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We’re less than a week away from RuPaul’s Drag Race premiere, but we’ve got an amazing premiere from one of it’s stars. Manila Luzon just dropped her video for her single, “Hot Couture“.

As is customary with almost every single reality star, after their first season on air, a vanity single is soon to follow. Some are ok, some are absolutely terrible (Who gon check me boo much?) and once in a while you’ll have one that is actually pretty good. Hot Couture is one of those songs, and the video is fabulous. With every Drag Race star releasing a single almost every single month, this one definitely stands strong as the best video release to date.

Scenes of Manila getting done up, rocking different looks and even doing a little choreography pepper this video, but the best part about it is the story of the little boy who I’m assuming is mini Manila. Putting on some earring, some lipstick and the clincher when mommy walks in and brings him a pair of heels. Absolutely ADORABLE!

Special shout out to the diva with the beard and full face, I’m going to bite that look I promise you. Enjoy HOT COUTURE below!

Video after the jump…

In 2010, Jennifer Love Hewitt slipped into the role of Samantha Horton, a woman who takes a job at a massage parlor to support her family while her husband is unable to work. However, the massages begin to spiral a little out of control if you catch my drift. This 2010 TV movie was definitely for Lifetime as the the cheese factor was turned up to 11. However, the network loved it enough to give Jennifer a chance to turn the concept into a full blown series.

To help support its launch, Jennifer shot a sexy music video to the track Big Spender with a few male dancers in their tighty whities and white towels. If you remember, Jennifer tweeted a sneak peek of the video to her fans but gave out little information about what she was up to. Cat’s out of the bag now Jennifer! She’s also been tweeting a ton of pics from the set of the show as well as new photo shoot images like the one seen above.

The series will also feature the sexy Colin Egglesfield along with veteran actress Cybill Shepherd and the wonderful Loretta Devine. While the movie wasn’t Jennifer’s greatest of acting achievements, I think that this show could take on quite the following, especially if it brings the sex appeal that the promo music video insinuates. Too bad Colin wasn’t available that day (wink). Check out Jennifer’s music video for Big Spender below.

Check out Jennifer’s sexy “Big Spender” music video promo after the jump.

It’s like Kelly Rowland read my mind. I was just listening to “Lay It On Me” when I thought to myself, what’s my favorite Destiny’s Child member up to these days? Based on her latest music video, the answer would be, falling in love in Paris. “The City of Lights” can be very romantic, especially in the Spring. The 30-year-old singer just released her brand new clip for “Keep It Between Us“. The slow-tempo track is the seventh single off her third solo studio album, “Here I Am“.

Shot in November 2011, the music video features a glowing Kelly in romantic vignettes with a love interest, played by “House of Payne” actor Lance Gross. Dayum, he’s fiiiiiiine. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the timing to release this ballad is spot-on. With Kelly pulling judging duties on the last series of “The X Factor UK” and now filming in Paris, have we lost our Miss Rowland to Europe forever? I hope not. When is she going to head back across the pond and come back home? I miss you Kelly. Check out the music video below.

watch Kelly’s new clip after the jump

As I had previously written about, Ian Carey teamed up with rising star Rosette and international music legend Timbaland for a hot new dance track called “Amnesia“. Today, the video just debuted and we’ve got your first look.

Starting out with a bath in hot pink high heels, Rosette sings about an unfaithful lover, as we cut back & forth to Timbaland singing (and making his token funny faces) in the studio… as he does. Throughout the video, Rosette (and the set decor in each scene) looks absolutely stunning. It’s as a story of “too little too late” and “don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” as she struts her hotness throughout the video. Sidenote: I did notice photographer Greg Swales shooting her as she flaunts her body in lingerie. Ditching her cheating man, Anjulie would likely agree that she’s “a brand new bitch“.

Denying til they die or dealing with a bad case of Amnesia, Timbaland and Brasco insist that Rosette has “got it all wrong” as she accuses them of being liars and cheats. Check out the video below and tell me you don’t love her pink heels. LOL. Fierce!

