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If you watched “American Idol” last night, you saw a 90-second preview of Madonna’s upcoming music video for “Give Me All Your Luvin’“. If not, then you can catch the full version right here. How is it? Simply put, it is fantastic and has the potential of being one of Madonna’s better visuals. It’s her just having fun and no pretension in sight. The second the preview ended, I wanted more. That side-walking camera angle was brilliant. Thankfully, the full-length clip has now been released.

Firstly, Madonna looks absolutely amazing. The singer may be 53-years-old, but she doesn’t look a day over 40. Talk about the magic of good lighting. When I first heard the song, I wasn’t going crazy over it like so many people. That said, video has made me fall in love with the track. That speaks volumes on exactly how Madge has masterfully used the music video medium to define her career. Definitely one of the pioneers.

For their parts, both Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. look great as well. The latter usually looks unpolished, but she’s got it going on here. Props to both of them for showing respect to Madge by staying back and just cheering her on.

Watch the FULL VERSION of the music video after the jump

Channeling Frankenstein’s monster, David Guetta and Nicki Minaj tell quite the story in their new Turn Me On music video. David plays the role of a mad scientist who is creating Nicki, he turns out to be one of his most beautiful creations. Once alive, Minaj takes a stroll through the village and all the others (who are more mannequin-like) don’t approve. Cue the witch-hunt.

While I love that the music video is very effects driven, I feel like they rushed through the storyline and should have extended the song and video to really tell the whole story. However, one of the highlights is when the female mannequins strip off Guetta’s flesh revealing his chainmail body frame. Wow. Guetta’s packing quite the body at 43-years-old. However, as a whole, the teasers made me want more from this video. Check it out below.

Watch the “Turn Me On music video after the jump.

I am OBSESSED with The Script for a few reasons. One, as a dancer, there music is the perfect soundtrack to a wonderful contemporary or lyrical jazz piece. For all you non-dancers but dance fans out there, think something Travis Wall would choreograph on So You Think You Can Dance. And two, The Script always masterfully crafts the perfect song with the right mixture of medley and lyric to tug at your heart strings and make you smile or cry, all on the same record.

The second studio album titled Science & Faith definitely contained many of this songs – one of them being If You Ever Come Back. As one of my favorite tracks on the album, I was wary of it ever becoming a single and making the light of day. Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that the band had released the track as a single and that it had an accompanying music video. (Insert high pitched squeal here.)

In the video, we watch the group perform inside a circle of folding chairs representative of an alcoholics anonymous meeting or the like. This is intercut with the story of a woman being trapped in a world she can’t leave but a loving stranger on the subway decides to step in and take her to a meeting to get help. The song is so touching on its own and the video definitely does the lyrics justice. Check out the video below.

Watch the “If You Ever Come Back” music video after the jump.

Italian DJ and producer EDX is no stranger to the world of house music. He first appeared on the scene in 1994 when his remix tapes became so popular, they were circulated around the world between DJs within days. With his new fame, he began remixing big names like Mary J. Blige and Bob Sinclair just to name a few.

His extensive DJ schedule has had him travel the globe and back again, playing small clubs to big events with over 60,000 people in attendance. His bouncy house sound always gets the crowd jumping while he plays popular remixes or his own original sounds. His first official debut album is set to debut this year under the Armada Music label. The lead-off single was released in October 2011 but a new song and video from the album is out and it’s really good!

The track is called Give It Up For Love and it features Swedish vocalist John Williams. The song starts off with a little acoustic guitar but don’t let that fool you. The song is full of climactic house build ups and crazy rhythms to make you move. The video features a couple who seems to get in a little trouble with the law. Listen to the track and check out the videoe below.

Check out the EDX track and video after the jump.

Just like her “90210” alter ego, Jessica Lowndes is in the midst of launching her music career in real life. Her debut EP dropped a few days ago on iTunes featuring her first single “I Wish I Was Gay” and follow-up “Nothing Like This“. The 23-year-old actress just released the music video for the break-up anthem. Based on the clip’s storyline, the best way to get over a relationship is to have rebound sex with some hot guy you meet at the club. Sounds like the remedy a lot of my friends use *wink*.

