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This isn’t the same wholesome girl-next-door that won American Idol Season 6. Jordin Sparks is a grown-ass woman and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. The 25-year-old sexes it up big time for her latest visual. She could give Angelina Jolie a run for her money with the amount of thigh she’s showing (see above).

Right Here Right Now” is the title cut off Sparks’ third studio album. Just like the lead single, “Double Tap,” Jordin embraces her slinky hip-hop side. It’s a nice change of pace from her usual pop fare.

Check out the clip below which finds Jordin sitting on a throne surrounded by a bunch of shirtless dudes in the desert. WERK!!! When she’s performing on a black platform, it’s a little reminiscent of Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” video.

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Meghan Trainor certainly has the ‘Midas Touch.’ Every thing she’s released off her debut album has done relatively well on the charts. After spending eight weeks on top with “All About The Bass,” her follow-ups, “Lips Are Movin” and “Dear Future Husband” didn’t disappoint and peaked at No. 4 and No. 14 respectively. Does she have another potential Top 20 hit on her hands with her latest single?

The 21-year-old singer slows things down for her fourth single release. John Legend and Trainor get somewhat romantic in the rainy clip for “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” The two sing on opposite sides of a window, as vignettes of couples are shown in between. It’s a cute visual and appropriate for the retro-soul ballad.

On a side note, here’s to a speedy recovery from the vocal hemorrhage she suffered. Poor girl had to postpone a few dates of her MTrain Tour to recover. Check out Meghan’s new video below.

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Hanson Gets Animated For Owl City Collaboration

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Yes!!! That Hanson of “MmmBop” fame. Owl City has ingeniously tapped the brother act for their latest single. Clearly, the Adam Young-fronted electronica act has a knack for picking the right collaborators. Owl City scored its biggest hit when teamed up with Carly Rae Jepsen for “Good Time.”

Unbelievable” is the latest taste off Owl City’s forthcoming album, Mobile Orchestra. For the animated clip, director Ryan Maloney has wisely gone for a 90s vibe. Definitely fitting since Hanson broke out in a huge way during that decade.

Check out the awesomely nostalgic video below, highlighting all things 90s including Nintendo, The Lion King, Jurassic Park, SpaghettiOs, and more.

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Firstly, congratulations go out to Rihanna for becoming the first artist to surpass RIAA’s 100 million cumulative singles award threshold. Definitely fitting given that RiRi was known for the longest time as only a singles artist before scoring her first number one album on her seventh try with Unapologetic.

“Gold & Platinum is the industry’s premier way to celebrate achievement in the marketplace,” Cary Sherman, Chairman & CEO of RIAA, said in a statement. “We’ve given awards to artists for nearly 60 years, but it’s rare that we have the opportunity to recognize a milestone like the one Rihanna has reached.”

The 27-year-old singer just debuted her latest music video. And it’s an epic visual opus. Clocking in at over seven minutes, the Megaforce-directed clip finds the Barbadian singer seeking revenge on another woman who, you guessed it, owes her a whackload of money. This rich bitch never saw it coming. Eventually, Rihanna gets her cash after a bloody journey. Watch the vengeful clip below.

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It’s no secret that Jason Derulo looks to Michael Jackson for inspiration. From his dance moves to his style, you can certainly tell the King of Pop had a major influence on Derulo growing up.

The “Cheyenne” visual is definitely inspired by The Gloved One’s “Ghost” and “Thriller” clips. Just compare the dance scenes with zombie backup dancers. The 25-year-old finds himself trapped in a haunted mansion being a tormented by a creepy Ring-looking like chick. Check out the Syndrome-directed vid below.

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It’s probably not the first time people have drawn on The Biebs’ face. At least this time though, it’s not penises or other raunchy graffiti scribbled on his mug.

Skrillex and Diplo finally unveiled the music video for their Justin Beiber-assisted hit “Where Are Ü Now.” The track is off the electronic duo’s joint music project, Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack U.

Back in May, artists were invited to a Los Angeles gallery to draw photos on Justin’s face. Some of the submissions were chosen for the clip. Skrillex and Diplo released a statement explaining the video’s concept. Check out the video below.

“We are being overwhelmed, in a good way, by the success of ‘Where Are Ü Now’ with Justin Bieber, so with the video we wanted to just take it back to the beginning of the record & essentially create an ode to our fans,” thee said in a statement.

“Doing what we do, it’s entirely all about the fans. We walk a fine line by being ‘famous’ and in the public eye but we are only here because of you, the fans,” they continued. “Justin wrote this record during a tough time in his life and it comes to us that sometimes, as artists, we are also just objects and we have to take that as much as we have to use that to create. We all do this for you, respect that you put us here and it’s Ü that made the video.”

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Rihanna’s new era is mind-boggling to say the least. Three singles have been released but still no word on when her new album will come, let alone its official title. The 27-year-old seems more preoccupied with her fashion ventures than her music career. It seems that’s all about to change.

Bitch Better Have My Money,” which was released in March, is finally getting a video treatment. The full video won’t debut until Thursday July 2, but RiRi premiered a trailer in anticipation of its release. The two-minute long clip seems to indicate that the full visual will be one big budget affair. I can’t wait. Check out the teaser below.

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It’s another home run for a cappella group Pentatonix. The Sing-Off Season 3 winners previously showed the “Evolution of Beyonce” and now they’re back to honor The Gloved One by delivering a sensational medley of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.

Whether a casual fan or hardcore fanatic of the King of Pop, everyone will enjoy this musical stroll down the late singer’s discography. Check out the “Evolution of Michael Jackson” below. Be prepared to be wowed.

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