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I love me some Saturdays and glad they’re finally releasing some new music. The girls took a bit of a hiatus while Una Healy, aka the redhead one, was knocked up by that hot rugby husband of hers, Ben Foden. With Healy delivering a beautiful baby daughter in early March, The Saturdays are back with a brand new music video for their pop dance single, “30 Days“. I have to admit, the single is slowly growing on me and might become an obsession of mine in the near future.

Given that Healy was still preggers during the time of filming, the director takes great lengths to only focus on her face to disguise her baby bump. Out of solidarity, Frankie, Mollie, Vanessa and Rochelle are also filmed primarily from the chest up, much like the promo picture above. Set in a 1950s diner, the girls embark on a round of speed dating. Instead of meeting high-caliber men, they are subjected to geeky men not to their liking. In the end, the quintet forgo the men and chose friendship instead. Oh, how sweet. Personally, I like hot nerds and would’ve given a couple of them my digits. See if you agree. Watch the music video below.

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If you watched “American Idol” tonight you caught the world premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s new music video, “Dance Again“. Correction, you caught a very family-friendly version of it. Producers only showed a short highly-edited version of it. Gone is the orgy scene and Lopez bumping and grinding with her much younger boy toy, Casper Smart. Long-time collaborator Paul Hunter directed the steamy clip.

Hunter has previously worked with Lopez on “Feelin’ So Good“, “My Love Don’t Cost A Thing“, “Papi” and “If You Had My Love“. Speaking of the latter, the dance break segment in “Dance Again” was awfully similar to the one shot in “If You Had My Love”. Has Hunter run out of ideas? That being said, I sorta liked the special effects in the clip. Remember Lionel Richie’s hit, “Dancing On The Ceiling”? Well, certain parts of the clip could’ve been called, “fornicating on the ceiling“. Watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

Once again, J. Lo teams up with RedOne and Pitbull. Last time, the trio collaborated they came up with the megahit “On The Floor“. Will lightning strike twice? Personally, I don’t think so, but I’m willing to give the track a couple more listens. As mentioned before, Lopez casts her new beau in the clip. It’s deja vu all over again. Does this mean, she’ll be walking down the aisle with this one much like she did with Cris Judd and Marc Anthony? I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, watch Jen and Casper fondle each other’s booty while looking like they’ve been glitter bombed by Ke$ha.

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The Wanted “Lightning” Music Video

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For all our UK readers, feel free to take a snooze right about now. You lucky blokes have known the goodness that is The Wanted for a couple of years now. Meanwhile, North American audiences have only recently been exposed to them thanks to the group’s first US Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit “Glad You Came“.

Calan, one of our writers, was an early fan and wrote about them back in October 2010. Shortly thereafter Tyrell jumped aboard, and now I’m officially on The Wanted bandwagon. What’s not to like? Catchy pop tunes with terrific hooks delivered by five cute guys. Speaking of which… hands off everyone, I’m crushing on Max George. Sooooo dreamy.

In anticipation of their first American album set to hit stores on April 24, The Wanted officially offered “Lightning” on iTunes the other day. This track, which was the third single from their second UK album, “Battleground”, was a No. 2 hit across the pond. Will the track fare as well stateside? On paper it should since it has the same writing and producing team behind “Glad You Came“. Watch the music video below and see if it has potential to yield another US hit for The male Saturdays aka The Wanted. And remember, hands off Max George (the shaved head one)… He’s mine ;)

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As you may remember, I love Justin Bieber’s newest single, “Boyfriend“. For me, it’s reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s first album and I can’t wait to see what the rest of his upcoming album – Believe is going to sound like. Now, just like he did with the release of this single, he’s teasing us a little clip of the forthcoming music video.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the video promises to be nothing like we’ve ever seen from Justin before. “It’s not like ‘Justin follows this girl to this spot.’ No, it’s a bunch of amazing scenes: Like a fire scene, we have an ice scene,” Justin said. The video was filmed this past week and promises to also contain a few dance sequences.

