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Now, THIS is the trailer the movie studio should’ve released first instead of that schmaltzy sad excuse of a romantic comedy they were trying to push. No one wants to see a movie about a struggling furniture designer by day who strips for money only to fall in love with his best friend’s sister. Sounds horrible, right? Well, that’s what the first trailer was all about. It looked like a poor man’s “Striptease” and that’s putting it nicely.

Thankfully, someone kicked some sense into the studio execs and informed them what the public really wants to see- pecs, abs and thongs. That’s right, we want to see some hot men stripping. And the more the merrier.

In the newly-released trailer, all signs of that aforementioned love story is nowhere to be seen. Instead, we have most of the cast revealing their “assets” on stage. From military fatigues, cowboy outfits, doctor scrubs, we finally see what costumes Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer and Matt Bomer wear on stage. Even if it’s for a fleeting moment. Those outfits couldn’t hit the floor faster if you ask me. Check out the new and improved trailer below. The Chippendales have nothing on them.

watch the new and improved trailer below

This is no “Ghostbusters” or “What About Bob” movie. Bill Murray takes on a more serious role, playing President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in a new film (based on true events) called ‘Hyde Park On Hudson‘. The first trailer for the film has just debuted and we’ve got your first look.

In June 1939, FDR and his wife Eleanor (Olivia Williams) host the King and Queen of England (Samuel West, Olivia Colman) for a weekend at the Roosevelt home at Hyde Park on Hudson, in upstate New York. This marks the first-ever visit of a reigning English monarch to America.

At this time, Britain is about to go to war with Germany they are looking to FDR for support. Things don’t go as expected when the Brits encounter the complexities of FDR’s domestic establishment, with his wife, mother, and mistresses all conspiring to make the royal weekend an unforgettable one. The story is told from the perspective of Daisy (Laura Linney), Franklin’s distant cousin, neighbor, and intimate. Through her eyes we see how one incredible weekend affects the relationship between two great nations, as well as a deeper understanding of the mysteries of love and friendship… and all that jazz. The film debuts on December 7, which is a popular time frame for films with an Oscar buzz. Check out the trailer below!

Watch the trailer after the jump…

This has got to be by far Elijah Wood‘s darkest role. Directed by Franck Khalfoun, Wood stars in the remake of William Lustig’s brutal 1980 film, ‘Maniac‘. The original film tells the twisted story of a schizoid serial killer and stalks and kills women in New York, seeking revenge for the mistreatment he received from his own mother as a child.

The plot is so creepy. Wood plays Frank, the withdrawn owner of a mannequin store who has an obsession with scalps. When a young artist named Anna (Nora Arnezeder) asks him for help with her new exhibition, his obsession escalates and she has somehow unleashed his repressed compulsion to stalk and kill.

This uncensored teaser trailer is the first look at the film and contains French subtitles, as the teaser was created for the Cannes Film Festival.

Watch the creepy, uncensored trailer after the jump…

There’s no ‘Limitless‘ pill that can help Bradley Cooper in his new movie titled ‘The Words‘. Cooper plays an author who, at the peak of his literary success, discovers the price he must pay for stealing another man’s work. That’s right, the pressures of his career and financial responsibility weigh down on him, he resorts to stealing another man’s work and publishing it as his own.

The movie was filmed in Montreal because it could pass as both New York and Paris as a setting. It had its world premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and hits theatres on September 21.

The star studded cast includes: Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Irons, Zoe Saldana, Dennis Quaid, Olivia Wilde, Ben Barnes, John Hannah, Nora Arnezeder and J.K. Simmons. Check out the trailer below.

Watch the trailer after the jump…

So bizarre! I was going to write about Nick Stahl being missing, then stumbled upon a new movie trailer for ‘388 Arletta Avenue‘ that has just been released that he stars in… and it’s about a missing person.

Stahl’s wife Rose reported him missing yesterday, saying that the last time she saw him was May 9. She told authorities that he had recently been paying visits to the Skid Row area of downtown LA and that was concerned that he was using drugs and that it may have to do with his disappearance.

Ironically, ’388 Arletta Avenue’ is about a man (Stahl) whose wife goes missing. Of course the situations are completely different, but I just found it strange nonetheless. I hope that he is found soon and gets the help that he needs. You can watch the trailer I was referring to below.

Trailer after the jump…

Move aside Jaws & Deep Blue Sea, there’s a new (not to be taken too seriously) shark thriller in town. ‘Bait 3D‘ has just released the Red Band Trailer for the film and we’ve got your first look.

No longer speaking to each other after a tragic accident, former couple Josh (Xavier Samuel) and Tina (Sharni Vinson) run into each other at a supermarket for the first time since their split a year earlier. Unfortunately, they find themselves caught in the middle of an armed robbery that gets trumped by something worse… a tsunami.

Following the massive invasion of water into the supermarket, the former couple find themselves trapped with other survivors in the supermarket desperate to get out before they drowned. Again, matters get worse when they discover that there are also some hungry great white sharks in the supermarket, shopping on an empty stomach. ;) Check out the trailer below.

Check out the trailer after the jump…

Don’t let the name of the movie fool you because although he had the best intentions, ‘The Good Doctor‘ isn’t so good after all.

Orlando Bloom plays Martin Blake, is an ambitious but anxious young doctor who is eager to impress his superiors and colleagues: Chief Resident Waylans (Rob Morrow), self-assured fellow intern Dan (Troy Garity) and no-nonsense nurse Theresa (Taraji P. Henson). No matter how hard he’s trying, he can’t seem to get things right and his insecurities are getting in the way.

When he helps an 18-year-old patient named Diane (Riley Keough) overcome a kidney infection, he becomes more or less attached to her and starts to tamper with her medicine so that she doesn’t disappear from his life. Needless to say tampering with medicine in order to keep someone sick is a recipe for disaster. The movie will be available on iTunes on July 27 and in theatres on on August 31. Check out the movie trailer below.

Watch the trailer after the jump…

The ‘Dark Horse’ Trailer Is SO CUTE!

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I stumbled upon this new movie trailer this morning not knowing what to expect and I was so pleasantly surprised! From writer-director Todd Solondz comes this new dramedy titled ‘Dark Horse‘ (not to be confused with ‘Dark Knight’) and we’ve got your first look.

The film stars Jordan Gelber as Abe, a 30-something overweight man, unhappy with his life, working for and living with his parents (played by Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow). Things start to look up when he meets Miranda (Selma Blair), a socially awkward woman, at a wedding. He is instantly in love with her and soon intends to marry her. With all of this happening, he has to make some big life-changing decisions. Sidenote: I love Selma Blair in everything so I definitely can’t wait to see this.

‘Dark Horse’ debuted at the Venice Film Festival last year, and hits select theatres later this year. Check out the trailer below!

Watch the trailer after the jump…

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