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The Cataracs have been doing a lot of producing lately for their girl Dev but haven’t really had a lot of time to create any killer tracks for themselves. Thankfully, the duo has released a new track featuring their favorite vocalist of choice and the accompanying video is nothing but pure fun and begs the questions; does making music allow you to live the life?

According to this montage clip video, it sure does. During the track, we watch as Dev and the boys enjoy some time on the beach while hanging out in a slick beach house, full of bottles to be popped with friends. Which in turn is exactly what Dev is singing about. While the track doesn’t drive the powerhouse punch that some of their previous tracks have housed, I still love it’s infectious feel and great sound.

One thing in the video that I love is when Dev and the Cataracs get animated. While there were hints of animation throughout the entire video, the moment the three become graphic novel characters is amazing. I want a whole video where these three cartoons are featured. It would be unreal. Check out Sunrise below.

Check out their new video after the jump.

“You can go hard, or you can go home.” That is definitely what did with his newest music video for his track T.H.E. which stands for The Hardest Ever. The track, full of double entendre about boners and morning wood, has finally had it’s video released and I like it’s concept better than the song itself. tackles an airplane runway full of obstacles in what feels like the ultimate human video game as you upgrade throughout the levels. The Black Eyed Pea begins as a running human and after breaking through his first wall, gains a pedal bike, which turns into a motorcycle, which turns into a car and so on. He finally ends up in a rocket ship that shoots off into space.

Don’t worry, Jennifer Lopez appears in the video too in many skin tight and scantily clad outfits on the screens in’s jet and on the cement walls on the airstrip. The coolest part of the video is the milky way of Mick Jagger which flies through in space. Check out the new video below.

Check out their new video after the jump.

One of our favorite naughty gay pop stars, Jonny McGovern has just released a new music video called “Dickmatized“. This is a single that will be on his upcoming album, “The Gayest Of All Time“. As the video kicks off, McGovern is talking to his therapist about the affliction he is suffering from, which is known as Dickmatization. As he explains, it all started on the basketball court…

McGovern (wearing a “Suck My Richard” shirt) is playing basketball with his homo homies, along with some fabulous black divas watching from the side, when a team of shirtless hotties in short shorts walk onto the court and throw them off their game. From this point forward, he and his homes are Dickmatized by the free-balling packages of their delicious opponents.

McGovern sings in the bridge, “I gotta get you off my mind, but boy you got me Dickmatized. It’s like you put me in a trance, you got the power in your pants.” Theres a ton more hilarious lyrics where this came from. Enjoy the video below and try not to get Dickmatized!

Watch the music video after the jump…

Are you addicted to Natalia Kills? Well you should be. This Cherrytree Records artist is becoming one of the hottest musicians on the scene. She’s already had three singles that I know you’ve heard before: “Wonderland“, “Mirrors” and the radio friendly track “Free” which features Now, her next single, Kill My Boyfriend is ready to take over your headphones.

The track appeared on the North American deluxe edition of her debut album Perfectionist and the Brazilian and UK editions. Now, the video has been leaked and it is absolute fierce. Nothing less than we expect from Natalia.

In the video, we watch as Natalia attempts to kill her boyfriend a few selected ways. The reason? To be together like they always planned. Why? Because he only acts nice to her when other people are around. Duh! The trick part is, which Natalia is guilty of the crime. We get to see three versions of the singer throughout the song. It’s the ultimate whodunnit. Check out the video below.

Watch Natalia’s new video after the jump.

If you live in Canada, and you listen to Top 40 radio, you’ve probably heard Call Me Maybe on heavy rotation in the last few weeks. The female vocalist behind the catchy pop track is British Columbia’s own Carly Rae Jepsen. Fellow writer Adam introduced us to the track a few weeks ago with a callout to DJs everywhere to remix the track. The song is stand-out on it’s own but a remix would really give it that extra edge. However, the video that accompanies the track has got a little something that is sure to keep her gay fans coming back for more… remix or not.

There are a few reason why I think this video (and song) is for the gays. You know what they say; “one you have the gays, you’re well on your way.” Let’s get the obvious reason out of the way. The male star of the video is HOT! Like wow. His “The Sky’s The Limit” tattoo is totally hot not to mention the other scribing on the right side of his torso. His name is Holden Nowell and is a Vancouver model. However, I do wish he would have soaked his body with that bottle of water while mowing the lawn. Watching him work on the car as well, totally sexy.

