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Move over Miley Cyrus, there’s a new queen in town. Lorde‘ addictive “Royals” proved more powerful than “Wrecking Ball” this week, dethroning Cyrus’ from the Billboard Hot 100 top position. By jumping from #3 to #1, the 16-year old becomes the youngest artist since Tiffany to achieve this feat. Tiff did it with “I Think We’re Alone Now” back in 1987. She was 16 years and one month old at the time, while Lorde turns 17 next month. The one area Lordes has Tiffany beat is the fact she wrote her own hit, instead of covering a Beatles track.

Overall though, Stevie Wonder has both ladies beat. He topped the chart at age 13 with “Fingertips – Part 2″ in 1963. Lordes also becomes the first New Zealander to achieve this milestone. If you haven’t picked up her debut album Pure Heroine yet, you definitely have to. It’s amazing.

In other Hot 100 news, Ylvis are very well on their way to becoming this year’s “Gangnam Style.” Their viral hit, “The Fox,” cracks the Top 10, debuting at #8. Have you figured out what the fox says yet?

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Apologies for the delay in this post. I’m currently on vacay with Brian’s family and just caught this video today. And boy is it provocative.

Miley Cyrus brought twerking to the masses, but Rihanna is showing the world how it should be done. The 25-year-old singer channels her inner ratchet hood rat and booty shakes her little heart out in “Pour It Up.”

For those who think RiRi is simply jumping on the Miley bandwagon, you’re half right. She filmed her latest video back in May before twerking became a national sensation. It only premiered now after finally getting approval from the label. No doubt to capitalize on the booty shaking phenomenon.

Wearing nothing but a diamond-encrusted bra with barely-there shorts, the Bajan native twerks on anything in sight. From her throne, to a stripper pole, to a pool of water, nothing is off limits from Rihanna’s shapely butt. Watch her along with a few extras making it rain in the clip. Get those dollar bills out, but make sure they’re Benjamins. I’m sure RiRi won’t except anything else.

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Paris Hilton disappointed her fans this week by revealing she was delaying the premiere of her “Good Time” music video by a week. Not wanting to completely leave her worshipers hanging, the socialite heiress dropped an extended video teaser. With almost a minute-long preview, I’m not sure why she just didn’t release the entire thing. I’m speculating the delay had something to do with not wanting to go up against Britney Spears. Wise choice given that Brit’s “Work Bitch” clip is flawless. Dancing Brit is back ya’ll.

In addition to an extended look, Hilton unveiled the single’s artwork. She cloned herself not twice nor three times, but six for the the kaleidoscope-looking cover. I have to say, I’m somewhat diggin’ the photo. Sure, she looks a little vapid and dead in the eyes, but it kinda works for her. Check out the longer clip preview below.

check out the extended video teaser after the jump

It’s finally here… Britney Spears‘ highly anticipated (aren’t they always) music video for “Work Bitch” has arrived. This one is definitely not for the young girls.

In the video, Britney has an entourage of backup dancers behind her and after the build up happens, they get to work. We then cut to scenes of Britney in the middle of a pool with hammerhead sharks surrounding her. There’s a little S&M action with whips and muzzles but all-in-all, Britney looks freaking amazing in pretty much every shot. She also seems more into what she’s doing and more present, unlike some of her past videos. In this one, she’s in it, has a more commanding presence, and her body is effing killer. Welcome back, Britney!

The 31-year-old’s eighth studio album will arrive December 3. In the meantime, check out her new video below!

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Charli XCX Heads To Japan For Some SuperLove

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Charli XCX is best known for her collaboration with Icona Pop on “I Love It.” With her catchy new single, “SuperLove,” the English singer-songwriter is poised to make a splash on her own merit. She actually released her debut studio album True Romance back in April, but the record label hasn’t really done much promotion, letting Charli XCX ride the “I Love It” wave for as long as possible. I’m glad they finally got around to releasing another visual from the album. It definitely deserves some love.

Once again, Charli XCX enlisted Ryan Andrews to direct her clip. The colorful visual finds the 21-year-old roaming the streets of Japan with a bunch of robots, hoochie mamas and a biker gang. The hand clapping throughout is everything. Check out the fun vid below.

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With a two-year residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino starting this Fall, it’s only natural Britney Spears ‘Vegas’ it up for her new music video. The 31-year-old entertainer just gave a sneak peak of her highly-anticipated “Work Bitch” video and she’s definitely working it, BITCH. Brit looks fierce and glamorous with her army of backup dancers in the Nevada desert.

The visual is directed by Ben Mor, the man behind “Scream and Shout!” With all the luxury vehicle name dropping on the track, naturally one rolls up in the vid. I can’t wait for the full-length clip. Check out the Instagram preview below.

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Paris Hilton Teases Music Comeback

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It’s true what they say. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not saying that I’m fond of Paris Hilton, but I don’t convulse with just the mention of her name anymore. That’s a huge step from years ago when I couldn’t stand the beyotch and just wanted her to go away.

Sure, she had a misstep against the gays in the past, but she apologized so I’m all good. Everyone’s had verbal diarrhea and said things they’ve regretted. I’m just not stupid enough to have someone tape them ;)

Anyhoo, the 32-year-old reality star is returning to music after a brief stint as an international party DJ. Hilton, the tease that she is, dropped a fifteen second preview of her new single, “Good Time.” She even enlisted her label boss Lil Wayne to make a cameo and contribute to the track. If her new song is half as good as “Stars Are Blind,” consider this my new guilty pleasure of the year. Check out the preview below.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m still obsessed with “Clarity.” Even though his breakout hit is still doing well, Zedd is moving on and beginning his promotion for the follow-up track.

The German DJ teams up with Paramore’s Hayley Williams for “Stay The Night.” It’s the official lead cut from his debut album hitting stores tomorrow. With her signature rock angst vocals, along with his melodic dance beats, the result is another surefire club and radio hit. The accompanying music video features some serious emotional contemporary choreography worthy of a Mandy Moore or Mia Michaels SYTYCD number. Check out the newly-released clip below.

“The video shoot and setup was quite simple but very effective,” Zedd told Rolling Stone. “I had seen some of the Hayley footage prior to my shoot day and it looked incredible. Hayley did the hard part; I just played the piano!”

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