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BUT, not if you’re squeamish.

So, let’s get this out of the way: it’s not the BEST movie you’ll ever seen. In fact, most of Truth or Dare is pretty prototype and cookie cutter for a cabin in the woods/revenge film… however, if you make it past the first hour (and please don’t misunderstand, the first hour is a good first hour just not great) then you get some classic British twists that come part and parcel with the smartie filmmakers across the pond. Without ruining too much, I’ll recap this one as a college kids bound together by a secret who pay the price for being a collective mean girls group towards a odd duck from their school.

The movie isn’t nearly as bloody as a Hostel or Halloween and thankfully isn’t as simply written as those two, rather it’s a riddled whodunit that has you interesting in solving its mini mystery as much as the film’s angry antagonist. It’s set in the present day with pretty realistic characters that for the MOST part act as you or I would given the horrendous situation their in. There’s of course the typical “Girl, don’t go in the there” or “Christ, just keep running” moments that will have you clawing at the screen a bit but those are always hand in hand with thrillers but they’re not too many so don’t fret there. What there IS more importantly is more than a few surprises about motives and reactionary behaviours (watch it and that odd concept will make sense) that make this one a film worth the rent/download.

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Let’s call a spade a spade: this movie (in theatres now!) will anger the fudge out of you. No joke, from about 20 minutes in until nearly the end you will hate almost every character on screen and be pleading for something, anything to happen that will interrupt the unnatural progression of awful events you’ll be force to witness. I won’t ruin anything that the trailer won’t give away by saying this movie follows the story of an accused fast food cashier- played by the doe eyed and well cast Dreama Walker- and her surrounding staff and superior who “follow orders” and torture the girl to horrific ends.

No this movie isn’t based in the 80s when people “were dumber” or in some small city with people that act nothing like you and I as “reasonable people”: instead, it uses accurate characters placed in a complicated and atypical situation and watches them as they react accordingly. Now, I use the word accordingly here very carefully. As a student of psychology, I’m all too well aware of the famous Stanley Milgram study from Yale in 1963 wherein he had everyday test subjects zapping likable partners in an adjoining room every time they made a mistake in a learning test. I’m simplifying things (look it up, it’s worth a read) but the gist is that 100% of the subjects electrified their partners till it started to hurt and beyond and a terrifying 65% never stopped as the voltage got higher all because there was an experimenter there “ordering them to do so”. This movie takes this sad truth of our psyches and throws it in our face as we beg the movie’s characters to WAKE THE F UP.

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Movie Review: Sparkle

In: Matt, Movies

Jordin Sparks’ first lead role on the big screen his theatres today. Also starring Whitney Houston in her last work before her untimely passing earlier this year, Sparkle (a remake of the 1976 film of the same name) is the story of three sisters who form a singing trio in the late 50s.

Donovan and I agree, it wasn’t Dreamgirls, but there are definitely some enjoyable moments in this film. Both of us being huge Whitney fans, I think her scenes were our favorite for sure. American Idol winner Sparks assumes title role of Sparkle. Along with her stunning sister Sister (yes that’s her name) and brainy sister Dee (Tika Sumpter) they form a singing trio that soon gains a lot of attention and a possible record deal.

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Movie Review: The Campaign

In: Matt, Movies

The Campaign, starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifiankis, hits theatres today. A comedic tale about the dirty side of American politics, it sure as hell doesn’t get my vote. This is another case of tired actors playing the same characters we always see while using vulgarity and obscenity versus intelligence and wit to generate humour. It’s played out.

The film follows two rival politicians, incumbent Camden Brady (Ferrell) and newcomer Martin Huggins (Galifianakis) who are trying to win an election to represent their North Carolina district in the United States House of Representatives. Huggins is chosen as a pawn by two extremely wealthy brothers looking to sell part of the state to China to import Chinese labourers and save on shipping costs.

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Movie Review: The Watch

In: Matt, Movies
20th Century Fox’s latest comedy, The Watch, hits theatres today. Starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill, The Watch is movie about 4 men who come together and form a neighbourhood watch that ends up defending their town from an alien invasion. Admittedly, I expected another film filled with the same stuff these guys have been giving us for years, and while I was right about that, something about this film hit the mark for me and I actually found it extremely funny.

Stiller plays Evan, an overly enthusiastic Senior Manager at Costco who forms the watch group after his security guard is mysteriously murdered. Bob, an overly protective father who uses the watch to spy on his teenage daughter, is played by Vince Vaughn, who I had been getting a little sick of recently until I saw this film. He did a fantastic job and certainly got the most laughs out of me. Jonah Hill (before his weight re-gain) plays Franklin, who joins the watch after being rejected by the local police force.

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The 2012 Vancouver Queer Film Festival is just around the corner, taking place from August 16 – 26. is once again a proud sponsor of two of the films this year, Private Romeo and Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait Of James Dean. The James Dean flick has two showings on Friday August 24 and Saturday August 25 at Empire Granville 7 Cinemas. Tickets can be purchased here. There is also an After-Film Mingler presented by our friends over at where the director of the film will be in attendance.

Recently, I watched first time feature film maker and writer Matthew Mishory’s new film, Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean. While rumours of James Dean’s sexuality have been around forever, this film most certainly portray’s Dean as Bisexual, if not completely homosexual. (He totally bangs this chick, but I’m not convinced he was into it)

The film centres around Dean’s life in Los Angeles before moving to New York when he wasn’t doing too much but hanging around with rich old people, going to an acting class, and being a bit of a slut. He sleeps with his roommate, he sleeps with an older man, he sleeps with some young guy he meets on the beach and he also gives it to some girl. It would seem James Dean was a bit of a slut. Honestly, that was probably my favourite part of the movie though.

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The 2012 Vancouver Queer Film Festival is just around the corner, taking place from August 16 – 26. is once again a proud sponsor of two of the films this year. One of these films is Private Romeo and it’s definitely a must-see film. This film screends on Saturday, August 25 at 9:00pm at Empire Granville 7 Cinemas. Tickets can be purchased here.

When eight cadets are left behind at an isolated military high school, the epic story of ‘Romeo and Juliet‘ seems out of their classroom and into their real lives. Each of the guys is one of the characters from the timeless story and director Alan Brown did such a fantastic job of integrating it into a modern day gay love story. The film incorporates the original text from ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ mock YouTube videos of some of the characters lip-syncing to Indie rock music, and a great soundtrack. I have to say, not only was the cast “easy on the eyes,” but they were incredible actors. The way they took the Shakespearean text and made it their own to fit this take on the story really amazed me.

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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

In: Movies, Tommy D

It happened, I saw an advance screening of TDKR and I loved it. I’m going to get a few things out of the way right away because everyone is asking me the same questions. Once I get that out of the way I’m going to give you the juice. I will try to keep this as spoiler free as I can as well.

  • Is TDKR rises better than The Dark Knight? No.
  • Is TDKR better than Avengers? Yes.
  • Is Anne Hathaway the best Catwoman? On par with Michelle.
  • Is Bane better than the Joker? They are completely different.
  • Is this the best Batman movie? No.
  • Is this the best movie this summer? Yes.

So I got that out of the way, now I’m going to elaborate on this brilliant piece of cinema. First of all this is not The Dark Knight. It’s not even CLOSE to TDK, and if you go into this movie constantly comparing it to TDK you will not enjoy it I promise you that. Do you remember in Scream 3 when Randy gave the rules of the trilogy? Something from past is gonna come bite you in that ass, the body count is WAY bigger etc. etc., all of that applies to this trilogy perfectly.

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