Back to the song. It’s pure pop perfection. The song is bubbly and catchy and lyrics are cute and easy to remember. It’s a recipe for a hit. Plus, as Rich recently said at a party, “it makes me want a cute romance.” So many of the homos have been sharing this track on Facebook and Twitter that I think Carly may have built some new demographics across Canada and this video definitely affirms it. Good for her. I think this may be the big break that puts Carly Rae on the map where she should be. This song is the lead-off for her new album titled Curiosity which is set for release in 2012. Can’t wait. Until then, check out the sexy video for Call Me Maybe after the jump. Trust me, you’ll love the ending.

Check out Carly Rae’s new video after the jump.

2011 Billboard Year End Charts… Who’s On Top?

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Earlier this week, Rolling Stone Magazine named Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” as their #1 track of the year. Now it’s Billboard Magazine’s turn to honor the British songbird. While Rolling Stone’s rankings are purely subjective, Billboard based their honors on sales, radio airplay and streaming statistics, which to me is the way to go.

Adele dominated Billboard’s year end issue. Not only, was she named “Artist of the Year“, but she also held top position on both the Hot 100 singles chart and Top 200 album one, with “Rolling In The Deep” and “21” respectively. Plus, she’s the first woman to get Billboard’s top honors of “Artist of the Year”. That’s such an amazing feat. Check out the also-rans who came close, but no cigar with regards to album sales.

The TOP 10 of BILLBOARD‘S 2011 Year-End TOP 200 Chart

  • 1. Adele, 21
  • 2. Taylor Swift, Speak Now
  • 3. Lady Gaga, Born This Way
  • 4. Jason Aldean, My Kinda Party
  • 5. Susan Boyle, The Gift
  • 6. Lil Wayne, Tha Carter IV
  • 7. Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday
  • 8. Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More
  • 9. Rihanna, Loud
  • 10. Katy Perry, Teenage Dream

How amazing is it that Susan Boyle can move so many CDs and not have any hit songs on mainstream radio? You gotta hand it to the woman. Even though I don’t write about them that much, I’m so glad Mumford and Sons made the list. I’m obsessed with that entire CD. Surprising right, considering I’m all about the R&B divas? Now that you know who the Top 10 were in album sales, see who had the most popular songs of the year below.

check out the Top 10 songs of 2011 after the jump

He went from Mr. 305 to Mr. Worldwide what seems like overnight. Now, he’s ready to spread some International Love with a little help from Chris Brown in their newest music video. This is officially Pit’s fourth single off of his album Planet Pit and the video is ready to show people just what Pitbull means with his new nickname.

Director David Rousseau explains it like so. “The music video is about the global presence of Mr. Worldwide, how he went from Mr. 305 to being a global phenomenon,” adding “Now the world is his stage.” Pitbull added “It’s all about the music being global, the music being the universal language and it goes to show you no matter what language you may speak and or not speak, you speak music.”

That couldn’t be more true. His latest album literally charted all over the world and went gold in three of them. In the new video collaboration, Pit and Chris did some serious green screen performing while pictures of exotic women and the universe flash behind them. It’s sure to be a great visual to support the party track. Check out the video for International Love below.

Watch Pitbull’s “International Love” after the jump.

Indie rock band Foster The People just debuted their follow up music video to their smash hit “Pumped Up Kicks“. That song is undoubtedly one of the breakout songs of the year. Rolling Stone magazine included it as part of their Top 50 songs of 2011. Don’t you feel kinda guilty for loving the song considering it’s about a teenager going on a shooting spree? There’s usually one buzzkill who brings up that fact during a party. You know the one.

You may not know Foster the People’s “Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)” but I’m 100% sure you’ve heard it at least a dozen times without ever knowing it. The song is heavily featured in Nissan’s latest commercials. You know the ones where they’re pimping out their Versa Sedan model which claims to have “the most headroom per dollar of any car in America.” Fittingly enough, a car is at the center of the music video.

Funny how it isn’t a Nissan but rather an old beater. You’d think Nissan would’ve given the boys their very own custom one. Perhaps, the car manufacturer didn’t approve of the music video’s concept. It does involve a police car chase, vehicular mishaps and other sorts of shenanigans. Of course, it’s all very comedic. It’s WAY better than any of their commercials. Here’s the quick rundown of the plot of The Daniels-directed music video.

Mark Foster flees with a wad of cash from the DMV. He gets into a car with an Oscar nominated actress (I’ll reveal later). Thinking he’s an instructor, the girl begins to drive in what is now the getaway car. When they run a red light, a pair of cops played by the other two band members, Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink, begin a hot pursuit. As you can imagine, a lot of things become collateral damage along the way. Watch the clip and see how it ends with some surprising affection.

find out which Oscar nominated actress is in the video after the jump

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