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A few weeks ago, rumor has it a man proposed to his girlfriend on the Long Island Rail Road. Inspired by the classic scene in Say Anything, this man played Justin Timberlake’s “Not A Bad Thing” to pop the big question. Having heard this, Timberlake enlisted two documentary filmmakers to search for the couple. The music video, in essence, doubles as a missed connection Craigslist ad.

The visual also features other couples sharing their thoughts on love, marriage and their relationships as well as putting their two cents about the unidentified engaged couple. Sadly, after scouring the streets of NYC with flyers and speaking to various radio shows, the film ends with an unsatisfying “To Be Continued” sign. JT premiered the clip on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Check it out below.

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If watching Kylie Minogue grinding up on big rubber bouncy balls isn’t really your thing, perhaps this clip will be more up your alley. I’m not exactly sure if this is an official alternate music video but it features the Aussie pop star so it’s official enough in my books.

The new video was executive produced by VFiles and shows Kylie in search of the hottest men to star in her “Sexercize” visual. From shirtless cowboys dancing in ass-less jeans to gym rats working out in short shorts, there’s plenty of man candy to look at. Check it out below.

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At first glance, it looks like your typical rap video featuring plenty of video hos shaking their ample behinds. In this instance, however, the script is flipped and it’s an openly gay rapper objectifying other gay men. It’s about time.

Fly Young Red drops a borderline vulgar new single named “Throw That Boy Pussy.” The Houston native accompanies it with an equally salacious visual featuring plenty of booty-popping and twerking. Check out a sampling of the lyrics below before checking out the video. Proceed ahead only if you’re ready for all the jelly.

Clap that ass in a split, let me see you clap that ass like a bitch
Yeah, I’m tryin’ to get you back home, see if you can clap that ass on this dick
I see you over there twerkin’, that ass got my attention
I’ll hit your ass with this dick, send that ass home limpin’

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The accompanying visual for Neneh Cherry and Robyn’s collaboration “Out Of The Black” recently premiered. The Dario Vigorito-directed clip features the two Swedish singers in technicolor as various images pop up in the background.

It reminds me a bit of Cherry’s classic hit, “Buffalo Stance” but with a contemporary update. To reference another 80s pop culture phenomenon, I also sense a Max Hedroom vibe. Check out the kaleidoscope-inspired video below. Be prepared for visual sensory overload.

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It’s the day Karmin fans have been waiting for. The clothes have finally left Nick Noonan’s body. With their current album not spawning any hit singles to date, the Boston duo have resorted to the ‘sex sells‘ approach. And for that, I’m sure plenty of their female and gay fans are thankful. I know I am.

Opting for a black and white clip with the occasional splash of color, Karmin shows off an edgier and hip hop pop sound with “Pulses,” the title cut off their latest LP. Not only does the clip showcase Nick’s torso but also his vocals. For all you So You Think You Can Dance viewers, fan-favorite Hok pops up to execute a few of his signature moves. Check out the clip below.

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Kylie Minogue Feels The Burn In Steamy Sexercize Clip

In: Donovan, Music

It appears at least once in every Aussie pop diva’s career, an exercise-themed clip must be filmed. In the vein of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical,” Kylie Minogue heads to the gym to sweat off a few calories for her “Sexercize” visual. It’s the perfect accompanying visual for the Sia-penned track.

The Will Davidson-directed clip finds Kylie getting bouncy on giant rubber balls, bending over to show off her cute perky butt and getting sweaty with other females. Correction, when you’re as classy and legendary as Minogue, you don’t sweat, you perspire. Check it out below.

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While in New York I was lucky enough to be invited by the original Drag Race winner, BeBe Zahara Benet, to her pre-release party for her new single “Face.” I was gagging the moment BeBe walked in wearing a black lace floor length dress and serving the room nothing but glamour and face. It was quite the little intimate show for friends and people who worked on the music video of Face which was nice because we actually all got to talk to BeBe throughout the night.

BeBe started the crowed off with a little back story to the upcoming album and how it’s been in the works for over a year. After a little story time with BeBe we moved into previewing a few of the songs off the album and I can safely say I was LIVING for them! There is definitely some great club thumpers on there with “I Feel It Coming” and “Eye Candy” which I can see both being big hits in the scene. My personal picks for eargasms were “Something Exciting” and “It Feels Right.” They lead away from the typical club/house and move more towards the pop/feel good sounds. “Something Exciting” just makes you wanna bop around your room in your underwear as you’re getting ready for your day and “It Feels Right” is more of a throwback to motown, folk, sunshine and butterflies sound which I really love. BeBe said it was very important for her to add in all the tribal and African influence because she is very proud of where she comes from and wanted to blend her two homes together with her music. I think BeBe’s hard work is going to pay off with this one as the album seemed to be pretty well rounded with great sounds.

After all the previews it was finally time for the premiere of the “Face” music video! The lights darkened, the room went silent and the rest was all Face from there. I can’t wait for the full album to come out, until then enjoy the official “Face” music video and the remix radio edit by Ranny.

You can get your copy of the Face EP on iTunes along with all the remixes

Oh and BeBe, your ring is getting sized ;)

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Jennifer Lopez debuted her “I Luh Ya Papi” music video on Thursday night during American Idol. As every respectable social media user knows, it’s #tbt or Throwback Thursdays for all not in the know. Fittingly enough, J. Lo wears a pantsuit very reminiscent of her iconic chest-baring Grammy Versace dress in her new visual. As hot as the 44-year-old singer looks, she doesn’t hold a candle to the stable of chiseled men surrounding her.

Taking a page out of every rapper’s music video, Lopez flips the script and objectifies men for once. Her gal pals come up with the idea when a label rep suggests some pretty lame-ass video concepts during a pitch meeting. While Jennifer parades around in glamorous clothing, scantily-clad men show off their muscular frames. Her friends get in on the action and even grope a few of them. #luckybitches

As nice as the video is to look at, the title of the single still annoys me ;) Check out the sexy clip below which also features French Montana.

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