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Beyonce recently finished her Mrs. Carter World Tour but isn’t showing signs of slowing down. She just released an alternate vision for her gem, “Grown Woman.” Why this single never received an official release is beyond me? It’s a masterpiece in my opinion.

For the new version, Bey and her creative team amp up the animation and African-inspired hairstyles and wardrobe. Gone though are Tina Knowles and Kelly Rowland’s cameos. To be fair, Rowland does still make a cameo, albeit her younger self in home video footage, but still. Check out the new clip below which improves upon on the original edit massively.

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It was only a matter of time before Pitbull filmed a music video at the Playboy Mansion. That day has finally come. The Cuban-American rapper used Hugh Hefner’s iconic abode as the backdrop for his latest clip, “Wild Wild One.” The folk-tinged EDM track (you can thank Avicii for this trend) has so far only received a cold response. Hopefully, the David Rousseau-directed video will remedy that situation. It’s no “Timber” but it’s a solid offering.

Once again, Mr. Worldwide surrounds himself with a bevy of beauties. This time they come in the form of Playboy Bunnies and Robin Antin’s new Pussycat Dolls, G.R.L. This is the hottest the girl group has looked, especially Emmalyn Estrada and Lauren Bennett. They look even sexier when the video changes locales and heads back to Mr. Worldwide’s hometown of Miami. He swaps out the Playboy Mansion for the stunning Vizcaya Mansion. Check out the visual below.

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Earlier this week, Ellie Goulding debuted the music video for her contribution to the Divergent soundtrack. It’s pretty much your standard clip for a YA film. Footage from the movie, specifically of Tris and Four’s relationship, are interspersed with Goulding moving dramatically slow in a foggy forest. Ellie looks great as per usual. I’m kinda digging the tattoo of three birds on her chest. Check out the “Beating Heart” video below.

“The music works on a couple of different levels. On the one hand, there’s music that plays environmentally. Where we landed on Ellie and a couple of other pieces is that they play more to the psychology of the character. When you see the film, Ellie’s pieces speak to Tris, the Shailene Woodley character, to her subconscious and point of view.” – Divergent music supervisor Randall Poster

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#DICKPIC Parodies Chainsmokers #SELFIE

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Personally, I can’t stand The Chainsmokers “#SELFIE,” but it appears I’m in the minority since the track has cracked the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100. Jon Rudnitsky and Brian Lieberman’s video parodying the novelty track is more up my speed. Who doesn’t love revealing visuals of guys posing in practically nothing?

With UK’s testicular cancer research #cockinasock fundraiser sweeping the Internet, this parody titled “#DICKPIC” couldn’t have come at a better time. Check out the boys’ spoof below, along with the original Chainsmokers visual.

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Lady Gaga Debuts Trimmed G.U.Y. Music Video

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Are you obsessed with Lady Gaga’s 12 minute visual opus? Do you find yourself always skipping to the meaty parts of the clip? You’re in luck. Mother Monster has debuted a trimmed down version of the video to a much more manageable four minutes. In essence, it’s just the “G.U.Y.” portion, omitting “Venus,” “ARTPOP” and the lengthy credits.

The original has already amassed over 18 million views. That will surely give the single a boost on Billboard’s chart. It definitely needs it as the song debuted only at No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 Bubbling Under Chart. In other words it’s No. 118 on the main chart.

Once the visual streams have been added in, I predict a Top 20 placing. I would place it higher but the single isn’t selling well on iTunes, struggling to break into the Top 100. If you want to remedy that situation, give the broadcast version of “G.U.Y” a spin below.

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Shakira Is A Fiery Runaway Bride In Empire Video

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It’s all about Shakira in her latest clip. I suppose when you’re not allowed male co-stars and Rihanna isn’t available, there is no other choice.

With no groom in sight, the 37-year-old channels Julia Roberts circa Runaway Bride and hightails it out of the church. Hopefully, the same thing doesn’t happen when Shakira walks down the aisle for real when she marries her handsome boyfriend, Gerard Pique.

Once free, the Colombian singer references two other films. Her wedding dress catches fire reminiscent of Catching Fire and then runs to a lush green landscape to twirl her little heart out. Julie Andrews would be so proud. Check out the “Empire” clip below which was directed by Darren Craig, Jonathan Craven and Jeff Nicholas

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Long before the huge retro-revival headlined by Daft Punk, Pharrell and Justin Timberlake, Montreal’s Chromeo were at the forefront, experimenting with the late disco dance sound. The duo recently released a fun clip for their catchy new single, “Jealous (I Ain’t With It).”

Dave 1 plays an envious pastor at some random Las Vegas wedding chapel. It’s not groundbreaking by any means but it’s an entertaining little romp. The track is lifted off their forthcoming album, White Women, which hits stores May 12th via Atlantic Records. It was reportedly inspired by Wyclef and Mary J. Blige’s 2000 duet, “911,” which Chromeo’s Dave 1 heard while writing at a Jamaican strip club. Check out the clip below.

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It’s official… she’s back. This is the Lady Gaga I love. After a brief hiatus, Mother Monster is back, recharged and looking glamorous. This is by far her best music video in ages. It’s epic. It’s super gay. It’s why we all fell in love with her in the first place.

G.U.Y.” was filmed at the Hearst Castle. As stunning as the California landmark looks in the video, it’s even more breathtaking in person. I definitely recommend visiting it one day.

If the ornate architecture or shirtless male dancers isn’t enough ocular satisfaction, perhaps the cameo by Bravo’s Beverly Hills Housewives will. The vision of Kim Richards playing a guitar had me cracking up. Even more hilarious is Mr. Bravo himself, Andy Cohen, popping up as a god-like figure in the clouds. I’m curious as to why both Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud weren’t included in the video. #DRAMA

Other OMG moments include Gaga resurrecting deceased icons including Gandhi, Jesus and Michael Jackson. Watch other awesome randomness in her latest opus below which begins with Gaga as a glamorous wounded bird. It really is a must-see.

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