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Daughtry Waits For Superman In New Video

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I haven’t liked a Daughtry track in ages, but their latest has me jumping back on their bandwagon. “Waiting For Superman” is the lead cut off their fourth studio album, Baptized. Can you believe they’ve released that many albums already?

With their new track, the Chris Daughtry-led band modify their hard rock sound to a more radio-friendly one. This decision might yield results similar to their smashes “It’s Not Over” and “Home.”

For the accompanying video, the band enlisted Shane Drake to direct. His wide array of work includes Tegan and Sara (“I Was A Fool”), Kelly Clarkson (“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”) and The Wanted (“Walks Like Rihanna”). The visual also features Thomas Dekker (The Secret Circle) and Patrick Muldoon (Days of Our Lives). Check it out below. It’s definitely one of their better produced clips.

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Little Mix’s Fantastic New Clip ‘Move’

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What a difference a new album makes. Little Mix is back and looking the most glamorous they’ve ever been. The UK girl group go old school and look great doing it. They even bust out some vintage choreography to go along with their early 2000s-inspired clip. You just got served!!!

Move” is the lead cut off their forthcoming album Salute dropping November 11. The girls will bust out their moves live when they join Fifth Harmony and Demi Lovato on her Neon Lights tour beginning February 9 in Vancouver. Check out their latest visual below.

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Instead of taking off his shirt (BOO) and relying on his sexuality, Enrique Iglesias taps his acting skills for his new music video. After walking in on his girlfriend cheating on him, the 38-year-old singer pummels the guy. His emotions then go from anger to despair. Sounds about right. Feeling all heartbroken, Enrique contemplates jumping off a bridge. It’s his own very mini telenovela.

Heart Attack” is off his yet untitled forthcoming album. Colin Tilley who’s worked with Keri Hilson, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj directs the video. When a Stranger Calls actress Camilla Belle plays Iglesias’ cheating girlfriend. Check out the dramatic clip below.

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Did you watch VH1′s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story? I did and loved it. Boy, did ousted TLC member Crystal Jones and former manager Pebbles get the shaft, especially the latter. She’s so incensed with her portrayal she’s reportedly contemplating legal action for defamation of character. I’m pretty sure most of her antics were true. Just saying. On a positive note, the cast killed it with their performances. Within minutes, I forgot I was watching actors. Their mannerisms and music video recreations were spot on.

The VH1 biopic scored big for the network. It was the highest-rated original movie on cable television in 2013 with over 4.5 million viewers. In addition, according to SocialGuide, the show was the most-tweeted program on Monday night, generating 1.92 million tweets with the hashtag #CrazySexyCool. Glad to see TLC fans came out in droves.

After the movie ended, the surviving members of the group, Chilli and T-Boz, previewed their new video “Meant To Be.” The breezy acoustic ballad is the only new track featured on their latest greatest hits album 20. The ladies just dropped the accompanying visual which features Ne-Yo. Check out the full-length version below.

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Keeping up with the latest internet meme is tiring work. You never know what these crazy kids will think of next. While some are absolutely ridiculous (ie cats being thrown as bridal bouquets), this one I guarantee will be up most of our readers’ alley. The latest fad sweeping the online nation is boys grinding on the floor. Yup, you read that correctly.

Set to Pretty Ricky’s 2005 hit single “Grind With Me” (explicit title “Grind On Me”), boys go shirtless as they make sweet nasty love to carpet, mattresses, linoleum. Pretty much anything they can get horizontal with.

I’m not sure what most of their career goals are, but might I suggest auditioning for the Magic Mike sequel or their local strip joint. Check out the montages below. Try to keep it clean as I’m pretty sure some of the guys are not of age. #justsaying #illegal

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No disrespect to Avicci (love him), but what truly makes “Wake Me Up” such a sensational record is due to the talent of featured singer Aloe Blacc. His mesmerizing vocals are hypnotic. The 34-year-old singer released not only an acoustic version of his hit collaboration with Avicii, but also an accompanying music video. Instead of a young girl on a journey to find her people at a rave, this one tells a tale inspired by 11 million true stories.

Directed by Alex Rivera, this alternate version gives the song a much more thoughtful and deeper meaning. Blacc’s version highlights the struggles undocumented immigrants face in America. Many of the actors featured in the clip have lived the story they portray. For more information about the director and the actors, head over to Legalize America. Meanwhile, check out Aloe’s vid below.

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Whether it’s an intentional tribute to Beyonce or not, it’s pretty obvious Tamar Braxton is channeling Bey circa Sasha Fierce era. With the high pony, finger jewelry and white backdrop, it screams “Single Ladies.” Love Tamar’s new album, but girl needs to rewatch Mrs. Carter’s music videos a few more times. Her hairography is nowhere near as fierce as Beyonce. Watching Tamar twirl that pony is embarrassingly awkward. With that being said, I do love “Hot Sugar” and clip because…

The one thing Toni’s little sis has on the “Irreplaceable” singer is her choice of backup dancers. While I appreciate Bey’s army of powerful females, watching a gaggle of sexy shirtless male dancers wearing heels, skirts and extremely tight tights is fun for obvious reasons. I’m loving the two featured in the photo above. Check out her Instagram-inspired clip below.

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I’m not a strip club aficionado by any means, especially of the female variety, but I’ve never seen a live band at any of the establishments I’ve been to. Have you? Bruno Mars decided to go to a sweaty nightclub, slash gentleman’s club, to film his “Gorilla” music video. The 28-year Hawaiian native premiered his latest yesterday on Facebook instead of going the usual Vevo route.

Being a co-director certainly has its perks. I’m sure all those steamy make-out scenes with Freida Pinto weren’t by accident. Who could blame him? Even I was getting a little woody watching the Slumdog Millionaire actress do her thing? Didn’t think she had the guts to take on such a sexy role. Girlfriend struts her stuff on stage and even gets dangerously close to getting intimate with a guitar before torching it. A stripping pyromaniac… who knew?

Gorilla” is the fourth single off his epic Unorthodox Jukebox. All three previous releases have cracked the Top 5 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with the first two reaching pole position. So far, “Gorilla” has only managed to reach No. 26 as of publish time. Perhaps, his stylish sexy visual will improve its chart performance. After all, online video streams are now factored in Billboard’s ranking formula. Check out the clip below.

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