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Movie Review: Man Of Steel

In: Movies, Tommy D

This was the big one folks, the big super hero movie of the year. Sure we had Iron Man 3 and we’re getting Thor 2 but DC had this one last shot to make a good Superman movie, and they totally succeeded.

With the mega success of the Marvel Movie universe, DC had to really show up to the party with all their new toys to make an impact. Lately the DC movies have not been the greatest (Green Lantern) or they have been completely missing (Why haven’t we gotten a Wonder Woman?), and with Marvel kicking ass well the pressure is definitely on. *** NOTE *** I am going to keep this as spoiler free as I can k?

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Movie Review: The Internship

In: Matt, Movies

Last year at around this time I had mentioned how sick I was of Vince Vaughan playing the same characters in essentially different variations of the same movie. This year, when I heard that he had teamed up with his Wedding Crashers co-star Owen Wilson for The Internship I have to say I got a little excited. The two have a crazy funny chemistry on screen that seems to turn out a hilarious movie. Unfortunately, hilarious would be an overstatement here.

The Internship, which Vaughn also co-wrote and co-produced is the equivalent of a 2 hour Google commercial, mixed with a PG rated Wedding Crashers with leading men who are 10 years older with jokes aimed at a crowd 10 year younger. While I was definitely laughing at certain parts of the film, it wasn’t enough to leave me satisfied and definitely not enough to warrant a second viewing.

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I’ll tell you right now, if this group of straighties had a couple gays at their brunch, things would NOT have turned out as disastrously as they did for these heteros. Without giving anything away (though the man in the hazmat suit on the cover of the poster doesn’t help much with keep up the “big surprise” of the film), It’s a Disaster surrounds the Sunday Brunch of 4 couples as they introduce new boyfriends, enjoy vegan cuisine and reveal deep dark secrets about one another. No, this isn’t a thriller and no one stole anyone’s baby, BUT drama is aplenty with this motley crew of flawed lovers as they completely ignore the food in front of them (thank god not the liquor though) and have at er’!

Staring memorable funny b-listers like Arrested Development‘s David Cross who plays (ya RIGHT) the date of Bourne Identity‘s Julia Stiles alongside Ugly Betty’s now pretty America Ferrera (I say “now” because OBVIOUSLY I didn’t catch her in Sisterhood of the Traveling whatever… I am a top!). They keep the “acting” side of this movie alive while the other co-stars mainly push through with neurotic and oft slutty performances that hide their greenness to the screen. That said, Erinn Hayes of TV-flop Worst Week plays a Type-A bitch to a tee- she even gives me a run for my money. The plot is unique basing their horrendous brunch around an actual man-made disaster affecting the rest of the world outside and humour here is at its best when things are at their most realistic as the couples allow their “always late” friends to actually die because of their truancy. The movie isn’t winning awards but is great for a first or fiftieth date night in.

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Adam’s Brit Pick for Laughs: I Give It a Year

In: Adam, Movies

I am definitely a lover of all things British. No, I don’t just mean Simon Baker- even though he stars in this movie as the impossibly charming and flawless “other man”- rather I’m referring to the caustic humour and utter lack of propriety and censorship that the English use these days for TV and film. Even in just watching the short trailer below you get an idea of the off-side comedy and racy jokes found therein BUT, is that enough to make a movie?

What I Give It a Year lacks in plot line realism or emotional connectivity with its audience, it makes up with effective storytelling and believable character growth (and regression). Long story short, it’s the classic boy meets girl and gets married too quickly believing in passionate love and quickly finds out they are NOT meant to be as friends whisper: “I give it a year.” The extra layer to this puppy is that both the bride and groom played by the amazing Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall respectively each have their own extra marital love interests played themselves by the hilarious Anna Faris and sexy Simon Baker. But, here’s the disappointing part: Rose is no longer the passive aggressive WASP of Bridesmaids and Anna is the dumb bunny of House Bunny, instead the leading ladies play shadow version of their former hilarity and you end up wishing that they were the “old them”. Still, the movie has some great scenes and combines American and British humour to produce something worth watching with someone you aren’t about to divorce… seems too on the nose.

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Film Review: Whispers of Life

In: Movies, Tommy D

Last week I had the privilege of attending the private press screening (yes I am THAT important) of the Vancouver created short film Whispers of Life at the Shangri La hotel. Short films I feel are tricky, you have to get your point across and tell a full story in a short amount of time. In the case of WoL they did it, and did it well in about 11 minutes.

Whispers of Life is a film about suicide, or even more specifically the thoughts about suicide and how it will affect the lives of the people around you. Tom (Travis Nelson) is a high school kid who finds peace on a park bench after school. One day two punks come up and start calling him a faggot and then leave him with a threat of seeing him tomorrow. When we were in high school we all know what “I’ll see you tomorrow” means from a bully. After they leave, Tom meets Charles (Patrick Gilmore) and they start up a conversation with Tom asking the question “Have you ever though about suicide?” It is here that I started to get very interested because I don’t think anyone ever real talks about it, and sometimes all you need is someone completely unbiased to has a chat with. Through his kind words and caring personality, Charles helps Tom get an idea of what the outcome would be should he kill himself.

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Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

In: Movies, Tommy D

We’ve finally arrived to the release date of one of the most anticipated movies of the year. It is the sequel to the mega blockbuster Star Trek a few ago, this one titled Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I didn’t know much of this movie before I stepped into the theater and I think that was the point. That seems to be happening a lot with the big blockbusters this year. Iron Man 3 was vague, as is Man of Steel, Star Trek was no different. The only thing you knew from the previews is that this movie looked epic, and it absolutely was.

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Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

In: Matt, Movies

The reviews are mixed on Baz Luhrmann’s take of The Great Gatsby, which opens in theaters today and kicks off the Cannes film festival next week. But while some critics have panned the film, I was LIVING for it the entire time.

In case you never read the book, the story is told by Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) who, while chasing success in the roaring 20s stock market boom, rents a modest cottage on long island only to find that he has moved next door to the home of Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), an extravagant mansion that hosts extremely lavish parties.

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How many of your (gay) friends break up and get back together and break up and get back together and break up and “stay friends” only to get back to mother-freaking-gether again? Yeah, it’s a pandemic. In the vein of that annoyance (yes, I can judge, I’ve never done it but have been “the friend” to many a reuniting buddies and roll my eyes every time), I choose to recommend this comedic pick o’ the week starring to B-listers giving a pretty good demonstration of what a modern funny couple looks like in today’s world.

While Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones don’t exactly scream leading roles, they are nonetheless consummate comedians and every scene of this movie is executed to make you smile… even the sad parts. Short synopsis: boy and girl date forever and are best friends and break up but remain inexorably intertwined and drive their friends absolutely insane with their are they/aren’t they facade. It’s a pretty original storyline that strangely enough has really been done too much and because it’s so relatable, you’re captured by the plot. No, the movie isn’t going to win awards or sky rocket any careers but it’s mos def worth a view to anyone who’s been in this situation or laughs at friends who have. Andy is very good at being the boner, aloof mess that I’m sure he method acts through his live when the camera is off and Rashida shines brightly for me in this one as the Type A comedic bitch-lite who just can’t get her life straight.

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