Come Home” music video and you’re going to love it! The song is from their ‘Magic Hour‘ album that is currently available on iTunes.

The music video is an explosion of animation, lyrics, costumes, humor, and I was captivated the entire time. From a viking to a nun to a knight in shining armour, they covered it all. There’s one part towards the end with bunnies, and it’s SO CUTE! Reflecting the lyrics, the rabbit is wanting his family to come home, and eventually they do. Following that, it’s a big “welcome home” type party with pretty much all of the visuals we had seen in the video coming together for one big celebration.

The video is very creative and it is apparent that they had a lot of fun with it. As always, the sexy Jake Shears is someone you’d want to say “Baby Come Home” to in the video. Check it out below!

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Truth be told, I haven’t listened to anything from Ingrid Michaelson since, “The Way I Am“. Loved that Lilith Fair-sounding adult contemporary hit. Since then, she’s released a couple of albums that haven’t garnered much press. Perhaps, she thought of that lack of media attention when creating her latest music video for “Blood Brothers“. What better way to grab headlines than with a buzzworthy visual, right?

In a time-lapse video, Michaelson employs hair and makeup artists Brian Hennings and Ryan B. Anthony to work their magic and transform her into famous female artists like Madonna circa “Material Girl” era, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and the late Amy Winehouse. Ingrid’s team do a solid job embodying each singer. Her transformations aren’t just limited to women either. She’s made up to look like John Lennon and KISS frontman Gene Simmons also.

Sure, her impersonations will grab attention, but they also relate to the lyrics for “Blood Brothers” as well. “We’re all the same under a different name,” she comments on the song. Watch the clip below.

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Adam Lambert has just released the music video for “Never Close Our Eyes,” his first second single from his new ‘Trespassing‘ album. We’ve got your first look below!

“The one thing that I was really excited about was maybe something sort of science fiction. Something kind of New World Order, in the future. Something not of this reality. When we put that out there, a gentleman called Dori Oskowitz came back with an amazing treatment. This director is a really cool guy, totally on the same page as me.”

The video tells the story of some dreary, futuristic place where people (including Lambert) are controlled by these blue pills and apparently have no free will. They reside in a place where their every move is monitored by security cameras and move about as slaves. There’s a turning point in the video where Lambert somehow inspires the others to rebel against the mind control and escape the facility. Once free, the dreary, grey video becomes an explosion of color and dance as everyone eyes are wide open once again. “I interpret that as we’re keeping our eyes wide open. Stay open to all possibilities, keep an open mind and an open heart to life,” Lambert explained in a past interview.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Friends of Homorazzi, The Cataracs have released a new track and music video ready to be added to your playlists this summer. The duo teamed up with Kaskade and Waka Flocka to create a unique track that only the Cataracs could produce. If you recognize the hook, it’s already a Kaskade track of the same name from his album Love Mysterious. It’s a nice addition to the Cataracs production style.

In the new video clip, the boys find themselves in the Wild West but some of the townsfolk are… well… alien-like. Once the boys take a shot of breast milk from the bar tender, it’s on and the boys enter a trippy Wild West experience. Cyrinizzy spills his drink on a bar patron and is challenged to a western showdown. Trust Waka Flocka to defuse the situation and then ride away on a segway. Check out the new music video below and make sure you check out the track on iTunes here!

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