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When you have ghosts, children, and a giant old school, chances are it’s going to be scary. I just checked out the new trailer for ‘The Awakening‘ and its definitely worth checking out.

Set in London in 1921, Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall), author of the popular book “Seeing Through Ghosts,” has devoted her career to exposing claims of the supernatural as nothing but hoaxes. She’s a ghosthunter, but essential continues to prove that the ghosts aren’t real. Haunted by the recent death of her fiance, she is approached by Robert Mallory (Dominic West) to investigate the recent death of a student at the all-boys boarding school where he teaches. At the school, the boys claim to be seeing the boy’s ghost around. She decides to take the case.

At first, it all seems like a simple schoolboy prank, but as she gets deeper into her investigation, she is starting to realize that science doesn’t have the answers to explain what’s happening around her. Looks spooky! The film hits theaters in North America in August (it is already out in other places). Check out the trailer below.

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I love me some Bradley Cooper and I definitely love me some Jennifer Lawrence. Together, I can only imagine the kind of magic they will make on screen together. The pair star in the upcoming film, “The Silver Linings Playbook.” The movie is directed and penned by David O. Russell who brought us great films like “I ♥ Hukabees” and directed “The Fighter.” David brings back his comedic-drama self in this new film along with a slew full of stars including Robert De Niro and Chris Tucker.

The film centers around Cooper’s character, a former teacher who has just spent the last four years of his life in a mental hospital. Medicated and ready to restart his life, he moves back in with his family. One night, he meets the socially awkward character played by Lawrence and despite their constant mismatch, decide to become friends and soon, become pseudo-romantically involved. The two must teach each other about themselves in order to overcome their mental issues. The film is due to hit theaters this November and I cannot wait. Check out the trailer below.

Check out the trailer for “Silver Linings Playbook” after the jump.

Fun Size‘ is the next big teen comedy, due out this coming October and the trailer has just been released. The Nickelodeon film stars Victoria Justice, who some believe to now be the next tween breakout star, alongside Jane Levy (Suburgatory) and Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately).

Here’s the premise of the film. When a troubled but whip-smart teen girl (Justice) loses her oddball little brother on Halloween, she has one desperate night to track him down. It has all the right ingredients for a successful comedy with today’s audience: (1) A funny & witty red head: Jane Levy (the Emma Stone or Lindsay Lohan of this film). (2) A funny mom: Chelsea Handler. (3) And some funny one liners: “A smiley face emoticon? That seals the deal, Ren. That is how love works.” That being said, it is a Nickelodeon film so it’s going to be a bit cheesy & predictable given it’s target audience.

Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts on what you think in the comments below. Will you be checking out this film?

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Back in April, the first trailer for the 2012 remake of ‘Total Recall‘ was released, wetting our appetites for more. Now, the second official movie trailer has debuted and and we now have a much better idea of what to expect. It looks really good!

‘Total Recall’ is an action thriller about reality and memory. As you know Colin Farrell stars as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former character (a factory worker named Douglas Quaid) who is frustrated with his life and decides to check out “Recall” for a mind-trip that will help him get away from it all. His character has no idea what he’s about to get into. The film also stars Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, and John Cho.

It’s an action packed adventure that I definitely can’t wait to watch. There’s even a three-boobed lady in this one too! I totally remember that from the original. The effects look great, the cast is amazing and you can count me in for this one. Check out the NEW trailer below.

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If you want a good laugh today, watch this Red-Band trailer. Dax Shepard plays Charlie Bronson, a former getaway driver forced into witness relocation after a heist gone wrong. In his new life he meets and falls in love with his girlfriend (Kristen Bell) but fails to tell her about his “bank-robbing” past. He’s forced to tell her the truth when his former gang returns and sh*t hits the fan.

The leader of the gang is played by a dreadlocked Bradley Cooper who is looking for their stolen loot and he feels that Bronson owes him… because he got butt-f*cked in prison. “I’m really, really sorry. Was it a black guy?” asks Bronson. “Why would you assume it’s a black guy,” Cooper’s character responds. “I’m saying if I was a black dude, I wouldn’t feel the least bit gay about f*cking a white guy, I would just think of white guys as like a masculine chicks.” LOL. And that’s not the last of that topic in the trailer.

The film also stars Kristin Chenoweth, Michael Rosenbaum, Tom Arnold, Ryan Hansen and David Koechner. It hits theatres on August 24. Check out the NSFW trailer below!

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A thriller starring Richard Gere and Susan Surandon? Count me in! They were great together in 2004’s ‘Shall We Dance?‘. The movie trailer for this upcoming film called ‘Arbitrage‘ has just debuted and you should definitely check it out below. The Nicholas Jarecki-directed film is about love, loyalty and money.

At the beginning of the film, it’s the eve of New York hedge-fund magnate Robert Miller’s (Gere) 60th birthday. He’s the poster boy for success in business and family and everything seems to be going perfectly. Behind the scenes, this is not the case. Miller is in over his head trying to complete the sale of his trading empire to a major bank before the depths of his fraud are revealed. To add to hiding this from his wife Ellen (Sarandon) and daughter and heir-apparent Brooke (Brit Marling), he’s also trying to keep an affair with Julie Cote (Laetitia Casta) under wraps.

When things seem to be as stressful as they could get, a horrific accident occurs that forces Miller to juggle family, business, and crime with the help of Jimmy Grant (Nate Parker), a guy from Miller’s past. An NYPD officer is suspicious about Miller and is determined to uncover the truth. Is Miller powerful enough to get away with it all? The film comes out September 14. Check out the trailer below.

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In this new thriller called ‘Alex Cross‘, Detective/Psychologist Dr. Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) meets his match against a psychotic, mob hit man named Michael Sullivan aka The Butcher (Matthew Fox). Yes, that’s him with the crazy body transformation on the left in the photo above. As Cross investigates the the serial killer’s gruesome murders, Sullivan decides to send him a deadly message by threatening his wife’s safety. Now obviously beyond enraged, Cross vows to hunt down the killer if it’s the last thing he does.

The serial killer (who is “fascinated by pain”) continues to evade Cross pushes hims to an ethical breaking point as a cop and father. As Cross gets close to the killer, he finds evidence that points to the unimaginable – a revelation that could change everything. It’s looks as though the twists and turns in this film will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

The film hits theatres on October 19. Check out the first movie trailer below!

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Man Becomes Machine In ‘The Prototype’ Trailer

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We’ve often heard that machines will take over the world, or the theory that mankind will someday evolve into machines. Well, this movie from The Bandito Brothers (Act Of Valor) and writer/director Andrew Will explores just that. This is ‘The Prototype‘.

The story is about a prototype robot that escapes from a military facility. On the run, the prototype is being hunted by the government (with Neal McDonough) and its creator. I am intrigued by the very simple “robotic” look of the prototype, as shown in the photo above. The trailer looks pretty intense and I’m definitely interested in checking this one out when it hits theatres in 2013.

Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think about it!

Watch the trailer after the jump…

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