In the teaser below, Justin sings into the camera with a little bit of pillow talk voice while a light sings back and forth past his face. Suddenly, a few pairs of female hands reach up to touch Justin all over. At a first glance, I like the look but there is one thing I cannot stand in a music video – lazy lip syncing and it looks like Justin is doing a lot of it. I will save my full judgement until the full video comes out.

Check out Justin’s “Boyfriend” video teaser after the jump.

Even though Toni Braxton is known for her ballads, the 44-year-old singer is going the club route for her return to music. Lets’ face it, dance music is definitely en vogue these days and Toni knows it. “I Heart You” has gay club anthem written all over it with it’s pulsating electro beat and Toni’s signature sultry vocals. The track is the lead cut from her upcoming double-disc album “Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes” due later this year. How random is that title?

“When I wrote this song I was thinking about the feeling you get when you walk into a club and you hear the melody,” Braxton reveals about her vision. “You feel the beat and you just know it’s going to be a good night.”

The “Braxton Family Values” reality star chose frequent collaborator Billie Woodruff to direct the clip for “I Heart You”. This marks the tenth time Braxton has worked with Woodruff. The two deliver another home run filled with stunning shots of Toni. She looks as beautiful as she did back in the 90s. In addition to Braxton looking like Whitney Houston circa “Queen of the Night” era in that headpiece, the clip features breakdancers and a super hot DJ SLASH love interest. The role is played by her real-life rumored boyfriend Nick Denbeigh. Seriously, he is one hot piece of ass. Check out his hotness and Toni’s dancing in a hot pink American Apparel-type outfit below.

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What Are The Two Biggest Songs of 2012 So Far?

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Boy, does time fly. I can’t believe we’re almost a quarter of the way done 2012 already? Where does the time go? Since April is almost upon us, I thought I’d share the two biggest singles of 2012. It’s never to early to start looking at the race for year-end Billboard supremacy, if you ask me. Last year, Adele earned that title with “Rolling In The Deep“? Can she do it again? She did clean house at this year’s Grammys after all.

Up until this week, a certain artist held the honor of having the biggest song of the year so far. Sadly for them, they were usurped according to Billboard’s latest chart. Wondering who the Top 2 are? Here’s a couple of hints. Both singles were featured in car commercials and covered by the cast of “Glee” this season. Keep reading to find out.

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I’m sure you probably recall when we first wrote about “Naked” a while back, but now the song by Dev, featuring Enrique Iglesias has a music video to go along with it! I had forgotten how much I loved this song and I’m glad the video is finally out (not that Dev hasn’t been releasing other videos like crazy anyway).

Dev looks gorgeous in the video, while Enrique is sexy as always. They both sing about their longing to be with each other, despite their insecurities and what other people tell them. That being said, this is one of those videos where the two stars are never actually seen in the same frame together. The way they tell the story in the video it works though.

You’ll have to find out below if they actually get “naked” or not. Enjoy the video!

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The Lonsdale Boys Club are breaking into the music scene with a sledgehammer. This fresh-faced pop trio hailing from Britain signed to Future Records (by way of Island Def Jam) and are ready to unleash their debut single to the masses. The track is called Light Me Up and it’s definitely a good start for summer anthem season.

The three found time to pen and record their forthcoming debut album between multiple tour dates the construction of their very own recording studio. Just as crafty with a hammer and nail as they are with pen and paper. The song definitely pulls in a lot of different genres but is heavy on the funk side with a repetitive guitar riff that is simply infectious. I have to admit, I wouldn’t usually give this music a second listen but there is something about this song that totally has me hooked.

The boys have been busy playing stages as supporting acts for the Kooks, Ting Tings, One Night Only and a sold out 20 date tour with Olly Murs. The trio is gearing up for their own headlining tour which is sure to debut a few more songs from the upcoming album. For now, check out Light Me Up below.

Check out Lonsdale Boys Club & “Light Me Up” after the jump.

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