Watch the video after the jump…

Nicki Minaj Drops “Stupid Hoe” Video

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Before Christmas, Nicki Minaj dropped the ultimate diss track on all her haters titled Stupid Hoe. I can’t help but think that more than 75% of the disses are aimed at long time enemy, Lil Kim. Now, the track has received the video treatment and while it’s simpilar than a lot of her previous videos, it hits the nail on the head and I love it.

With a little help from Hype Williams, the vibrant and colorful palette of the video really showcases Minaj’s crazy sense of style and musicology. From the opening sequence of watching her lips and background change color to the rapper working it out in a bright yellow cage meant for tigers, there is no question that Minaj is the reigning Queen of Rap right now. As she puts it in one of her lyrics, “I’m Angelina, you Jennifer – c’mon b*tch, you see where Brad at.”

This track is set to appear on Nicki’s new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded which hits shelves on Valentines Day. How appropriate. Until then, enjoy the flashy Stupid Hoe video below.

Watch Nicki’s “Stupid Hoe” video after the jump.

Far East Movement has found themselves in a little bit of an interesting predicament. You see, FM has decided to the take their bass to a whole new level, a dirty level, calling it dirty bass. Seriously, this bass will give you a bowel movement from the right stereo system. However, an organization named B.L.O.W. which stands for Ban Low Frequency Oscillating Woofers is attempting to have their sound turned down to decrease that trunk rattling, booty bouncing sound that we all love to hear.

Capitalizing on this little feud (smart men they are), the boys with the help of label mate Rye Rye just released the video for their club thumping hit, Jello. In the video, we watch as the boys dress in “disguise” (and I use that term loosely) to ambush a B.L.O.W. dinner with special guest, Oprah (in this case, an Oprah look-a-like). When the beat drops, the boys drop their waiter disguises and start the party up in that gala bring in dancers to hype it up even more.

I am absolutely loving this track and hope it’s just a taste of what we can expect from Far East Movement’s second album under the Cherrytree Records umbrella. According to their Twitter and official website, we should be expecting to see this album early this year. Here’s hoping. Until then, enjoy the music video below.

Check out the new “Jello” video after the jump.

Have you listened to The Bullitts before? This electronic group is the brain child of producer and writer Jeymes Samuel and features the likes of Lucy Lui (yes the actress), Jay Electronica and Mos Def. The group’s newest single is titled Supercool and features the supercool Rosario Dawson.

In the video, we watch as a homeless man with a shopping cart walks through the streets of what I presume is London. A paparazzi’s camera is filming him and our homeless man seems quite annoyed – until of course he runs in to the beautiful Rosario Dawson. Wanting her autograph but unable to find a pen, he decides instead to dance for her. Enjoying the performance, Rosario joins in and gets down with the homeless man pulling out some flawless moves.

The Bullitts’ mantra is to create music that is “Action Adventure” with their blend of stunning music with compelling visuals and a groundbreaking interactive online presence. Their debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories is set for release this coming March. Until then, enjoy their new video below.

Check out this hilarious music video from The Bullitts after the jump.

Never heard of StooShe? I hadn’t either until today. This British-Ghanian hip hop group hailing from London, England actually only came into fruition at the beginning of last year. The trio was discovered at a Top Shop in London and rocketed into an impressive debut with Warner Music UK. The name comes from the word Stoosh which means expensive as well as a girl who thinks she is nicer than she is.

Their freshman single F*ck Me appeared on YouTube on March 14 of last year featuring rapper Suave Debonair. In October, the group released the track Betty Woz Gone. The track garnered a place on BBC’s In Music We Trust playlist. A lyric video also hit the web along with the story of Betty presented by cartoon versions of the group’s members.

At the end of last year, it was announced that the trio would re-record and re-lease their debut single but replace Debonair with Travie McCoy. The video for the track debuted online with a new, radio-friendly title, Love Me. There is no denying that ShooShe have a distinct look and sound mixing pop and R&B with doo-wop. Check out their latest effort below along with the original F*ck Me version.

Check out both versions of the video below.

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