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Since her breakout hit “We Run The Night” featuring Pitbull, Havana Brown has scored a few more dance chart-toppers but nothing has remotely landed on the Billboard Hot 100. Her latest “Battle Cry” has a decent shot of bringing the Aussie singer back to the all-important chart. Especially, with this extremely slick music video to promote it.

While Bebe Rexha and Savi are featured on the track, neither appear in the Squared Division-directed clip. Instead a stable of hot shirtless cowboys take up the screentime. You won’t hear me complaining. Brown plays the ultimate femme fatale to exact revenge on these douchebags who have wronged her.

Props on the visual. It, like Havana, is stunning. Love the whole Western theme with a slightly pink hue. Check it out below.

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Madonna is just leaking all over the place these days. Not only is her new material at the mercy of pirates but now items from the vault are at risk too.

Last week, two clips of Madonna voguing with backup dancers/singers Donna De Lory and Niki Harris on the set of “Vogue” hit online. Today, a four minute plus video of the iconic black-and-white clip has now been uncovered. Not only is it a rough cut of the visual, but it also includes the then 31-year-old’s studio vocals without any background music. The entire thing almost plays like one of those ‘without music‘ parodies.

If that wasn’t enough vintage Madge to your liking, b-roll of “Rain” video has made its way onto a Russian video sharing website. It’s 37 minutes of a pixie-cut Madonna serving face for the camera. Check out both clips below.

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Keeping it real. Not every new single from a RuPaul’s Drag Race alum is of Grammy-winning calibre, let alone worth listening to. Some of them are pure garbage. Manila Luzon, who was robbed on Drag Race and All-Stars, just dropped a new track that’s actually quite good.

Ice Cream” is a little Iggy Azalea-lite but lots of fun. The lyrics are full of sexual entendres and innuendos. The accompanying clip is equally as racy. From a human Neapolitan ice cream dish (Jardon Derrick, Montana Volby, Timothy Willy) to a banana split worth every calorie, the music video is jam-packed with eye-popping visuals. It even ends with Luzon being the recipient of whipped cream bukkake.

Jon Varak, Eddie Eduardo, Casey Everett, Landon Scott, Eric East, Chris Serrato, Joey “Little Roo” Hakim, Austin Watie, Andres Hunt, Jonny Manzanares, Chancelor Dayne, Dexter Mayfield, Chaz Knight, Alex Bullon, Danny Luna, Mackenzie Green all make appearances. Manila’s fellow Drag Race Heather Delta Work also makes a cameo. Check out the Brad Hammer-directed video below.

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The Weeknd is mostly known for his seductive slow jams. When I first heard “Can’t Feel My Face,” I was pleasantly surprised to hear him go a little up-tempo. I’m obsessed with this track.

The Max Martin-produced hit is currently in the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. With a newly-released music video, it stands a good shot of hitting No. 1.

For the Grant Singer-directed visual, the Canadian crooner takes to the stage as a lounge singer and shows off some killer dance moves. Who knew The Weeknd could move like that? I had no idea. Supermodel Chanel Iman plays his love interest in the clip.

Check out the scorching vid below. It’s a hot one. Literally. The Weeknd goes up in flames when a patron throws a lighter his way. Katniss Everdeen has nothing on him ;)

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Dirty Work” has such potential to become Austin Mahone’s breakout hit. The funky track shows off a more mature side of the 19-year-old singer. Who knew the Texan had so much urban swagger?

Sadly though, Mahone has released an underwhelming music video for the catchy single. The Gil Green and Kenny Kool-Aid co-directed visual pays homage to The Office and goes for a humorous approach.

It’s a tad too literal, IMHO. This isn’t the “Dirty Work” I had in mind. Personally, a sexier route would’ve benefited the sizzling track much better.

“We were like, let’s make a video where we are all stuck in an office, and we are all super bored and our boss keeps us over, and then he leaves and we have a huge party in the office,” Austin revealed about the video’s concept. “It’s me and my coworkers, and we are running around and dancing and then there is this new girl that comes in, and I’m showing her around, and we like each other a little bit, and we are getting a little freaky in the boss’s office.”

Watch Mahone below goof off with his co-workers, drink Slurpees and flirt with the hot new employee.

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When Disclosure first hooked up with Sam Smith, magic transpired. The undeniably catchy “Latch” became a global smash and introduced the world to these two talented acts. Smith became a Grammy and media darling while Disclosure churned out more club anthems.

The two reunite for what will undoubtedly be another hit collabo. “Omen” is the second single off Disclosure’s Caracal album.

“It was really exciting,” Disclosure’s Howard Lawrence said in a statement. “We had three whole days to hang out with Sam and write, which are two of my favorite things to do.”

For the accompanying visual, Ryan Hope was enlisted again to direct the clip. He did four videos for them during this era, two of which have yet to premiere. “Omen” takes place two weeks after the events of “Holding On.”

Check out the Smith-assisted new track below. I’m already obsessed.

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Toying with a classic track, especially a much-revered gay anthem, is a difficult juggling act. Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy” addressed key issues including homophobia in the 80s, bullying and loneliness due to family rejection. The accompanying visual was a moving one which featured band member Jimmy Somerville flashing back to the events that motivated him to runaway.

Kate Ryan does an astounding job with her cover. Her vocals over a deep house beat give the track a contemporary vibe but also keeping it quite somber. The same can’t be said for the music video. It’s kind of a host mess if you ask me.

The Belgian dance diva is shown riding a horse before stumbling upon a group of young adults camping. “Runaway (Smalltown Boy)” isn’t exactly a feel-good campfire song. So random?!?!?! Check out the Pascal Baillien and Wim Rombouts-directed visual below.

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When you have a smile as infectious as Janet Jackson, that’s all you need. It could light up a room, if not a stadium. The 49-year-old icon flashes her signature smirk in her seductive new music video.

The Dave Meyers-directed clip isn’t full of bells and whistles, but rather on the minimal side. It just relies on Janet simply sauntering around her stunning mansion while executing a couple of dance moves. The rainy backdrop suits the nocturnal vibe of the visual quite nicely. I also love the giant vintage portraits shown throughout. J. Cole who’s featured on the remix also appears in the clip.

Jackson looks as stunning as ever. I can’t believe the woman is almost half a century old. I can’t wait to watch her Unbreakable World Tour which kicks off in Vancouver on August 31. Check out the video below.

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