Directed by Tao Ruspoli (Olivia Wilde’s ex), Jessica is shown reminiscing about her past relationship and having a hard time moving on. Meanwhile, her friends are busy trying to “tart” her up for a night on the town. Eventually, Lowndes ends up at a club where she meets some John Mayer’esque looking guy to hook up with.

The video is cute and looks like an episode where “90210” heads off to NYC to hang out with the “Gossip Girl” crew. Love the instagram-ish effects during the flashback scenes. “Nothing Like This” is actually not a bad song. The chorus hook and beat are really catchy. Unfortunately, for me the verses don’t deliver and seem more suited for some Disney tween actress. Speaking of acting, considering Jessica is an actress, she comes off stiff during certain scenes. It’s like she only has one expression. I felt like I was watching her “90210″ character, Adrianna Tate-Duncan, at times during the music video. Watch the video below and see if you agree.

check out the music video after the jump

We’re less than a week away from RuPaul’s Drag Race premiere, but we’ve got an amazing premiere from one of it’s stars. Manila Luzon just dropped her video for her single, “Hot Couture“.

As is customary with almost every single reality star, after their first season on air, a vanity single is soon to follow. Some are ok, some are absolutely terrible (Who gon check me boo much?) and once in a while you’ll have one that is actually pretty good. Hot Couture is one of those songs, and the video is fabulous. With every Drag Race star releasing a single almost every single month, this one definitely stands strong as the best video release to date.

Scenes of Manila getting done up, rocking different looks and even doing a little choreography pepper this video, but the best part about it is the story of the little boy who I’m assuming is mini Manila. Putting on some earring, some lipstick and the clincher when mommy walks in and brings him a pair of heels. Absolutely ADORABLE!

Special shout out to the diva with the beard and full face, I’m going to bite that look I promise you. Enjoy HOT COUTURE below!

Video after the jump…

In 2010, Jennifer Love Hewitt slipped into the role of Samantha Horton, a woman who takes a job at a massage parlor to support her family while her husband is unable to work. However, the massages begin to spiral a little out of control if you catch my drift. This 2010 TV movie was definitely for Lifetime as the the cheese factor was turned up to 11. However, the network loved it enough to give Jennifer a chance to turn the concept into a full blown series.

To help support its launch, Jennifer shot a sexy music video to the track Big Spender with a few male dancers in their tighty whities and white towels. If you remember, Jennifer tweeted a sneak peek of the video to her fans but gave out little information about what she was up to. Cat’s out of the bag now Jennifer! She’s also been tweeting a ton of pics from the set of the show as well as new photo shoot images like the one seen above.

The series will also feature the sexy Colin Egglesfield along with veteran actress Cybill Shepherd and the wonderful Loretta Devine. While the movie wasn’t Jennifer’s greatest of acting achievements, I think that this show could take on quite the following, especially if it brings the sex appeal that the promo music video insinuates. Too bad Colin wasn’t available that day (wink). Check out Jennifer’s music video for Big Spender below.

Check out Jennifer’s sexy “Big Spender” music video promo after the jump.

It’s like Kelly Rowland read my mind. I was just listening to “Lay It On Me” when I thought to myself, what’s my favorite Destiny’s Child member up to these days? Based on her latest music video, the answer would be, falling in love in Paris. “The City of Lights” can be very romantic, especially in the Spring. The 30-year-old singer just released her brand new clip for “Keep It Between Us“. The slow-tempo track is the seventh single off her third solo studio album, “Here I Am“.

Shot in November 2011, the music video features a glowing Kelly in romantic vignettes with a love interest, played by “House of Payne” actor Lance Gross. Dayum, he’s fiiiiiiine. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the timing to release this ballad is spot-on. With Kelly pulling judging duties on the last series of “The X Factor UK” and now filming in Paris, have we lost our Miss Rowland to Europe forever? I hope not. When is she going to head back across the pond and come back home? I miss you Kelly. Check out the music video below.

watch Kelly’s new clip after the jump

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