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Rising Artist Spotlight: Kady Z

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Yesterday, I fell upon a new dance music artist who caught me by some serious surprise. With thought provoking and heartfelt lyrics like Taylor Swift but pulse pouding dance beats like the latest club banger, you get KADY Z. Kady just released her debut EP One Million Pieces last week which was co-written and produced by herself and ToneDef who has worked with the likes of Green Day and Santana.

The idea of the two joining forces was to create a sound that was not only unique, but relatable as well. The heart wrenching lyrics and lighthearted melodies make One Million Pieces an EP not to be overlooked.

Kady’s inspirations vary from the electro superstar Robyn to the pop icon Gwen Stefani – both of which embody feminism and originality in their music and style. “They are both so innovative and fresh, doing everything to the last degree of perfection, I think that’s what makes someone great. They are about the music and that separates them from the rest,” Kady said about her inspirations.

Right from the get-go, Kady has you hooked with the title track One Million Pieces which tells the story of having your heart broken. The first single (and video) from the EP is Beautiful Disaster, a song about big love. One of my favorite tracks is Fun which puts a light hearted spin on the phrase, “he’s not that into you.” Check her out!

Check out Kady Z’s music after the jump.

The Shoes have just released their music video for “Time To Dance,” where they commissioned the sexy Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead role in a very interesting (and disturbing music video).

As the video begins, an intoxicated couple dances in their livingroom while Gyllenhaal looks on, wearing a fencing mask and holding a sword (WTF?!). Let’s just say, at the time, the couple had no idea that it would be their last dance. We then cut to Gyllenhaal working out at the gym, sweating it out in the sauna, and scoping out his next victims.

The song itself is good, but it’s hard to remember that you’re watching a music video because you become so caught up in what Jake is doing (as you do). Watch the bizarre music video below.

Watch the video after the jump…

Back in February, Patrick introduced us to Usher’s sexy new jam Climax which was co-produced by Diplo. When I heard that Diplo was involved, I expected an over-produced, house music dance track to come flooding through the speakers. Instead, we got a sultry falsetto slow jam that I cannot get enough of. Yesterday, the R&B crooner released the music video for the track and he brought the drama.

We watch as Usher sits in a car and has flashbacks of being with his former lover. Then, he snaps back to reality and sees her with her new man. Usher pulls a gun out of the glove compartment and contemplates (and even daydreams) about using it. All of this is intercut with pensive shots of Usher in the car, two cars speeding towards each other on a country road and Usher singing it out the camera. Check it out!

Watch Usher’s “Climax” music video after the jump.

Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” Music Video Teaser

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Just when I thought we were done with Madonna teasers for the week, I’m pleasantly surprised with one more. Madonna released a teaser for her upcoming music video for “Girl Gone Wild“.

Filmed in black & white, the video looks hot! We only see flashes of what’s going on, but a few glimpses of Madonna grinding with two hot guys by her side as well as some footage of the two hot guys getting hot & heavy, and then kissing! Woohoo! What an awesome treat for Madge’s loyal gay fan base.

Can’t wait to see the full version which I can only assume will be out early next week. Check out the naughty lil’ teaser below!

Video after the jump…

When Neon Hitch tweets something like “that awkward moment where I give the guys at EMI a preview of FUB video and they all get boners,” you know it’s bound to be a good, sexy time. The wait is over and yesterday, MTV debuted Neon’s Love U Betta music video. (I assume the dirty version of the video is to come.)

Directed by Chris Applebaum who has done videos for Rihanna, Britney, Miley and Selena (just to name a few), Neon puts herself in a few different sexy scenarios to get the blood flowing right down to your groin. Seriously, this girl works the floor like it’s her job. My personal two favorite scenes are her in the graveyard as well her role around in the black oil. Neon can f*ck you betta and she proves it with this video.

Neon is having a stellar year. With the release of this track came multiple club appearances, countless remixes and now, a NewNowNext award nomination along with performing at the show this year hosted by Kelly Osborne. Without further ado, check out the new Love U Betta below. Caution, it’s “boner inducing”.

Check out Neon Hitch’s hot new video after the jump.

Last summer, I heard this song called We Run The Night and it blew my mind. However, it failed to get the serious attention it deserved. The song came courtesy of Australian DJ and singer Havana Brown who has had the fortune of touring with the likes of Britney, Rihanna and Enrique Iglesias. So, why is a year-old song which has already been released (and charted) suddenly making a reappearance?

Well, with the help of mega-hit producer RedOne and adding a touch of Pitbull, you get a song that’s a surefire ticket to the Top 10 Billboard dance charts. The new hyped up version has caught the ear of many online bloggers and music critics. While some praise the song for it’s catchy beat and crazy breakdown (which is my favorite part), others note that the autotune saves the song for Havana with one even saying she should stick to being a DJ because a singer, she is not.

In the music video released yesterday, it seems as though Havana is ready to quit her DJ job as she takes a sledgehammer to a set of decks in the club. Prior to that, she dances for the camera and gets a little cozy with Pitbull. Check it out below.

Watch the “We Run The Night” music video after the jump.

Dev is one hard working woman! In the past year she’s been on tour, had a baby, and continues to release countless music videos leading up the the release of her debut album, The Night The Sun Came Up on March 27 from Universal Republic Records.

Less than a week ago, Dev released the music video for “Take Her From You,” which was done in black & white. In this video, she’s made up for the lack of color in the last video with a psychedelic orgy of colors in her new music video, “Kiss My Lips“. The sexy track features Fabolous, who is also seen in the video.

If you’re Dev and you want someone to kiss your lips, why wear plain old boring red lipstick when your lips can look like candy or watermelons as shown in this music video. Love the video and the song. Check it out below!

Watch the video after the jump…

It was fourteen years ago when Brandy & Monica took the music scene by storm with their “The Boy Is Mine” song & music video battle. Now, they’ve just released the music video for their new collaboration, “It All Belongs To Me” and we’ve got your first look.

As Donovan explained when the track first dropped, the two ladies have grown up and aren’t fighting each other over some guy. Instead, they both sing about their individual relationship experiences (two different guys this time as opposed to one playa), looking to each other for some girlfriend support.

The ladies look absolutely stunning as they sing about all of the “stuff” in question at the end of their relationships being theirs and not their exes. The clothes, the jewellery, and even the macbook. As Beyonce would say to the guy, ” To the left, to the left. Everything you own in the box to the left.” As is often the case, the music video made me like the song more. Check out their glamourous video of breakup empowerment below.

Watch the video after the jump…

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